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The Cowardly Knight

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No blood shall be shed when I am around. I should have never made such a bold statement. No matter how hard I may try, I cannot stop every conflict I come across. So many people spurn me, I have to make a difference somehow. When I continued walking, I stumbled upon a beautiful field full of colorful flowers. “This is incredibly outstanding, I have never seen so much beauty in one area.”

In the distance, I see a boy around my age relaxing in the flower bed. “Do you know the knight code? Thou shall not abandon their duty.” The boy says as he stands up. “Yes, but I am not a fighter.” The boy pats me on the shoulder. “Worry not, I do not agree with harming others, but I have a job and that job is to protect the citizens.”

“So, you must be that cowardly knight people are talking about, you wield one of the legendary weapons correct?” I start to stare at him for a while. “Yes, but I never use the sword, at least not anymore.” The boy begins to walk off. He stops and then turns around. “My name is Edmund, the dragon knight.” I start to smile, “My name is Lance, the knight of peace.”

The boy starts to wave as he walks into the distance. A loud explosion comes from the direction in which Edmund walked. “That does not sound good, ” I rush over into the forest to see the commotion. “You fool, how dare you slack off.” A Woman in crimson red armor points her sword at Edmund.

“Stay back Lance, I sense malice in her.” I look at Edmund in confusion. “Malice? What is that?” Edmund points to the knight. “That black aura, she has a trace of evil in her, we call that malice. People overcome by malice are resentful beings who will do anything to bring evil upon the world.”

That sounds terrible. “Is there a way we can reverse the effect?” I ask him, hoping for an answer. “Yes, but the only way is to beat her in a fight.” This is the opposite of what I want to do. While I think this, the knight sends a slash of black fire at me, I manage to roll to the right. “Lance, are you ok?” Edmund asks me as I stand. “I'm fine.” This knight is pretty strong, I may have no other choice but to fight.”

Crap, what am I thinking? I can't fight her, my reason for traveling in the first place was to bring peace to the world, and I can not simply save one girl, am I that worthless? “Lance! Snap out of it, we are in the midst of battle.” Edmund shouts at me. “Wait Edmund, I have an idea. This may take a while, so could you buy some time for me?” Edmund raises his hand in the air. “Alright then, armor activation!”

Armor made from dragon scales appears on Edmund. “This is why they call me The Dragon Knight.” I look at Edmund in amazement. “That's amazing, not everyone can use armor activation.” after I say this, Edmund pulls out a massive sword engulfed in black flames. “I will buy you some time, do whatever it takes to win!” Edmund rushes at the knight.

I pull out the legendary sword and hold it high above my head. “May the goddess bring peace to this land, give me divine power that can purify hell itself!” I keep chanting this incantation until it is complete. A burst of light fills the area. “Woah, this power?” Edmund holds his hand in front of his eyes. The black aura disappears from the knight.

“What happened?” I look at the knight as she manages to get up. “Do you know how that malice entered your body?” Edmund asks. “A mage with great power managed to fill my body with malice.” A mage? I heard that mages were banished from the kingdom. Is it still possible for a mage to enter the kingdom Anonymously?

“I must thank you guys for saving my life.” the girl bows. I smile and put my sword back in its scabbard. “It's fine, at least you are unscathed.” Edmund deactivates his armor. “I must be on my way.” Edmund walks off. Should I as him? I do not intend to be a burden, but this is my only chance to bring peace. “Edmund, could you form a party with me?” Edmund turns around and gives me a smug look on his face.

“Sure, you can't bring peace to the world on your own.” I start to get excited. “Thanks! Now my goal may become a reality. I and Edmund head off to get prepared for our quest. “Before we head out, we should stop by the inn to get some rest.” Edmund suggests. I nod my head. We arrive in the town of Mongolia.

As we walk down the roadway, we stumble upon a slave trader. A small girl around the age of ten falls onto the ground. “Please Mister, I can't walk much further.” the little girl pleads. “How dare you talk back to me!” the man slaps the girl. I begin to clench my fists. “Hey stop-!” Edmund stops me before I could say anything. “We must not interfere with them, it could only lead to trouble.”

“We can't just let that man abuse such a young girl.” Edmund pats my shoulder. “I know how you feel, but slaves are legal in this kingdom, we have no say in the rules.” Edmund heads to the inn. I can't believe this, how outrageous can this kingdom be? Evil consumes this nation, I have to do everything in my power to purge it.

The girl starts to stare at me. “Please mister, could you feed me please?” The girl seems like she has not eaten any food in days. I dig in my bag and find a piece of bread. “This is all I have, I truly am sorry.” The girl smiles at me. “Get over here commoner!” The girl seems sad. “Sir, I think you are being too harsh, she is only a kid.” The man looks at me with a serious expression. “How dare a knight talk to me, a noble.” The man spits on me.

“You damn bastard!” I say this as I stop my hand from causing harm to the man. I must stay vigilant. “If you are so worried about this girl, then how about you buy her from me.” The man laughs and walks off with the girl. “I will save you!” I shout.

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