My wolfish life

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A girl called Shimmer is part girl and part wolf who goes on adventure to find her mate but gets kidnapped will shimmer find a way out and find her mate or will she stay captured forever

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Chapter 1 What's that smell

It was a warm winter afternoon when Shimmer feels like someone is following her.

Shimmer: Hey Moon I think someone is following us.

Moon: I know so what's the plan.

Shimmer: I was thinking I could shift into you so we can find a place to hide til they leave.

Moon: Sounds good to me.

So Shimmer took off her clothes shifted into a beautiful white wolf with a black pach on her left eye then ran til she found a cave then shifted back into a human with light brown hair and green eyes put her clothes back on then layed down to take a nap.

Not far from the cave a boy was laying on a tree he had black hair and brown eyes and his name is Ace.

Asher: Hey Ace do you spell that.

Ace: Yes but where is it coming from.

Asher: I don't know maybe we should take a look around and find out where that wonderful spell is coming from.

(Asher is Ace's wolf Asher is black with a white pach on his right eye)

Well that's the end of chapter 1 I'll wright chapter 2 soon thank you for reading and have a wonderful day or night

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