The Adventures of Naomi Gapshores

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Set in the 19th century, Naomi Gapshore is a 14 year old girl, who feels that no one trusts that she is ready to take on her duties. She is given a locket for her birthday, which secretly contains a set of dangerous instructions that could save, or destroy her families fortune. Luckily, Naomi has a lot of people to help her make the right choices, and stay safe.

Adventure / Fantasy
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My name is Naomi Gapshores. I have a love for all things adventure, my beagle, Fern, and my family. I grew up with 3 older brothers: John, Alex, and Chris. My mothers name is Michaela, and my fathers is Amos. My family loves me dearly, even though I can be rough to handle. Oh! How could I have forgotten the Smiths? Jade, and Hubert. I am so terribly sorry for Hubert, and what happened in London. Oh, excuse me. I mustn't get ahead of myself. I do hope you enjoy the story of my adventures as much as I did.

Wait! Before you go, I would like to thank a couple of people.

Ben, Mother, Father, John, Alex, Chris, William, Hugh, Jacob, Aspen, Jade, and Hubert.

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