The Cowardly Knight

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After a major war between nations, a Knight possessing great power wields one of the 3 legendary weapons. This Knight may sound powerful, but do not be fooled, for he is a coward. The Knight is on a journey to gain courage and fulfill his duty. Can the cowardly Knight overcome this fear of battle? Will he be able to survive? Only time can tell.

Adventure / Drama
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I thought to myself, what if we can achieve peace? This question lingers in my mind: I wish this feeling would end. Why do humans fight? Is it for glory? For fame? Why so much bloodshed? Why not band together and live peacefully? Why must we fight so much? "Lance, you are a knight, you have to protect your people." Mother says patting my shoulders. My mother really worries about my well being, a little too much sometimes. "I do not wish to draw my sword on any soul, is there a way where we can all live in peace?" I attempt to speak my mind, but I always get bullied by the other knights. Am I the only person who can maintain their sanity in this forsaken world?" Mothers hand slowly leaves my soldier.
"As much as I would like peace, I am afraid we can not accomplish something like that anytime soon."
I make a fist and slam my hand on my chest. "I swear to the gods that I will find a way to gain peace." Mother looks at me with a sad expression on her face. "You should not go and make such vows, you know full well that something like that is out of your grasp." Even my own mother does not believe in me, I guess peace is not achievable, but it is worth a try. "Mother, I will create a group of courage's individuals who will stand and fight for their freedom." Mother starts to smile. "And how will you do that if you will not draw your sword?"
"Mother, we will fight peacefully, no blood shall be shed when I am around." Lance leaves his mothers house. I may not use my sword to fight, but I shall use my tongue to encourage peace upon this dreadful world.
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