Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Eighteen

Adam wakes startled and takes a moment to orientate himself. The sound of popping drifts around him. He frowns, he has heard that sound before. Lying still he just listens and then he hears it. The faint screaming. Realising that noise is gunfire they are under attack. Reaching over he wakes Gillian; she gazes at him sleepily and smiles.

‘Gillian get up, something is going on,’ slipping out of bed as she sits up. ‘Get dressed and get baby, I need to get Aaron we have to leave, now,’ She looks at him in confusion until the distinctive sound of gunfire explodes around them and the smell of smoke is now in the air. Adam dashes out the room as she gathers herself, getting dressed. Meeting Aaron in the hallway, grabbing him Adam drags him to their room. Adam finds his clothes and drags them on. Aaron does the same neither of them speaks, there is little need. Grabbing his bag from the closet Aaron rummages inside to find his phone, dialling Thom’s number he picks up after the third ring.

‘Thom the building is under attack I need a way out,’ Aaron says striding down the hallway to meet Gillian holding the baby a large bag over her shoulder, fear in her eyes.

‘My personal transport is on the roof,’ she shouts above the noise and leads them back along the hallway.

‘Aaron the city centre is on lock down, I can’t get to you, get to the outskirts Ed and the Romany are in your area I will get a message to him.’ The phone goes dead as Aaron loses all signal.

‘Adam you need to keep it together okay,’ Aaron pulls Adam to him seeing the fear on his face. Aaron doesn’t need his brother to break right now when they have only just put him back together.

Gillian has stopped at another door and is putting a code into a keypad finally the door opens, and they hustle through closing it as the building seems to rock with explosions.

They arrive on the roof to the loud whining of jet engines and Celina runs toward us.

‘Gillian, take the boys get them to Thom,’

‘Who is it? Who is attacking?’ Gillian demands.

‘I don’t know, but it is you and the boys they want, Mathew and I will stall them as long as possible.’

‘No come with us,’

‘Gillian I can’t you know that…I love you I always have, do this for me please,’ Celina pulls Gillian into a hug and then kisses her before Mathew jogs up to them and pulls Celina away. Gillian turns to Adam and takes his hand pulling him across the roof and ushering them toward the source of the noise, a sleek black twin tailed VTOL jet. They walk towards the open side door of the jet avoiding the nearside rear mounted engine and climb into a cream coloured leather upholstered interior. As Gillian settles in and Adam climbs in next to her the door, they came through explodes open and people in black jumpsuits swarm toward them.

Gillian’s security team fans out around the jet and return fire as the sliding side doors of the Jet close and the engines begin to fire up and propel the jet up into the air and away from the firefight on the rooftop.

As the jet moves away from the building there is a sudden flash of light and Adam is jerked forward in his seat with a force that feels like a sucker punch to the stomach. The loud whining from the engines is instantly drowned out by the sound of alarms blaring and a monotonic female voice urging caution and describing a laundry list of failures and problems that beset the now floundering aircraft. Aaron vaguely notices the pilot wrestling with the controls as the cabin begins to fill acrid black smoke as fire from one of the damaged engines licks at the passenger door. Out the other window he can see the war-torn roof of the Gen-corp building lurching up towards them as the pilot attempts to emergency land the jet.

The jet however is falling to rapidly, the pilot noticing this guns the other remaining engine at the last second causing the jet to not so much land as bounce off of the embattled rooftop with another bone juddering thud. By now it’s becoming obvious to Gillian, Aaron and Adam that this is possibly the end as the jet continues to rapidly lose altitude, scraping into a nearby building and showering the surrounding street with sparks and glass as the screech of tearing metal briefly drowns out the tortured whines of the jets remaining engine.

They brace for the impact they know is coming. The boys try to shield Gillian and the baby. The VTOLS swings violently as one of its tails smash into another building causing the pilot to pull back on the controls in response and lurch the jet onto its side before crashing to the ground. The silence that follows is deafening as Adams ears ring, he slowly untangles his limbs from the wreckage. He moves over to Aaron, his eyes are closed and a thin trickle of blood mars one side of his face a large bruise forming just below his hairline. Adam feels for a pulse and checks his breathing, before turning his attention to Gillian. The baby lets out a cry as Adam unstraps him. Adam doesn’t need to be a doctor to know Gillian is dead. The large piece of metal protruding from her chest is a massive give away. He marvels at how it missed the baby as he pushes him into his shirt, he settles against Adams chest his heartbeat soothing him.

