Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter Five

A few minutes later Adam looks out the window to see a couple of teenage girls making their way toward them. He looks for Mathew, but he hasn’t noticed as he is rummaging in the boot of the car, having finished putting more fuel in. A nervousness gnaws at Adam's stomach, as they trail their hands over the paint work. If they are surprised to see Mathew is a male, they don’t show it, as they start to talk to him. It isn’t long before he pops the bonnet and they are all looking at the engine and chatting.

This though seems to attract the attention of some more girls and some of them don’t look like girls, it makes Adam wonder why everyone goes to so much trouble hiding the fact he is male, as Adam decides he looks a lot more female than some of the girls talking to Mathew.

With the overwhelming need to get out the car as a feeling of being trapped in the car comes over him. He pushes the door handle down opening the door. As irrational as that is as he realises the safest place is inside the car. He climbs out any way and is mostly unnoticed. No one takes much notice of him as they bombard Mathew with loads of questions about the car. Seeing Thom sauntering back is a massive relief as Thom hands him a paper bag. Adam fishes out his burger and slowly eats it while watching the girls around Mathew.

Adam leans casually against the car, he doesn’t feel so threatened now Thom is here, and he has a little group around him as he chats while eating his burger. Adam feels a pang of envy as they chat casually to the girls, he couldn’t do that, girls, plain scare him.

‘You their bitch,’ a deep voice asks next to Adam, making him jump slightly. ‘One girl with two boys, ain’t so fair, consider sharing,’ the voice continues, damn, they think I’m a girl Adam realises ‘You don’t look like their Mother?’ Adam turns his head and gazes into the eyes of a huge girl who certainly looks far more like a bloke than him.

‘I’m not,’ he manages, his eyes dart around looking for Thom, hoping he will notice someone talking to him.

‘Adam you okay?’ Thom appears at Adams side.

‘Blimey, I thought he was a girl,’ the giant laughs next to Adam.

‘Thanks, easy mistake to make,’ Adam mumbles and concentrates on eating his fries.

‘So, boys, what are you going to give me to let you leave?’ another voice comes from the other side of the car, the crowd parts and a girl with lustrous long blonde hair and perfect makeup walks toward Thom. She has a perfect hour glass figure, accentuated by her moulded blue jeans and tight jumper with a pink V-neck giving a view of her ample cleavage. She walks with a confidence that indicates she is in charge. Adam instinctively moves closer to Thom, who is smiling pleasantly at her. Mathew is still with his head under the bonnet, talking, oblivious of the drama unfolding around him.

‘How about this pretty little thing,’ she eyes Adam up and he swallows with nerves.

‘He is underage, I’m afraid, so tell me how you are going to stop us from leaving?’ Thom smiles pleasantly and opens the car door. Adam slips inside and Thom shuts the door. Once inside Adam breathes a sigh of relief at being in the car.

‘Girls show this boy how we can stop him,’ she answers, and the huge girl that was talking to Adam is joined by another equally giant girl, they move to the back of the car and pick it up. This makes Mathew shout and close the bonnet. He strides around the car to where Thom is stood.

‘What the hell are you doing to my car,’ Mathew demands anger flashing in his eyes, oblivious to the tension.

‘Mathew, calm down just a little negotiation,’ Thom explains still smiling, as Mathew scowls at the girl.

‘My, aren’t you beautiful,’ the girl looks Mathew over in a really demeaning way, her eyes lingering on his crotch before moving back to his face.

‘What?’ Mathew frowns at her still annoyed.

‘Give me him and I will let you go with the little one,’ she makes the outrageous suggestion as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. Adam can tell by the way the skin tightens around Thom’s eyes and his mouth becomes a thin line that he is really angry.

‘Look, I don’t know who you think you are, but we aren’t some sort of commodity, we are people,’ Thom objects.

‘No, you are not, you are Adams, and as to who I am, I own this part of town, so naturally you are mine now,’ she grabs Thom’s arm and pushes up his sleeve and gasps when she sees his arm is unmarked. ‘What are you?’ she cocks her head to one side and glares at him. Thom takes out the wallet and shows it to her, at the same time letting her see his gun. He pulls her to him and kisses her.

‘Is that what you wanted Skylar?’ He cocks a brow and smirks.

‘No Thomas I want you, as you well know,’ she answers and pulls him forward, so their lips crash together.

‘Now, you going to let us leave?’ Thom raises a brow at her.

‘Okay, simple misunderstanding, but it is far too dangerous for you to go any further at this time, you should come with us and move again at dawn,’ she explains her hands in front of her in a placating gesture.

‘What do you suggest?’

‘We hide you and the car, keep you safe and release you in the morning; in return you two boys give us a sample,’ she casts her eyes over Mathew again and he smiles at her. ‘If you want to do that personally I have no objections,’ she purrs at Mathew, he raises a brow and turns his gaze to Thom.

‘What do you think Mathew?’ Thom asks Mathew, not taking his eyes off the girl. Who is gazing at Mathew, her eyes full of something Adam is not sure about, except she wants him, he has seen that look when Gillian looks at him and Thom? Mathew either hasn’t noticed or is just ignoring her, either way he doesn’t seem to care.

‘Sounds reasonable,’ Mathew answers. This answer has Adam climbing out the car and Thom takes his hand as Mathew gets in with a couple of girls, they have a warehouse not far from where we are going, they are going to hide the car. Thom and Adam follow the large group of girls further into the city.

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