Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Sixteen part two

After Aaron left to go and put Ben down for a sleep, Adam moved to sit under a tree, the dappled shade soothing from the sun. He notices a shadow fall across him and looks up to see Gillian smiling at him.

‘Oh, Adam sweetheart you look so… sexy, sat there all forlorn and sad, that is just… a massive turn on,’ She sinks to the ground next to him. Somehow her presence is a comfort, a constant that he can always predict.’

‘What do you want Gillian?’ Adam does his best to keep my voice neutral.

‘Don’t be like that,’ she runs her fingers down his face and it takes all his will power not to flinch. She then takes his hand and places it on her huge round belly. This is yours you bad boy, something your brother never managed to do all the time we were together. Will it be a true echo baby hmm?’

‘Gillian you and I both knew it would be a boy all my babies will be, that’s what I am for along with the other Echo children.’

‘Such a clever boy, and now you have proved yourself your value is frightening,’ She giggles.

‘Yeah thanks for that,’ Adam grumbles.

‘You know I am the only person who can protect you and that is why you are going to come with me now as per our agreement,’ She gazes at him, she knows that he knows she is right and that ultimately this was how it was always going to end.

‘And if I say no!’

‘Oh, you have too, the choice is gone now, besides I can’t have you falling into the wrong hands. The Dread Riders charging in here taking you again, can I,’ She smiles at him and leans in close; he can smell her expensive perfume as it clogs his throat making him want to choke. ‘I can’t keep punishing those that mistreat you, so messy and expensive,’ she giggles.

‘What have you done?’ Adam gasps as he is pretty sure he knows exactly what she means.

‘Just exercising my control, showing those that need to know that you are mine, let’s be honest you were always mine,’ She leans over and places her lips against his.

‘Gillian leave him alone,’ Aaron saunters over with a grin.

‘Hello sexy,’ Gillian grins as he pulls her up their lips crash together. ‘Missed you,’ Gillian says against his lips.

‘Have you done as I asked?’

‘You know I always do as you say,’ she pulls his head down in another earth-shattering kiss.

‘Do you two want to get a room?’ Adam grumbles not entirely sure how he feels about his brother and Gillian with their shared history.

‘So, arrangements have been made?’

‘That’s why I am here babes,’ Gillian giggles again.

‘Do you trust me Adam?’ Aaron glances at his brother.


‘Good, come with me.’

‘Where are we going?’ Aaron leads Adam across the grass away from the house. Standing at the gate he punches in a code and pushes it open.

’Aaron, what have you done? Standing transfixed, his gaze fixed on Gillian who is smiling at him, while leaning against a sleek black solar car.

‘Hi babes, I hear you need a rescue.’

‘What!’ Adam looks from her too Aaron; he just shrugs as he helps Adam into the car.

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