Midnight Prey

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Acte 10: Scarlette Reflected in a Mirror

Like the name Scarlette I was using tonight may imply, I adore the colour red.

I am five-eight with (I am told) a beautiful smile. I also have a slender curved figure that I know how to use and dress up to achieve my objectives. I have long hair of a dark burgundy color. Tonight it is pinned up in an updo with a few long loose curls intentionally escaping and cascading down my back.

For the ball I am attired in my elegant long red satin gown , with a plunging neckline, rather dramatically scooped back, and long wide satin ribbons that that drape dangling down both my front and back.

I am also wearing my open toe J. Choo ‘Viola’ sandals in crystal-embellished satin. The pair have a darling ankle cuff with ostrich feather tassels and a full 4-inch stiletto heel

My clutch purse is red scarlet satin, embroidered with diamonds and rubies.

My jewellery, which I always wear with this dress, starts with a pair of gold teardrop earrings, embedded inside with diamonds and rubies. My matching necklace cascades down in a showering flow of diamonds and rubies. On my left middle finger is my favorite cocktail ring. The center of which is set with a larger than average ruby gemstone encircled by a teasingly sparkly show of numerous small diamonds

I usually had no troubles with meeting men whom I had an interest in while wearing that breath-taking ensemble! And once in with them, I am led to their female friends.

And this bloke was to be proven no different!

I went outside and walked around the castle green, making my way to the stone patio. Mounting those stairs I looked, but did not see my quarry amongst the pipe and cigar smoking men assembled there.

I went into the Amber room and found him, already with another girl, by the bar.

“Players” I murmured in agreement to myself in confirmation.

It was my lucky night, for the squirmy girl he was chatting up was the rather diminutive long silky haired blonde debutante of sweet 16 named Samantha. She was resplendently clad in a white taffeta gown and wearing that fine collection of pearls I been admiring under her mother’s nose. I just couldn’t get enough of her.

Said mother was nowhere in sight.

I caught her eye as I approached and gave her a look that said. “That one is mine missy !”

I came up, and the debutante quite happily, but a wee bit nervously, introduced me to him.

Samantha, taking my hint, quickly took her to leave, smart girl. She knew what my intentions were, and she was too young and meek to put up a fight.

The lad appeared to be sad to see her take leave. But I quite easily slipped into conversation with him and took his mind off of the fey Sammy chick. Who had now been caught and was being pulled off by her domineering mother.

I had him all to myself. He was already quite smashed by then and I was able to loosen his tongue even more by coming on to him.

He ordered me a drink and I happily accepted. Having him clink our glasses together in a toast.

As we did I saw over his shoulder the tart in the silvery dress that he had been dancing with. She was still with the Alpha male looking like a gorilla bursting out in his tux. I saw her stop and shoot us a mixed look of guilt and displeasure before they threaded their way through the bar and off to another of the rooms.

My companion never caught on that he had been spotted with me.

He was putty in my hands, and soon I had him eating right out of them.

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