I’ll never forget

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5 teens in different sections made by the United States to kept peace find out they were given powers to save the community. The only issue is they have to figure themselves out first.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Epilogue :)

After everything that went down in the year 2031 it would only make sense that the United States of America went on lockdown and changed everything. The only issue is what they did.

I’m sure you’ve all read about COVID-19, the deadly pandemic in your textbooks but what really went down in the years 2020 and 2021? That’s why we’re here. Let’s start off with 2020, I wasn’t alive then but people were. The media lied all about that year. They wrote fake sources and blamed everything on the teenagers of the world and them rebelling, however in reality it goes much deeper. I found a ancient iPhone 11 and it worked! Crazy I know. That’s beside the point. It had these apps called Instagram and Tiktok they were banned as I’m sure you know. Here’s the thing there was no good reason to ban them. I found a community there where they supported each other and informed people. It was weird being as we haven’t had something like that ever. Maybe that’s why they banned it, if we would’ve had that during the ‘purge’ maybe we could’ve figured out it was fake. The false news and lies people spread ruined that though. The most interesting thing we found on that phone was a text sent on January 4th of 2020 that read “they’re coming. Don’t worry they’re not really but they’re coming. The bisergalant will find it, on they can. Don’t forget I love you forever. Goodbye.” That made us want to drop the phone and run. Run until it was miles behind us fine never for us to see again. I’m glad we didn’t because that iPhone 11, none of us knew it at the time, but that was how we survived. Not all of us. But without that phone we would’ve all been killed.
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