Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Fourteen

When Adam returns home, to his dismay he finds security waiting for him. Adam gives them a quick glance noting they are all holding machine guns forming a barrier around the tent.

Walking inside he finds Troy waiting for him along with Helena and Lady Ariella. Adam smiles at them and adjusts his bag nervously.

‘Adam, there you are,’ Troy smiles at him, as he walks toward him, draping an arm around Adam. He leads him to one of the benches they sit at for breakfast and sits Adam down.

‘Adam, from now on things are going to change with your care,’ Lady Ariella addresses him. ‘You will no longer be required to attend school, we feel your freedom needs curtailing, we can’t have you wandering around the encampment, now can we.’ Adam nods as he knows there is going to be a consequence. Adam turns his attention to Helena seeing her bite her lip she shakes her head at her mother. It is so subtle he would have missed it if he hadn’t been paying full attention.

‘Right, well, I will leave the rest of the arrangements with you Helena the first will arrive tonight have him ready.’

‘Yes mother,’ Helena follows Lady Ariella from the kitchen.

‘Adam, you are to come with me,’ Helena smiles and takes Adams hand as he stands. They know what I am and what I am for, I am in a lot of trouble. Adams thoughts race through his head.

‘No, please, don’t take him, he won’t run away again I promise,’ Truda sobs out as Troy wraps his arms around her.

‘Where are we going?’ Adam finally asks looking at Helena

‘We need to make you secure, keep you safe you are very special, can’t have you wandering about,’ Helena gazes at me and smiles. Adam swallows nervously, he has a feeling he is about to experience the consequence of his actions.

Adam is shown into a small tent. Helena leads him past the minimal kitchen to a room with a large bed and bath in it. Adam notices his things already on the side table not that he has much stuff just his drawing things.

‘This will be your new home,’ she smiles at him as he takes a step toward the bed. ‘Sorry Adam,’ she turns, and leaves and he is alone. Getting up to look outside only to find two heavily armed guards watching him. Back peddling he retreats inside, no walking off then. Pulling his laptop out he sends an urgent message, but he suspects he is too late.

Thom you need you to get me out now!!

So, surprise isn’t an emotion Adam displays when a girl is brought in. Her expression is one of complete shock as she looks at him. Well that isn’t a reaction Adam has had before, he can’t help but smile.

‘Hello, I am Adam,’ he smiles, as she stares at him a look of horror on her face, wow!

‘No, no please don’t talk,’ she says as her hand tentatively touches him, as if she can’t believe he is real. ‘This is wrong…I thought,’ she stutters more collapsing rather than sitting next to him. Adam moves away watching her face as her features shift through disbelief to horrified, finally settling on fear.

‘Why are you here, what is wrong?’ gently Adam takes her hand in his.

‘This is wrong…? You are wrong…,’ she sobs again. ‘I thought it would be in a clinic not…, not like this I don’t know how,’ her voice trails off as the tears fall. ‘They promised me help,’ she sobs, her hands over her face.

‘I am sorry, I don’t understand who promised to help you and what does that have to do with me?’ Adam frowns as he watches her and then realisation slams into him.

‘My mum is sick, they promised to pay her medical bills if I agreed to be a surrogate, said I matched and was perfect…but you…no,’ she shakes her head as sobs punctuate her words.

‘I err, know how to do it,’ Adam offer’s and she looks even more terrified.

‘They will punish me,’ she sobs again and curls into a ball. ‘How will I look after her now?’

‘Come on it will be fine, and it can be quite nice,’ she uncurls and looks at Adam.

‘Will it hurt?’ she brushes away her hair and wipes her face with her hand.

‘Well I can’t promise that as I don’t know, but surely it’s better than being punished,’ Adam reasons, she seems so fragile to him, he certainly doesn’t like the idea that someone is going to hurt her.

‘Alright then,’ she sniffs and looks at Adam with watery brown eyes. ‘Um Ruby, my name is Ruby.’

‘Hello Ruby, I am Adam,’ he waits for her giggle and is not disappointed, you know this is starting to get old. She kneels up bolder now, her tears dried, Adam stays still as he lets her touch him, explore, neither of us speak. We lay together afterward still saying nothing what is there to say both of them forced into this situation that neither of them wants.

‘You are very beautiful,’ she says laying curled into Adam, her gaze on his face. He gives a small chuckle.

‘Thank you.’

‘I have offended you?’ she bites her lip with worry.

‘No, we should get some sleep.’

‘Of course, sorry,’ she apologises again as he pulls her close feeling her relax against him. ‘Thank you, for being so kind,’ she says quietly, Adam has no words, so just pulls her closer, feeling her body shudder as she cries silently.

In his half sleep of the night, her gentle moans and soft breathing proceed the gentle grip of her body enveloping his, euphoric feelings of release, accompany quickening breath before drifting back to sleep. Several times in the quiet dark, her gentle exploration coaxes pleasure from his body, garbled names moaned into the night.

When Adam wakes, he feels strangely refreshed and disappointed that she is gone, his only company the girl who brings his meals. As Adam eats, he contemplates the evening’s events, they wouldn’t do that surely not? There are rules protocols that must be followed. He is still underage not yet twenty, but time is running out on that one. As his mind wanders some more, he realises this was always going to be his fate, he is a stupid naïve idiot is the conclusion he finally arrives at. Pulling the laptop from its hiding place he emails Thomas.

They know how to use me, get Aaron and leave, don’t come for me to dangerous, I will get out somehow and contact you.’

Closing it down he stashes it into his bag before hiding it away. Part of him wants to give up, after all he has found Aaron and he is sure Sophie is safe with her mum. Adam climbs to his feet and paces the room, there are two armed guards out front, but this isn’t a building it is a tent. Which means it doesn’t have foundations, so in theory he could crawl underneath.

Moving to the back he gets down on his hands and knees and pull the rug away before sliding my hand underneath. It slips out easily. Climbing to my feet he collects his coat and bag doing up the zip he slides his bag over his head. Adam doesn’t have the luxury of going tonight as he is sure another girl will be bought. So, it’s now or never, he decides.

Kneeling down Adam pulls the rug back further and then pushes the canvas up. It is tied down so doesn’t budge much but it is enough, for once being small has its advantage. Wriggling underneath he climbs to his feet, looking around as no shout comes. Congratulating himself that this has worked, turning the corner Adam stops as he stares at the barrel of a gun. The woman holding it grins at him.

‘Did you really think it would be that easy little man?’ she indicates Adam should move in front of her. Adam feels hard metal of the gun nudge his back pushing in the direction she wants him to go. Escorting him back into the tent.

‘Don’t try that again or I might have to shoot you,’ the woman says with a grin. Adam slumps onto the bed, defeated.

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