Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Fifteen

A/N These next few chapters are much darker.

‘Aaron you in there,’ the voice pulls him from his nap.

‘Yeah,’ sitting up he grins as Harriet, Adams friend strolls in. Standing he hugs her. She had come back after everyone left and explained she belonged to the United Human Federation. That she was here to make sure his brother Adam didn’t do something stupid and get killed. Aaron had laughed at that having trouble reconciling the delicate boy he met a couple of days ago as such a troublemaker.

‘Change of plan,’

‘What why?’

‘They moved Adam, he is heavily guarded no one has seen him for days. This is bad Aaron I need to get you out then Florence and Andrea are working on a way to get him out,’ she takes his hands and leads him to the bed.

‘What no I need to go get him now,’

‘No Aaron it’s too dangerous,’ taking a breath she gazes at him so like his brother but somehow different.

‘I think I have found him,’ she says quietly. It takes Aaron a minute to work out what she means.

‘Where, where is he?’ Aarons voice breaks as he is overwhelmed by emotion.

‘Calm down, he is safe,’

‘I feel a but coming,’

‘Yeah where he is well it is dangerous,’

‘When isn’t it,’ Aaron tries to laugh but he just can’t. My baby is here with strangers.

‘The girl who cares for him, we have to get her out as well,’

‘Why,’ Aaron has no sympathy for her.

‘They will kill her and that isn’t right,’ Harriet says simply. Watching him as he pulls his boots on and then slips a gun into his trousers.

‘You are nothing like him,’ she says, Aaron chuckles as he is not altogether sure if she meant to say that out loud.

‘Once maybe but not now,’ he answers. Leaving the tent, they make their way through the camp. No one stops them or pays them much attention which Aaron finds odd. Turning down another dirt track it all seems so much shabbier and neglected. His heart thumps wildly in his chest as anxiety smoothers him. Harriet stops and places her hand on his chest.

‘He is in here,’ she whispers. Creeping closer she pulls the flap and they peer in. Pulling back Aaron almost gags as the smell is the first thing that gets him. How can his baby boy be in here?

Harriet doesn’t seem bothered and has gone inside taking a deep breath Aaron follows her. Letting his eyes adjust to the gloom he looks around.

It is filthy, his gaze falls on Harriet who is bent down over a body. Looking closer he can see it is a young girl she is dressed in what can only be called rags as clothing seems to grand for her garments. She is painfully thin and not moving so Aarons best guess is she is dead.

Harriet climbs to her feet and steps toward Aaron her face an angry mask.

‘They came in the night took the baby and beat her almost to death,’

‘Who came?’

‘Elite guard but why would they be here?’ Harriet looks at Aaron sadness now on her face. Aaron doesn’t need her sympathy. How did Gen -Corp know he was here. Something catches his eye and he bends down to pick it up. Charlies little red car. Aaron slips it into his pocket as he turns leaving Harriet to deal with the girl he walks out the tent. The first hit caught him so off guard he sank to his knees gasping for breath. The second following so swiftly he hardly registered the pain as consciousness was ripped away.

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