Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Nineteen

How long they have been walking Adam has no idea and he doesn’t know exactly which part of the city they are in. Sharron has assumed command and he can’t be bothered to argue with her. The light is fading now, and they need to get off the streets soon. Aaron drops back and walks beside Adam.

‘You have been scowling for the past hour, what you planning?’ He asks stroking the baby’s head that is nestled in Adams jacket.

‘What, what makes you think I am planning anything,’ Adam snaps back regretting it immediately as he sees him flinch at his tone. ‘Sorry Aaron,’ Adam mumbles and glares at the pavement.’

‘You don’t like her, do you?’ Aaron raises a brow and Adam can’t help a small smile tugging at his mouth.

‘No not really,’

‘So, what you planning?’ Aaron glances at Adam and then the back of Sharron.

‘I don’t know we still need to find Ed. Thom will be waiting there for us,’ Adam explains as he manoeuvres along what is left of the street. Adam feels the baby fidgeting against his chest and pulls him out. Wrapping him in a woollen blanket he hardly stirs his little thumb in his mouth. Adam feels his stomach clench as he gazes at him so tiny and vulnerable. Adam had promised to protect him as best he can.

‘And that, what are you going to do with that, leave it with her?’

‘No, he is going with us, I promised to keep him safe.’

‘What no that’s madness, just leave it no one would judge you.’

‘Shut up its not open for discussion,’ Adam snaps back frowning at Aaron as he texts Thom.

Got out alive, heading to find Ed as discussed.

I have the package and an unwanted guest.

Gillian’s dead.


Sent 15.27 23/09/2515

‘Adam you should put him back they will look for him when they get to the crash site.’

‘What don’t be ridiculous I can’t leave him, she was dead Aaron, what if no one came looking, she was dead,’ Adam drops to the ground his body shakes and Aaron realises he may have pushed too hard. Remembering how fragile Adams mental state is.

‘Sorry Adam,’ Aaron kneels down next to him his arm going around Adams shoulders. ‘I know you liked her, I’m scared that’s all,’ Adam manages a smile.

‘Yeah, me two, I’m all he’s got now,’ he kisses the baby’s head and sighs this is all such a mess, and he knows by bringing him he is putting them all in unnecessary danger.

‘Nah, he has me,’ Aaron grins as Sharron comes to stand above them.

‘Thanks Aaron that means a lot,’ Adam smiles at him and feels some of the tension drain from his body.

‘What’s wrong?’ She demands and Adam slowly climbs to his feet pulling Aaron up.

‘Nothing, we need to get off the street,’ Aaron growls at her and she nods moving in front of them again.

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