Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Twelve

Harriet finds Adam after second lesson; she grabs his arm and drags him into an empty classroom.

‘Come on spill, what are you planning?’ she demands.

‘Why should I tell you?’ She has him pushed against a wall, Adam can feel the tension in her body and then she sags a bit.

‘Because I thought we were friends,’ she backs away from him.

‘We are, but this is dangerous, and you don’t have to be part of it.’

‘I want to help.’

‘I know you do but I don’t want you to get hurt, please Harry, I will talk to you when I get back, promise,’ they gaze at each other for what seems like ages the tension and something else holds them and then Harry crashes her lips against his. At first Adam is shocked and then he is kissing her back and it is not gentle, it is urgent and rough, she forces her tongue into his mouth, and he allows it, only to hear her soft moan as she presses her hips into his. That is Adams cue to break the kiss before it gets out of hand. They stand starring at each other both panting slightly.

‘Alright, I will cover for you, but I will see you later and you tell me everything,’ Adam gets the urge to kiss her again.

‘Deal,’ he says as he tries not to smile as she yanks the door open and checks the corridor.

‘Be careful.’

‘I will, thanks Harry,’ Adam darts down the corridor and out of school. He has his laptop concealed in his bag. After a few wrong turns he finds the girl that is going to fix his computer.

‘Well it isn’t that bad,’ she looks up at him with a smile as he bites his lip. ‘The plastic bag it was in saved it. What were you doing to get it wet in the first place?’

‘Um, swimming,’ she looks at Adam and smirks at his answer but makes no comment. Adam most certainly wasn’t going to tell her a lunatic persuaded him to go swimming in the winter. Adam sits on the floor crossing his legs as he watches her work on his laptop.

‘Need a new hard drive and then with a bit of luck it should work,’ she looks up at Adam and smiles as they lapse back into silence.

‘I have saved all the files that were okay and as much stuff as I can that isn’t corrupted,’ she glances up at Adam.


‘Okay,’ she mumbles absently. They sit in silence as she works. Adam is lost in thought and so startles slightly when she coughs.

‘All done,’ she grins as he climbs to his feet. She too stands and moves around her table until she is in front of him. Her hazel eyes sweep his body before locking eyes. Slowly she inches forward until her lips brush his. Pulling back she smiles.

‘You are beautiful, no denying that,’ she murmurs as she takes his hands, ‘but I don’t want you, or a baby for that matter.’

‘Oh,’ Adam can’t hide his disappointment making her laugh.

‘Not used to rejection,’ she raises a brow and he grins shaking his head. They both chuckle. ‘Nice meeting you,’ she grins before turning going back into her shop.

Adam finds a secluded spot before sitting down crossing his legs he opens the laptop, switching it on he waits for it to reboot. As the screen reveals the home page, he can see he has several emails. He moves the mouse and click to open them; most of them are from Gillian and one from Thomas. Adam decides to open Gillian’s first, as he wonders how on earth Thom got his email address.

‘Adam, where are you?’ Adam goes to the next one.

‘Andrea, is livid, please be alive?’ this makes him laugh, she actually cares.

‘Adam, where the hell are you, who has you?’ he can’t decide whether to type a reply, he decides to use the code he was taught.

‘Bo peeps sheep has a new pasture,’ he types after much deliberation, his finger hovers over the send button and then he sends it. Moving on to Thom’s next.

‘Adam, we will get you out, hang on in there,’ Adam smiles at this as another message pings into his mailbox.

‘Who is the wolf, the sheep dog is livid,’ Oh how he loves Gillian.

‘The wolf is Ariella.’

‘Do you have a new sheep dog?’

‘Yes, Helena and I have found my lost sheep.’

‘Okay, Bo peep has truce with wolf so can’t come and get you if no rules are broken, Bo Peep will start negotiations,’ Adam smiles at this, even Gillian has to observe etiquette. Thom’s email is much shorter.

Confirmation that twin is in compound have set up camp to watch will send contact. Oh great, this could jeopardise everything. Adam groans.

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