Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Fifteen part three

Adams days blur into one as he follows the routine, exhaustion and humiliation his only companion. He hasn’t seen Aaron for a couple of days, and he is very worried, he can’t be dead not now when he has only just found him, the nightmare thought in his head. Each night a girl is brought by the large guard. Adam is restrained each time, his hands above his head. Sleeping escapes him now.

The Mother only visits with a girl some have slept with him before. At least now it isn’t every night Adam suspects they are running out. Adam watches the two women enter from his position on the bed. Too weak to move now. Something is off about them as they approach him.

‘Oh, my goodness, look at the state of him,’ the taller one gasps as she surveys him.

‘Still beautiful even in that state,’ the other one replies.

‘Yeah, I never get used to that,’ the taller one giggles and Adam frowns as recognition slowly engulfs him.

‘Harry,’ Adam mumbles out as she grins and sits on his bed, her eyes take him in. Her gaze travels over his gaunt frame. Stopping at the raw marks on his wrists from the ties, before moving back up to his dull eyes, that stare back unblinking. ‘Where is Aaron, you have to find him,’ Adams voice rasps.

‘Shush honey, he is safe,’ she reaches out to comfort him her face full of compassion. Adam immediately scoots back away from her. Pulling his legs up under his chin he wraps his arms around them holding himself away from her, trying not to tremble with fright. ‘Please don’t touch me,’ he whispers fear radiating off him.

‘Shit, we are too late. Aaron will go mental when he sees this,’

‘Might be better he doesn’t. Its been hard enough keeping him from rushing in here as it is,’

‘Adam, sweetheart it’s me Florence,’ Adam scrunches up his face trying to remember who she is.

‘Florence,’ he smiles. ‘You were much rounder last time I saw you,’ she chuckles.

‘Yes, I was, thanks to you he is safe with Aaron. So, I owe you one Adam.’

‘Aaron, he was dying they were going to kill him so I would behave. I am so sorry Florence, I know you love him, and I have killed him,’ tears drip off his chin.

‘No honey he is safe we got him out,’ Florence reassures him as he trembles.

‘Someone is coming,’ Harriet drops the tent flap where she was being lookout.

‘Time to go Adam,’ Florence gently pulls him into her arms and helps him to stand shocked at how fragile he feels reminding her of Aaron after Rita.

The Mother stalks inside and looks at Adam and then the girls.

‘Why is he not ready yet?’ She demands a frown creasing her brow

Adam immediately takes the pose of submission his head bowed and hands behind his back trying to stop the shiver of fear. ‘I won’t fight, promise. I will be good I’m not escaping,’ Adam looks at the floor.

The door opens and a figure steps in wrapped in a cloak concealing their gender and identity. All eyes shift from Adam to the intruder as they pull the cloak down and away from their face.

‘Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?’ The mother demands. Sneering, the intruder pushes her hood down and in doing so reveals her tattoo on her shoulder that shows she is one of Gen-Corps Special Forces.

‘I am retrieving my mistress’s property,’ with that Andrea scoops up Adam and marches out the tent the two girls follow.

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