No Rest for the Wicked

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On the verge of consuming the world, the Kobalo’s hunger for power to control the human race brings them closer to the County, wiping out whole villages leaving no one to tell the ghastly tale. They will not rest until all their victims are either drained of their blood or worse eaten alive. Little is known of this otherworldly race that is poised to attack. When Tom, the Spooks apprentice is captured by them, an unlikely hero comes to his aide, Grimalkin, the dreaded witch assassin. Will Grimalkin’s dark heart soften in light of the love and friendship offered her or will she succumb to the wicked charms of the Kobalos prince and her own hunger for power?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Grimalkin is the beautiful witch assassin for the Malakin clan. She once hunted Tom, the Spooks apprentice but when she was unable to defeat him, her only defeat mind you, she realized he was the person scryed to be her only chance to destroy the Fiend, her life-long enemy.

Thomas Ward is the Spooks apprentice. He is the seventh son of a seventh son and has special abilities that enable him to sense the dark and see things that others cannot. He studies dark magic and its creatures in order to defeat them. Tom has other special abilities that Spooks don’t have since he is a descendant of an old god. These abilities make him a target of the Fiend himself.

James Ward is Tom’s older brother by one year. James is an unlikely hero, having no powers or special abilities. By chance, he meets the beautiful witch assassin because of his brother’s peril. They get to know each other as they travel together to his brother’s aide. He is a blacksmith by trade and has this skill in common with the stunning and skillful witch. He has no powers but when no one will come to Grimalkin’s aide, he risks everything to free her from the Kobalos prince.

Old Gregory is the county spook and is training Tom to take his place. His purpose is to fight the dark and train and acquire knowledge of evil creatures and how to defeat them so that this can be passed on to new Spooks. He is a strict teacher and is bound to a very strict moral code and does not approve of using the dark even for the greater good.

Alice Dean - Trained as a malevolent witch by her mother Bony Lizzie, she turns away from her dark side when she befriends Tom. She is fiercely loyal to Tom but is still a powerful witch that can help Tom to defeat evil creatures including the Fiend.

Lukrasta is a powerful mage allied with the Fiend. He has been granted many gifts by the Fiend himself including energy manipulation, necromancy, and curses. He uses his dark magic for selfish reasons. He hungers for limitless power, immortality, and to experience all the pleasures of the flesh. He desires Alice and would do anything to impress her even enter the Kobalos camp to rescue Tom.

Hoseok is a Kobalos prince and leader of the invading forces. He is half-human because long ago the Kobalos killed all their women and must mate with human women. They enslave human females or “purrai” and use them to give birth to more Kobalos.

Sally is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. (In the books, she is Jenny but I didn’t want to confuse people with Jennie Kim.)

Balkai a Kabalos prince and friend of Hoseok. His exalted beauty is matched only by his high opinion of himself. He cares for no one but himself and is dark and cruel on the inside.

Both Balkai above and Jabka below are born of human females and although totally human in appearance, they are extremely strong and are vampires just like the Kobalos.

Kookah - a Kobalos prince.

Taen - a Kobalos prince.

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