Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Thirteen part two

‘I can answer that,’ Florence steps forward.

‘They are part of my mother’s science program. Aaron was being returned to us when his escort and match my sister Rita was killed. At the same time, we lost you Adam. If you hadn’t of run, you would have been returned to us,’ Florence gazed at Adam. ‘I told Emma to explain everything to you, but she liked her games I suppose,’

‘How many canisters do you have?’ Adam asked embarrassed.

’We have two but Dr Echo, he managed to hide about twenty Cryo-canisters around the world all containing clean immune embryo’s, but they got lost during the uprising then the war and rebellion. The facility in my country had two but where the rest are that is unknown, until about twenty years ago, we heard rumours one had been found and opened. They didn’t know what it was and a lot of the embryo’s died and the babies that did survive were hidden. Then one of Gen-Corps scientists comes to us heavily pregnant, unfortunately she dies giving birth to a girl, but she left her notes and details of where the other babies are hidden and instructions on how to care for her baby. We already had our canisters and the hunt was on for the missing children.

When Gillian told us about the twins and that she had one with her and that the other was hidden. My mother started negotiations to have them returned. My sister Rita was sent to collect Aaron, but she got ambushed and held for ransom. By the time we got her back Aaron was no longer in Gillian’s care. Rita met Aaron with the intention of bringing him home she never arrived. When I found Aaron, he was so sick. I took some of his blood and sent it home. I was emailed confirmation and told to bring him back. He was so sick we couldn’t safely move him. It soon became obvious others knew about him, so we had to keep hiding him moving around while building him up teaching him how to survive. That was how I lost contact with Thomas. I didn’t intend to fall pregnant, the idiot,’ her expression changes as she looks at him. ‘We were heading back when this lot caught us.’

‘It’s late, I need to get back before I am missed,’ Adam moves to the table and gathers up his laptop and bag looping it over his shoulders.

‘Adam, who else knows your theory,’ Aaron gazes at him intently and Adam can see fear in his eyes.

‘Only Gillian and I at the moment, but it won’t be long before others work it out, I think Lady Ariella is close.’

‘She is she already has an Echo girl,’ Florence bites her lip.

Andrea wraps Florence in a large cloak and blanket that Aaron has found. He kisses Florence and Adam turns away as Aaron whispers in her ear and strokes her hair. Andrea leads her out the tent and into the dusty streets followed by the boys. They soon blend into the crowd and disappear. Adam slips out next and makes his way back to the tent he calls home. Harriet catches up with him.


‘Well, what?’

‘Adam don’t be so obtuse,’ he grins at her and she punches his arm.

‘Ouch, stop hitting me,’ Adam rubs his arm as he grins. ‘I made contact and plans are being made to get us out, alright.’

‘I did some snooping as well, you were right, you are going to be matched and bred. Florence is right Areilla is negotiating with tribe. Your brother is the bargain and I don’t know how much Tribe values him as he has already provided an heir and his baby son is safe in the palace.’

‘Hang on I thought he had lost his son?’

‘No, your brother had two children the eldest is missing and I can’t find any records to say he is here,’

‘So, he has provided two children an heir and a spare when Florence gives birth so Tribe might trade him,’

‘Yes, that is what I am afraid of. I have some more records I want to look at. I will find you tomorrow, alright.’

‘Okay, thanks Harriet,’ Harriet pulls Adam into a hug releases him to go their separate ways.

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