Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Seventeen

‘Adam,’ someone is saying his name, they are not English he can hear the soft burr of an accent. The air around him is cold and fresh, clean and he should really open his eyes, but he can’t. He remembers Gillian and the car journey and leaning against her his hand on her belly feeling the baby. Exhaustion, he remembers that pulling at him as he closed his eyes. Just for a minute.

‘Ma’am we will be landing in ten,’

‘Thank you,’

‘Any change?’ Aarons voice drifts though the fog in Adams mind.


‘What is wrong with him? I can’t lose him now,’

‘You won’t he has suffered a massive trauma,’

‘I know but I thought he was getting better,’

‘No Aaron, he hasn’t faced it yet. Just blocked it out his mind’s way of self-preservation but at some point, he has to face it.’


Adam curls into a ball he feels so comfy laid on something soft and warm, snug and naked. Naked! What the hell, Adam opens his eyes. The room is dimly lit. Recognition engulfs him, he is home, well Gillian’s home the one they shared. Slowly he remembers Aaron and feeling tired. All this filter through his brain that is currently trying to hammer its way out of his skull. Adam shuts his eyes and tries to piece all that information together as he lets the pain wash over him before sinking back into unconsciousness.

Crying, he can hear crying. Slowly he surfaces from the sleep that was wrapped around him holding the pain at bay as his mind emptied. Adam rubs his face with his hands as he swings his legs over the side of the bed and pushes himself upright. Managing to wince as he stumbles to the crib at the end of the bed. A baby, what the hell, it quietens briefly as its blue eyes lock with his as if considering his next move and then he makes his decision and opens his mouth and wails, my head sort of throbs with each wail.

‘Hi fella, um, would you mind not making that awful noise,’ Adam bends down and picks him up, holding his little body against his chest, the baby snuffles Adams chest searching for the nipple that just isn’t there.

‘Hungry hmm, so who do you belong too?’

Adam smiles a genuine smile as he ambles over to the chest of drawers, a bottle of milk stands on top of it. Picking it up he tests the bottle on his wrist before making his way back to the bed. Shuffling back under the blankets carefully he lays the baby down and then curls protectively around it on his side. propping his head on his hand with his elbow before pushing the bottle against the baby’s mouth and watches as he sucks, his little hand waves in the air before latching onto Adams chest hair and holding it tight, ouch. Adam smiles as the baby looks into his eyes. A rueful smile touches Adams lips. Baby it seems is ruled by his stomach.

‘Hello sweetie, did you wake daddy earlier, is that why you are in his bed, hmm,’ Gillian’s voice, stretching Adam lets out a small groan as his muscles cramp.

‘Adam, are you awake?’

‘Hmm,’ waking up properly, Adam decides he isn’t quite ready to talk yet.

‘Oh, back to not talking?’ If Adam could laugh, he would have at Gillian’s impatient voice.

‘Where am I?’ his voice croaky, as if he hasn’t used it for a while. This makes him wonder how long he has been asleep.

’London, Gen-Corp headquarters, opening his eyes properly to see Gillian sat in a chair feeding the baby. Sitting up, Adam reaches for the glass of water on the table next to his bed, taking a sip he rolls it around his dry mouth.

‘Oh, what happened to Berlin,’ a grin pulls at his features as he waits for her to speak again.

‘They couldn’t treat you, so I had you flown here,’ her explanation he feels is lacking. Adam gazes passively at Gillian. If there is one thing Sophie taught him it was when to keep his own council, roughly translated knowing when to keep his mouth shut. Hell, he misses her so much, how does he move past this pain. ‘Why would you do that?’ Adam asks eventually as Gillian smirks at me while nursing the baby.

‘Why not, you are mine,’ she raises a brow making him blush. She has a point, rubbing his face as he gathers his thoughts. ‘Besides, your adorable brother thought this is where you should be.’

