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chronicle of an talamh glas:book1 7th syndicate

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In a time lapse therein flickered a flame aloft, harmonious peace there once was amid an talamh glas (the green land). Til Daehon unraveled the mystics and tore through an opening too otherworldly creatures descendants of the fae folk. That brought chaos too the land, being led by a malevolent spirit which shifted a shape of form that beseeched itself unto an enraged wytch lord. Now a companionship of unlikely heros emerge from all ends of an talamh glas. Too bring harmony and peace back too an age of hardship an tribulation thus begins the story of the 7th syndicate....

Adventure / Fantasy
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The uncanny thief

Amid the scarlet starry night sky, a flicker in the distance, a flash did emerge abroad the hills of faiche coille (woodland green). An untimely an unexpected hooded man therein appears into a library rummaging through papers on top of a desk.
Finger flipping with his right hand, page by page in the midst of the night secretly. A lit flickering flame within its light. Being slightly held up in mid air by nothing just with his left hand flat toward the air. Muddling words at mid breath "where is it?..it has too be here."
In the distance there a stirs voices exclaiming too themeselves...." where!? Is this text it mustn't be.." another voice in the distance responds back saying "it is, had some of the locals come across it while walking the glades of the isle leaba abhann (river bed).
Now this hooded man in a hurry an caution finally spots the page gasping to himself. Sways his right hand over the text whispering to himself "cóipeáil íomhánna" (copy imagery). Once spoken his palm lights up with blue smoke then a flash throughout the library occurs. In a split second there appears upon this thief's right hands gauntlet illuminating a quick light that burns a writing adorn it with little smoke afloat the air. Then also, he flicks his left fingers vanishing the flicking lit flame in an instant.
Once done therein the elders become alert of the shenanigan. They being blinded by its magnificent flash for a few seconds. Rubs there eyes enraged from the flash and thievery. Rally's up themeselves in a hurry too catch this thief.
This thief, flees sliding across a table in a hurry too get away. He lands on the wood flooring putting both his palms on the floor then in an up an over motion with his hands he evokes forth words saying. "sciath aetheric" (aetheric shield)....Once spoken, transparent heat waves in a spheric form appear over and behind this thief's back.
In this moment still with the hooded cloak on. He coughs and wipes his nose off wiping away a nose bleed.
Then gets up off of the floor running toward a hallway that spirals downward too the left down some stairs. Being chased down by the elders he makes it too the bottom of the stairs and into a wide room with a small hallway exiting the room.
This thief stumbles across an acolyte waiting on guard for the thief. Back too whereas this thief once was one of the elders remain behind investigating where the thief was in the library. This elder thereof out of rage casts forth out of his right hand a streak of energy toward the table piercing it in half. With now blood in sweat dripping from his head in beads.
Once struck thereof the table now in two, thus energy strike then hit the aetheric shield that the thief left behind. Thereof then deflected back at the elder, this elder aware of it coming back at him. Suddenly steps too the left breathing inward and redirecting the energy strike that he struck turning his right hand facing inward, then meeting the strike with his left hand in a fist swinging the energy strike out and to his right all in one motion.
Afterwards he stops and coughs dripping blood from his nose. A little shook up feeling weary musters up the the energy too move toward the splitting of the table, this elder notices that the aetheric sphere that was left behind starts too fade away into nothing.
Soon thereafter he observes the area in effect an realizes the blood spot on the floor that was left behind by the thief. This elder snickers about himself saying "this is just a mere man, no elf, no goblin of the fae." He wipes up the blood spot with a cloth and a sharp grin unfolds of his scarred up face he says to himself "
This elder wipes his nose off from the blood, starts rummaging through the left over and scattered papers everywhere on the floor. Begins going through a frenzy searching around for a certain paper parchment thereof.
Back too whereas this thief resides, at a seize. Looking around for an exit this acolyte appears wearing a robe made up with black an stitched up red thread, with a gold rope around his waist.
Around this acolytes neck there is a pendant flickering a minor shimmer. He places his left hand on the bottom of the pendant, and his right hand pointing to the ground with two fingers he shifts himself in position causing a static beneath his feet.
This acolyte then lifts up his right boot up an off of the ground then stomps his boot too the ground. Sparking up electricity that climbs up his left arm into the pendant thereof. It surges in direction toward his right fingers toward the ground.
Once directed the swirling electricity swarms up both arms into the pendant it then becomes a conduit of electricity. That now the acolyte can direct the concurrent thereof.
This acolytes stance shifts sliding his boots too the ground in horse stance pose. With this done he spins in a circle like motion bringing in both of his hands too the pendant, within spinning motion as he turns facing forward toward the thief opening up his arms outward sending out an electrical surge in a ever expanding circle that destroys everything in the circles circumference around the acolyte.
This thief ducks before the electrical circle passes over his head. In that instant he places his palms too the floor again and speaks once again.
"sciath tosaigh" (front shield)...lifting up his hands front ward and behind him an aetheric shield forms.
Afterwards the acolyte kneels down and goes back up again tapping the floor with his right boot directing forth toward the aetheric shield a jolt of electricity. Shocking the shield therein the thief in panic mode wiping his nose again from bleeding.
He takes a deep breath inhaling in at the same instant that the electrical jolt is striking the shield. This shield bends inward absorbing the electricity therein. This thief exhales out a breath an speaks "volta ar aghaidh." (Forward volts) in this moment the shield bounces back at the acolyte shooting out of the shield multiple bolts this thief snaps his right fingers exploding the shield at the acolyte.
Afterwards everything is singed and lit on fire throughout the radius of the shield explosion. The thief this time coughs up blood on the floor. Struggling too get back up in a hurry for there is an opening in the wall as like a window but with no glass therein.
The rest of all those who were pursuing the thief abroad therein amok sounds of distorted voices slowly disperse into focus. The thief manages too get up and run toward the opening thereof and leaps out of the opening into thin air falling from the tower.
He lands swiftly on top of a gryphon with a firm thick featherly coat of brown an white with golden talons and a beak of coral color. Its wings expanded alike it flaps off into the distance. In just a moment afterwards therein these elders, acolytes and guards arrive in the area of the tower from whence the thief leaped out of the opening.
With some of them staring out of the opening while watching the thief fly away on a gryphon into the distance. Seeping out of the towers cracks and crevasses smoke aloft the morning air wavering with the winds sway.
Back to whereas this elder is searching desperately for a certain page still scowering throughout the pages everywhere on the floor. He finally finds the page that he was looking for at a gasp and a sigh of relief.
This elder eyeing the parchment he notices a familiar mark upon it, he says too himself beginning too be enraged again "Comhlachas of O'Deaenna". (Association of O'Deaenna) This then appeases this elders eyes. Another elder walks in an asks "Elder Dio'll? Is it still there?".
Elder Dio'll replies back crunching up the parchment "No! But we do know now the accomplice it was done by someone from The association of O'Deaenna." As he gritts his teeth, he also says back "call forth the band of the Tine Chiúin (Secret Fire) elder Ellianas." This elder in which asked the question thereof replies back "it will be so".
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