Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Four

Waking with a cramp in his arm. Adam slowly sits up. Rubbing his face as he blinks the sleep from his eyes. Peering around he can see Thomas and Mathew arguing. A blanket is wrapped around him, he wonders who put it there as he folds it. Pushing the door open, he carefully climbs out the car giving his cramped limbs a good stretch.

Thom smiles as Adam realises, he is in different clothes and seems fit and healthy.

‘Here,’ passing Adam a mug of coffee, his other hand holding a flask.

‘Are you alright?’

‘Yeah, after you fell asleep, we stopped and got a doctor to fix me up,’ he shrugs. ‘It looked worse than it was. Here I know you don’t like coffee, but it will help.’

‘Oh, ah, thanks,’ Adam takes the mug and sips the coffee. Relaxing his shoulders, the tension of the last few hours finally leaving him. ‘How long was I asleep?’ a frown creases Adams brow.

‘A while,’

‘Sorry, I didn’t realise I was so tired,’ Adam mumbles drinking more of his coffee.

‘Hey mate, you have been under a lot of stress lately. What with losing Sophie and coping with Gillian,’ Thom pulls Adam into a hug. ‘We will find them I promise,’

‘When you two have finished your man love maybe you could give me a hand,’ Mathew shouts from where his head is under the bonnet.

‘Nice car,’ Adam comments with a grin, relieving the tension.

‘Well it would be if it worked,’ Thom laughs.

‘I heard that, git,’ Mathew shouts, while tinkering with the engine.

‘Awesome isn’t it,’ Thom says as he grins at Adam. ‘He built it last year, much to Celina’s disgust. As he is more attentive to that car than to her,’ Thom chuckles.

‘Thom stop chatting to Adam will you, and get in and start her up,’ Mathew instructs from under the bonnet.

‘Sure,’ Thom climbs in and turns the key the car purrs to life.

‘Yep, still a genius,’ Mathew grins as he wipes his hands on a bit of rag. He smirks at Adam knowing he has loads of questions.

‘Adam mate, in you get, time to go you can quiz Mathew later,’

‘Yeah sure,’ Adam answers annoyed that they know him so well.

‘Don’t know how far we will get in it, I have filled the petrol tank up and put a Gerry can in the boot, but once that’s gone, we are stuck,’ Mathew explains as Thom pulls away and they are soon rushing through the countryside. Passing abandoned farms and villages the rusted-out skeletons of cars along the verge.

‘Where are we going?’ Mathew appears to be asleep as Thom concentrates on driving.

‘What was Berlin,’ Thom replies.


‘Our contact is waiting there. Your brother was sighted not far from there,’

‘Oh,’ Adam settles back. ‘Was it definitely him?’

‘Yes, think so, he is traveling with the Romanies. My contact she is very reliable,’

‘How far?’ Mathew asks, looking around at the grim shop units and houses that have long since been abandoned. Wild shrubs growing through them. Collapsed roofs and crumbling walls let the weather eat away at the structures. Human inhabitants long since gone.

‘Outskirts of town, the fuel gauge is in the red, so we will have to stop soon,’ Thom replies.

‘Where do you suggest we stop?’ Mathew raises a brow. ‘We could really do with Celina about now, three blokes in a car, is no way suspicious.’

Thom chuckles. ‘Got a point their mate, although Adam looks like a girl.’

‘I heard that,’ Adam grumbles.

‘Fancy a burger Adam?’ Mathew enquires making Adam wonder how they can take this so calmly.

‘Um, yeah,’ he grins, ‘I mean let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how dangerous a situation is, I’m always hungry,’ Mathew chuckles at this. Thom drives into an industrial unit and drives over to one of those brightly coloured buildings that Celina had taken him too. That seems ages ago now he muses.

‘Adam, stay in the car, I won’t be long,’ Thom grins at Adam, before sauntering across the car park, as bold as you like. Mathew has got the Gerry can out the boot and is filling the car up with petrol. Deciding to stretch his legs Adam gets out the car and walks around to where Mathew is. Watching him as he thinks of something to say, Mathew beats him to it.

‘Why did you leave me?’ Mathew doesn’t look up, as he carries on filling the car with fuel.

‘I don’t know, you seemed happy with your match and how it was,’ Adam gives a shrug but can’t look Mathew in the eye.

‘I was trying to make it positive, I would have gone with you,’ he looks up and the hurt is clear in his eyes. ‘Aaron would have taken me.’

‘That isn’t fair,’ Adam turns his back to him, angry at him. ‘Not once did you ask why I felt the way I did, you just told me to conform made me feel stupid for thinking the way I did,’ Adam turns to him waiting for his answer as he straightens, screwing the cap back on the car.

‘Of course, I did, I knew you were going to do something stupid and guess what you did, messing up everything, and ruining all the plans that had been made regarding us.’

‘How was I supposed to know that when you all lied to me about everything, you could have told me, you of all people knew I was different to other Adams,’ Adam turns away from him again he doesn’t want him to know how much their betrayal hurt.

‘If you hadn’t of run, I would have been given to Celina, you messed it all up, running away like that.’

‘I choose that day so the chaos would hide the fact I was missing. If I had known…’ his voice trails off.

‘Would you though, I hated you for a while, you know blamed you for what happened.’

‘Do you now…hate me,’ Adam looks up at him as tears trail down his face. The thought that Mathew hates him is hard.

‘No, I know you didn’t do it on purpose. I thought you were dead for a long time,’ Adam can’t hide his shock at that statement.

‘Why did you think that?’ he says quietly. Mathew shrugs dragging his hand through his hair.

‘I couldn’t believe you could survive out here.’ He answers eventually.

‘Sorry Mathew,’ wiping away the tears with the back of his hand Adam feels him behind him, Adam turns, and Mathew wraps him in a hug.

‘I am sorry too, I should have listened to you, noticed how sad you were.’

‘I won’t leave you again, promise,’ turning Adam gazes at him and tries to smile.

‘I know, and I will pay more attention,’ Mathew picks up the Gerry can and puts it back in the car as Adam slips inside leaning against the door frame as he collects himself.

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