Wolf Born

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Max is a teen who grew up with the wolves. In high school she meets many people and becomes friends. But what will she do when dangerous arrives. Max and her crew must work together to protect her pack.

Adventure / Action
Charlie G
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Chapter 1 - The Pilot

As the only human in a wolf pack it had a lot of responsibilities within it. That's meant protecting them from any hunters. After my parent abandoned me I spent most of my life living in the wood with wolves. They had a den which was great for having when living in the woods.

I did still go to school though. I had started high school this year. The first day was a bit rough. I was lost in a big building. Lucky, a kid in my grade came up to me and showed me around. I was grateful for him. By the second day we had became friends and I had made many others as well.
It all seemed easy but it wasn't always that way. Many people would ask where I live. Not wanting to tell them my business. I would tell that I live with my family. But there are teens so they know not to ask anymore about it. Which was great to me.
So, yeah life is great and different from others. But I enjoy it a lot. I love my pack they are my family. I don't know what I would do without them. But enough about me this isn't a narrative after all. Let get in to the story. It all began in the year 2005. The year I was born.
It was great at first but it all changed when I turned 5. We were travelling in the woods. It was my first camping trip. They had this tradition were you would have to find your way back home. But that was nearly impossible since they would blinded fold you on the way there. After I was placed on the stump of the tree. They left the woods got in the car and left.
It wasn't until I was 10 that I figured out that this wasn't a game and that they had actually left me. A month after my 10th birthday I was found by a pack of wolves. At first I thought they were dangerous. But they were really sweet and they only wanted to help. I continued going to school.
That's how it all started. It was a rainy day and I was wearing a jacket. My favorite one actually since I didn't have a car I had to walk in the rain. It really did annoy me. I mean I could get sick it's not like I have an umbrella. Winter was right around the corner.
That meant it was going to be cold and it meant school was going to be out. I loved winter because of the snow. I loved Christmas even if I didn't receive presents. It's not like wolves can buy me presents. But I still like to give them something for Christmas even if that meant they probably weren't gonna use them.
It was just a tradition that I enjoyed. I even brought myself stuff. It was weird though cause' I knew what I got. My best-friend Jack got me something and so did my other friends that I made. Though they think their going to find out where I live.
Well the joke was on them. They may be my friends but I am not revealing where I live. Its not that I don't trust them. They are my friends after all it's just that I have to protect the wolves. I'm sure they understand.

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