‘He is here as well,’

‘Yes of course,’

‘Is he mine?’ Adam gazes at the baby Gillian rises gracefully to her feet and gently places the baby in his arms. Bending she kisses the top of Adams head in an unusual demonstration of affection.

‘Of course, he is, he looks like you,’ she chuckles. The baby has that Adam look, delicate features dominated by large blue eyes, a fluff of pale hair covering his head.

‘Adam, I need to discuss some things with you,’ she goes to take the baby from him.

‘It’s alright, I am good,’ she sits back down a small smile hovers over her lips. Adam feels he has just past some sort of test. Maybe he has he muses.

‘What do you think is going happen to you and him?’ she sits in the chair again, leaning back. She looks tired, vulnerable, not like Gillian, not perfect she looks crumpled with bags under her eyes.

‘Aaron will be returned to Tribe and I will be entered into a breeding program,’ the way Adam said that sounded like he had won a prize.

‘Is that what you want?’ she leans closer.

‘No, who in their right mind would want that,’ she giggles at him and Adam can’t help the smile that twitches his lips.

‘So, what do you want?’

‘I…I wanted to be like Simon, but I know now I can’t have that,’ she gazes at him as she leans back in her chair. Adam lays back and stretches out in the bed his hands behind his head, the baby asleep on his chest.

‘So, what’s your next step,’ she raises a brow and Adam frowns in confusion unsure what she is getting at.


‘Yes honestly.’

‘I want to stop the Adam program and find a better alternative. I want to find her, I miss her,’ Adam watches a slow smile cross her face. ‘I think we should share our research with Tribes scientists,’

‘I have missed you,’ she grins.

‘I was never free, was I?’

‘No, not really, well, maybe those first few days with Celina, we didn’t know exactly where you were.’

‘Would I be better off with Thomas, should I have stayed with him, trusted him. Join some breeding program, now we know what I can do.’

‘Possibly,’ Adam sighs and settles against his pillows. He always did hate it when she was evasive.

‘Didn’t Commune do that with you,’ she raises a brow watching his reaction. She is right, that is exactly what Commune were doing they just weren’t so blatant about it, he concedes.

‘Yeah, I think they did although they were more subtle than the UHF. Is that what I should do, what you think I should do, go with Thomas,’ Adam felt compelled to ask, he needs to know where Gillian sits with all this.

‘Too a certain extent I do, they have trialled something in Australia already, with interesting almost disastrous results.’

‘They have a canister?’ this has caught Adams interest.

‘Yes, one, they were quite successful preserving the contents, not so good at using them.’

‘What happened?’ she has my instant attention.

‘Oh, they removed too many of the surviving population.’

‘I don’t understand,’ Adam frowns and then the penny drops, and he shudders. ‘Oh.’

‘Yeah, oh… I can send you that report if you want.’

‘Yes please,’ feeling relaxed, there relationship picking up from where they had left it so long ago, a smile pulls at Adams lips. He has another nap after Gillian leaves taking the baby with her. Aaron ambles in and sits on the bed he has a pack of cards which he shuffles.

‘Why did you stay with me?’ Adam needs to know this, him being his brother isn’t enough.

‘You were sick,’ Adam raises a brow. That answer is inadequate in ways Adam doesn’t want to think about.

‘That’s it!’

‘What about Gillian?’ Aaron looks at Adam, one eyebrow raised evading the question.

‘What about her!’ Adam states blandly.

‘So, not going to Ireland then.’

‘No, absolutely not, Gen-Corp, UHF, they are just different sides of the same coin.’

‘Yeah, I am meeting up with Florence,’ he admits eventually. ‘She will bring security back with her to get me to her country, to Tribe.’ He pauses, ‘I miss baby Jack,’

‘Were you going to take me,’ Adam has to ask even though it is stupid and demonstrates to Aaron how insecure he is.

‘Yeah, you were my next mission, after the baby.’

We sit in silence again admiring the view over the city. Most of it is in ruins now, St Pauls eerie without its roof and one wall missing, abandoned long ago.

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