The co-pilot appears at Adams side a large bruise on her cheek. She reaches over and unstraps Aaron pulling him free, there is no time to be gentle as the gunfire gets louder. He groans as she throws him over her shoulder, she turns slightly and indicates to Adam to follow her. He doesn’t hesitate and follows her away from the wreckage and along the ruined street.

They make to the remains of a park she heads toward a clump of trees and carefully lowers Aaron to the ground. Aaron groans and his eyes open, his pale complexion and slightly glassy eyes blink in confusion.

‘Are you hurt anywhere else apart from your head,’ Adam moves to him as he goes to shake his head but stops as a groan escapes his lips.

‘Adam, boy are you hurt anywhere,’ the pilot asks, as she gazes intently at Adams face and chest.

‘No, I am not hurt,’ Adam manages finally finding his voice.

‘Good we need to find shelter. What are your names, I’m Sharron Jacobs,’ she gives them a small smile.

‘Oh, uh I’m Adam and this is my brother Aaron,’ Adam answers as he pulls the baby from his shirt to check he isn’t hurt. She looks at Adam her eyes widening.

‘Who is that?’ She splutters.

‘Madam Ramsbottom’ s baby I couldn’t leave it,’ Adam answers watching her face.

‘You should have left it,’ she finally says turning to Aaron. ‘Can you walk?’ Aaron nods and she helps him up glancing over her shoulder she looks at Adam, ‘Was she dead?’


‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, I’m sure,’ Adam snaps back what sort of stupid question was that.

‘Where are we going, I don’t like outside,’ Aaron looks from Adam to Sharron and Adam can see Aaron is scared.

‘We find shelter and then we find Gen-Corp security forces,’ Sharron answers holding Aaron tightly. Adam is not so keen on that plan; he decides he needs to ditch Sharron at the earliest opportunity. ‘Don’t worry honey I will get you safe, find a new mother for you,’ She soothes Aaron and Adam rolls his eyes behind them and stops himself from snorting in disgust.

Sharron leads them to a deserted house they are still in the city centre and it is making Adam nervous. Baby starts to cry, and he slips his finger in his mouth as Sharron glares at him.

‘Keep that thing quiet,’ she growls, and Adam scowls at her. ‘You don’t like me much do you?’ She comments as she helps Aaron down and examines the gash on his head.

‘I’m not sure that is relevant in our current situation,’ Adam answers sliding down to a sitting position and finding a bottle of milk in the baby’s bag he shakes it and pushes it against his lips he latches on and sucks his blue eyes trained on Adams face. Adam smiles at him as he watches him feed.

‘You aren’t like the other Adams I have met,’ she cocks her head to one side and studies Adam. ‘You aren’t submissive, and I get the impression you could survive here without me, unlike him,’ she nods her head toward Aaron who has closed his eyes and looks asleep. She has got that so very wrong Adam thinks with a mental smile.

‘I’m not an Adam and yes I could survive without you,’ Adam gives her a tight smile as he takes the bottle out of baby’s mouth and places him on his shoulder rubbing his back.

‘You look like you have done that before,’ she indicates the baby.

‘Yes, I have, I have a son of my own.’

‘So, you are United Human federation, what were you doing with Madam Ramsbottom?’ She sits cross legged next to Aaron and fixes Adam with her penetrating gaze her brown eyes sweeping his body and studying his face. Adam places baby in his lap and changes him before wrapping his blanket around him, he is asleep so Adam rests him against his chest in his jacket, while he considers her question, how much he should tell her. ‘You don’t trust me, do you?’

‘No, I don’t trust you, and if I was on my own, I wouldn’t be here with you now, but I need your help and you need mine so let’s call it quits shall we,’ Adam sighs. We are Tribe, we were on loan to Madame Ramsbottom,’ Adam smiles at her and she nods her head. ‘My brother is a prince of Tribe and what I was doing with Gillian, Madam Ramsbottom is complicated,’ Adam shrugs and settles down to sleep.

‘The baby, it’s yours, isn’t it, it’s a boy?’ she asks quietly.

‘What makes you say that?’ Adam retorts not bothering to open his eyes.

‘Why else bring it.’

‘Maybe I’m a nice person who couldn’t leave it to perish, if as you say it is a boy, it is valuable.’

‘As are you.’

‘Yes, as am I,’ Adam sighs this is what it always boils down to, how much he is worth, Adam knows he is just a commodity to them never a person.

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