Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter seven part 2

Right now, he has this lot to worry about. Aaron has researched them as well and that was certainly disturbing and interesting reading. They are a traveling community led by a Lady Ariella. Despite their appearance they are mostly traders, traveling around Europe buying and selling, weapons mostly, but they are known to trade Adams. Recently this has been there primary occupation and Aaron thinks he now knows why. He just hopes Adam and Charlie are here.

‘Who is this with you?’ the woman turns her attention to Aaron.

‘My match, so no concern of yours,’ Florence snaps. Aaron stands with his hands behind his back in the submissive pose. His hair has been cut close to his scalp and dyed so he looks nothing like his brother. Despite the changes, Aaron is still beautiful and Florence can’t hide that fact.

‘Let me see him,’ Arellia stands and walks to Aaron studying him. ‘Well isn’t he a lovely specimen,’ she smiles as she lifts his chin to see better his face. ‘And proven if your belly is any indication. A rare treasure indeed. Maybe you do have something to bargain with. I would be willing to discuss, I have an Echo girl, I know she would be willing as she needs something from me,’ she gazes at Aaron again a sly smile now pulling at her features.

‘He is my match, I am taking him home,’ Florence glares at Ariella as she studies Aaron. ‘He is not part of this negotiation, ever,’ Florence scowls stepping closer to me.

‘Take them away and lock them up,’

‘You can’t do that,’ Florence protests.

‘Yes, I can and now I have a bargaining chip with your mother. Thelma was stupid sending her pregnant daughter. I would take better care of something so precious,’ Arellia snaps as she returns to her seat. ’I want the Echo boy Florence think it over while you are my prisoner.

Florence takes Aarons hand. She can feel the fear rolling off of him in waves and she knows he is on edge ready to snap at any moment and she can’t let that happen while they are being watched. Her back, ram rod straight she is escorted from the tent her posture radiating defiance as a Princess of Tribe.

Aaron paces the tent they have been shut in. His hands are on his head if he had longer hair, he would be pulling at it. Florence sits on the bed the only piece of furniture in the space. Watching as he breaks the nightmare overtaking him. She knows to wait as in his head he is replaying the events that led to Rita laid on the ground as she bleeds out.

Her soft voice permeates the fog in his head as he replays Rita’s death. Florence hands are pulling his down as Aaron just freaks out. Carefully Florence pulls him close, enveloping hm in her embrace. Between them the swell of her belly as her voice sooths him.

‘Shh Aaron, it is okay you are safe; I am safe, they won’t hurt us I promise.’ He feels her lips on his as he slowly surfaces from the terror.

‘I need you I can’t lose you,’ he mutters his lips crushed to hers as close to a confession of love as he is capable of. ‘This was a mistake. We shouldn’t have come before the baby I could lose you as well,’ his voice filled with anguish.

‘That won’t happen I promise,’ she kisses him again her hands drifting under his shirt she knows he needs to feel warm skin the beating of her heart. The reassurance that she is alive, breathing with him, safe. Her training with Naomi that let her understand the trauma he suffered and how it damaged him. Her hands travel down a distraction technic she has used numerous times on him. Damn, as he falls for it every time. A smile on her lips as his body betrays him every time.

‘Putting your hands down my pants won’t work,’ he smiles against her mouth.

‘Why it has every other time,’ she giggles and that is it, the anguish dissipates, and he starts to relax.

‘The girl they have do you know her?’

‘No, but we are not going down that route Aaron,’

‘Glad to hear it, wasn’t top of my activities list,’ he dips his head to kiss her again.

It took her a long time to gain his trust. She was so patient first when he almost died due to the gunshot wound and subsequent illness and the fact he was slowly starving to death. Slowly he learnt to trust as Florence trained him to survive. To protect himself.

When she told him, she was pregnant he completely flipped out and ran. It took her two days to find him and bring him back.

He is an Echo like her, and they can only breed with another Echo or a close genetic match. The baby will be a boy all their babies will be boys. That is why they have to find Adam. Why everyone is hunting him. Then, she knows he has to find Charlie, his missing baby son stolen when Rita, his chosen match and her sister, was brutally murdered or at least find out what happened to him. Florence knows Aaron can’t have closure until he knows either way.

‘Okay,’ she lifts his chin.

‘Yes, sorry,’ he mumbles pushing her back onto the bed his need for her now dominating his being. Letting him take control as his body shows his love because she knows his mind never will.

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