Zjjan Master

By Hearm Jan All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Including his guild master, many lives had lost to end a calamity. Jaino feels guilty. Still, the first prince of Jelfyr assigned him as a higher official. This has made him hiding to avoid conflicts. Wanting to find peace, he accidentally meets Criselia, forcing him to accept an agreement. Consuming many lives, her demonstration has left him no choice. Meanwhile, Jesifer, the queen of Jelfyr, she receives an orient report from the JSA. Attempting to end the battle in the wide plain while avoiding casualty, she instead meets Dandia’s ruler, seeking for the strongest. The outside world now slowly unfolds.

sp00 01, Prologue


Time passes by,
it has been living alone
without meeting
any of its kind.

Notwithstanding of interacting
to other being
their prey, predator, rival, and associate.

It’s struggling solely for its survival
and only to discover something to protect,
the own existence.

Accommodating to other species
is the sole choice of instinct
since consciousness about knowledge
is out of vocabulary.

Despite of their cultures and differences,
and between their appearances,
they accept its whole to their colony.

And many years have passed,
where wisdom has widened,
it begins to fear dying

witnessing others
born, grow, and pass away.

Farewell to the colony
after it has ventured to other places.

Settling to anywhere if it receives an acceptance.

Throughout the long years of staying,
it will wander again.

But years have passed
as clouds have wandered all over the sky,

million times,

as botany springs, multiplies, and dries;

it has seen the calamities
that hurt everything
that hurt itself.

It has seen the helpless
that it has grown to treasure.

It has seen as itself has begged by the many,
the majority,
all of the colonies.

Even without word, voice, sound, indication;
its cognizance can understand them.

its realization hinders
as itself discovers,



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