No Rest for the Wicked

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Chapter 1 The Wicked Cat

She licked her paw languorously pretending to preen herself as most cats do. But she was just waiting for her prey to let down his guard. Her green cat eyes scanned the room watching him as he searched for the lamp to light it. With the silvery light of the moon creeping through the dirty window, he finally found the lamp. It’s dim light barely reaching the spot where she reposed.

Grimalkin tilted her head like a curious animal and wickedly smiled, her whiskers twitching. She purred, liking the look of this one. His beautiful features captured her interest even in this dim light. She especially liked his feline eyes and pouty lips. She was going to have her fun with him before ... she intimately devoured him. Why not? She loved to play with her food. Her strength, agility, and intelligence were no match for him.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed the slow movement of her catwalk coming closer and closer. As she approached, she used her magic to transform herself back to her usual form. As she softly spoke her incantation, a light mist filled the room clouding his view. Suddenly a beautiful witch stood before him and he was transfixed. Her strong lithe figure was graceful as a cat and covered in leather sheaths that held her throwing knives, her weapons of choice. At her side, a long sword and at her belt, he saw the shimmer of scissors. She had a long mane of dark hair cascading down her shoulders, but her most enchanting features were her green eyes, that he couldn't look away from.

With bated breath, he watched as she slowly sauntered towards him, green cat eyes never leaving his. He was transfixed by her intimidating sex appeal and his own fear of death. His brain screamed at him, “run” but his body didn’t obey. His eyes followed her eyes as she looked down at his chest to the pendant, a talisman given to him by his brother.

“Where did you get this?” She demanded in a menacing tone. He bore an uncanny resemblance to the Spook’s apprentice but this might prove to be a trick.

“Grimalkin!” He finally managed to speak the paralyzing spell finally breaking. “My brother has entreated me to seek your help.”

“Who is your brother? How did you get this amulet?” The witch radiated menace with her fear-inducing spell compelling him to say the truth.

His arm swung slowly to his chest clutching the amulet Tom had given him for protection.

‘This might stop her from killing you. You have to make sure she sees it first, or she will kill you before you have a chance to speak.’ He remembers Tom telling him.

His throat constricted and dry he could barely get the words out. “I’m James Ward.’s brother, he sent me to fetch you! Please, I beseech you! He is in dire need. I’m afraid some fiend has captured him using Alice as bait.”

“You are mistaken, James. I still hold the severed head of the Fiend,” she said.

“Then it is another evil passing himself off as the Fiend. Please, you must come and help!”

“It’s possible.” Grimalkin pondered, “When Alice negotiated her escape from the underworld, she made a deal with the ancient god Pan. Other powerful beings may have found a way out. It’s also possible that this is a trick. Only time will tell,” she said giving him a scrutinizing look.

She stared at him with her piercing gaze still emitting a powerful aura of intimidation and fear that had James shaking in his boots.

She made up her mind to help knowing how important it is for Tom to remain alive.

"Where is he? Where is Tom?” She demanded.

“Alice thinks he was taken to Mona, but who knows where they took him. I can take you to where I last saw him near the Pendle lane. That’s where Alice found me.”

“We need to get to Port Erin in Caster and get passage to Mona. It will save us 5 days of riding. Once there, I can track their path. Follow me,” she said and took off running into the night. “I know the quickest way through the woods.”

“What about provisions?” James said panting at her side.

“The quicker we leave the better. We will get things along the way, which will hopefully include horses.”

James wondered if he was doing the right thing. He wanted desperately to save his brother but even finding him seemed hopeless. He had never been in so much danger and he was very afraid.

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