Inherited Extinction 3 Brothers of Tribe

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Chapter eight

The fog in my head slowly lifts, he feels horrible, he hears a groan and realise it was him. Curling up pulling his knees up to his chest and just hugs himself. It’s only then he realises he is lying in a bed, well something soft. He had almost woken a few times before now, but he had been on something cold and hard then. Adam groans again and stretches out, tensing. He feels awful but he is warmish and dry, he coughs and every joint in his body aches.

‘Adam you awake?’

‘Hmm,’ is all he can manage as he tries to pry his eyes open. When they finally cooperate, he lets his gaze travel around the opulence surrounding him. It is some sort of room, but the walls are soft. They billow slightly as the wind howls outside. The ceiling is draped with silk and velvet panels in jewel colours all caught together by a stunning chandelier that twinkles with light as the breeze gently caresses it. On the floor are opulent rugs in bright colours. Small tables are placed with lamps on them shedding more subtle light next to low couches in deep colours to match the rugs.‘What do you want me to do with him? Do you want him put with the others?’

‘Good lord no; I want to talk to him first,’ the older woman turns her attention to Adam.

‘Adam, do you know why you are here?’

‘You kidnapped me?’ he glares at her scowling.

‘No, Gillian Ramsbottom kidnapped you, we liberated you,’ Oh great I am in the company of delusional people. Adam rolls his eyes.

‘What, are you mad? I belong to Gillian and I wish to be returned to her,’ Yeah, that was rude, but hey, how much worse can this get! Adams only thought. After all they know he belongs to Gillian to valuable to allow harm to come to him. ‘I am underage, there are protocols you must follow regarding my return,’ Adam scowls at her, take that bitch he thinks settling back down.

‘You belong to Echo.’

‘Give me back to them then,’ Adam raises a brow making the younger woman’s lips twitch up in a smile.

‘I thought Adams were meant to be submissive?’ she surveys me.

‘I am not an Adam,’ Adam snaps back, while holding the older woman’s gaze. Pushing up wincing at the flare of pain.

‘Goodness no, you are far too valuable for us to let you fall back into the hands of those people, do you know why you are so valuable?’

‘Yes ma’am,’ the glare Adam directs at her is nothing short of withering; He is not giving her any more information.

‘I read you were smart and uncooperative,’ she stares at him and he holds her gaze, changing his expression to insolence and crosses his arms across his chest.

‘You were bred to cure us of the infertility the toxin created. Each of you has something with in your DNA, except there should be more of you. I have been monitoring you for a while waiting for you to grow up,’ nothing Adam can do to stop the look of shock on his face. She knew he was in that house. It would seem he wasn’t hidden all that well if all these people knew where he was.

‘I…you watched me?’ Adam stammers, unable to keep it in, to say he is shocked is the understatement of the year. The rest of what she said is rubbish, he knows this from his reading.

‘Not me, personally, as you can see by this place, my influence and power is great, and a company as large and corrupt as Gen-Corp is easily infiltrated. I always knew exactly where you were, ideally I wanted you to mature, retrieve you at retirement age, easier to hide you if you are meant to be dead, hmm,’ the woman smiles at Adam.

‘That is untrue, I cannot cure you, that is not what I am for,’ Adam glares at her, as she ignores him.

‘Where is your twin, what’s his name?’ she asks fixing him with a piercing gaze as the younger woman hands her a set of papers which she quickly scans. ‘Ah here, Aaron, do you know where he is?’ This catches Adam off guard.

‘He is dead ma’am,’ he whispers trying to keep it together, like he is going to tell her where he is. Hang on, why are they asking me? Damn, we are wrong, he isn’t here. Or, they don’t know they have him. Thinks Adam while keeping his expression neutral.

‘Really, that is interesting, according to my files so are you,’ she surveys him, Adam looks away. She turns her attention away from him to the girl. ‘I heard the twin was Rita’s match and now Florence is here, and him,’ she turns her gaze on Adam.

‘Two years, give or take a few months,’ he shrugs and stares at her, holding eye contact.

‘The girl, Sophie, she was your match, she used you for breeding purposes.’

‘I have no idea if we matched, as that was never tested or compared, that isn’t there way. I liked Sophie and living with Commune,’ Adam lays back down pain and exhaustion catching him.

‘Helena, he is in your care now.’

‘Yes, Mother,’ Helena replies

‘What are you going to do with me?’ Adams voice quiet and devoid of emotion, a sheen of sweat on his brow the strain of the last few days overwhelming him. Thom, where are you? His remaining thought.

‘Keep you safe, examine you, mum is really excited about you, ever since we razed Glasgow and stole all those files from the Gen-Corp facility there. You know there should be more like you, but there aren’t, Gen-Corp are hiding information, important information, they know where most of you are, and they aren’t letting on,’ She smiles at him and Adam can hear the excitement in her voice. That they are, well Gillian is. He is sure Gillian isn’t going to share that information with people like this.

‘You’re not going to euthanize me then?’ Adams gazes at her and she stops to look at him.

‘God no, that’s barbaric, you are so valuable, don’t even know if I will be allowed to mate with you, although I am not too fussed about that to be honest, no offence.’

Adam lets out a chuckle, ‘None taken, I am not entirely sure how to do that, you know we aren’t taught that,’ he explains, deciding to play innocent as that might keep me safe for longer. Who is he kidding, they will do whatever they want, he has no rights, he can’t refuse, well he can but it won’t make a difference?

‘No, I don’t suppose you are,’ a small chuckle escapes her, and he finds himself liking her.

‘This is my home’, you are in my care now,’ she smiles her gaze softens. ‘You rest and we will discuss your situation tomorrow,’ she turns and walks past the silent man. He looks over at Adam then drops the flap leaving Adam to his thoughts.

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