Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Fifteen part two

She came in the evening as the shadows were lengthening, her power saturates the room. Confidence sits on her beautiful features almost masking the ugly cruelty within her eyes. Two guards follow her between them Aaron, blood on his chin as he is dragged in hardly aware of his surroundings, obviously beaten.

Hauling Aaron to his feet she slaps his face. His eyes opening registering his pain and confusion. Aaron groans as the guards let go of him. Falling to the floor as Adam rushes forward pulling his brother up.

‘That is for trying to escape,’ Grabbing Adam she pulls him away from Aaron. He is a prince of tribe so we cannot use him to breed, but you are nothing, just an Echo boy, so we can use you,’ she rips his shirt. Adam steps away from her but the room is small and there is no escape.

‘Every time you disappoint me, he will suffer. Do I need to undress you?’ she raises a brow.

‘No,’ Adam whispers. The two guards haul Aaron to his feet holding his limp form between them.

‘Did I say you could speak. Did I give you permission?’ stepping toward him she clicks her fingers and the guards viciously punch Aaron dropping him to the floor again. Adam removes his chino’s and stands in the submissive pose of an Adam.

‘Good boy,’ her lip curls as she surveys him. She takes his chin in her manicured finger squeezing tight, his eyes water with pain.

‘You will do as you are instructed as you have been trained. Do you understand?’ Her voice dropping a few octaves to the Mother tone. Adam draws in a shaky, fear filled breath and nods, dropping his gaze to the floor.

‘Lie on the bed,’ she commands, and he is compelled to obey. She removes his last piece of clothing. ‘Good boy,’ she smiles coldly her hand touches him, stroking, caressing she smirks at him. Her free hand presses into his chest with surprising strength making his struggles futile. She clicks her fingers and a guard walks over handing her two cable ties.

‘You will not escape again. Or your brother will suffer,’ She sneers as she secures his hands to the bed frame. Only just loose enough not to cause him any real pain, it is still uncomfortable but that pales to the feeling of humiliation. She climbs to her feet as a girl is brought in. Aaron is dragged to a chair and tied to it his head slumped on his chest. Adam suspects he is unconscious.

The girl drops her robe and straddles Adam. He tries to buck her off as she leans down kissing him as she rubs against him, Adam struggles some more.

‘Hurt the boy,’

‘No, sorry I will obey,’ lifting his head he allows the girl to kiss him.

Adam you cannot fight me,’ the mother trails her slim finger down his face. Adam nods his head as a tear leaks from his eyes. ‘You enjoyed last night didn’t you. You are not here to enjoy, you are here to fulfil a function do you understand,’ Adam nods his head as the girl plays with him.

‘Relax and we can both enjoy this,’ the girl whispers in his ear her hands caressing.

‘Good boy,’ the mother steps away out of his line of vision, he knows she is still here though, watching. The girl stays taking what she wants throughout the night. Adam watches them come and take the girl first checking they have successfully mated.

‘Sorry Adam,’ Aaron whispers making his spit lip bleed, one eye swollen shut, by his posture Adam suspects he has a kidney injury and broken ribs.

‘No, I am sorry,’ Adam whispers back tears on his cheeks. As the day progresses Aaron gets quieter his breathing laboured. Adam can only watch as his brother is slowly dying before his eyes. When they bring the girl, they take Aaron away his limp form unresponsive.

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