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Let's get real outside the stories that keeps us dreaming. Let's juggle questions together for truthful answers. You could just be doing a neighbor a favour.

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Life and other human experience has lectures others about pain, most times we have it all spoken around, pain is for the weak!

Let's define pain in all its form, not just your opinion but your experience.

I know pain to be unbearable, depends on it's level of furnace. Physical pain gets cure able faster sometimes, like the boil I have up my ear right now. Drugs don't cut it.

I find emotional pain to be more harsh, it could create a lot of gap and sadness.

Mental pain is most disturbing, the worse if them all. It creates sorrow, bitterness and loneliness.

Pain is the thing of the bold and strong.

Pain is real!

Comment your talk about pain.
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