Midnight Prey

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Acte 11: Back to our Casey’s POV

I ended up having back to back dances with the bloke in yellow tartans. Brian his name was and he turned out to be a rather charming, if not a wee bit insecure, gentleman.

I was glad when he let me go, for by now I had others signed onto my dance card and I wanted a chance to entertain the lot and get the full experience that my once in a lifetime look afforded me this evening.

“No. Tell a lie.” I was a bit disappointed when Brian left. He was rather a cutie, especially the unwieldy fashion way he had given me his card. “

Now Kathleen had right away explained to me long beforehand, what the obvious flaw in Great Aunt. Mildreds plan to get her hitched was.

She was a poor girl, being dressed up to look like a rich one.

The plan never works out. The boys who so willingly signed her dance cards would usually come asking for a second date. When they took her out, they soon realize that Kathleen was of poor stock, even the expensive diamonds she’d had on that first meeting were not hers, nor her mums even!

Once that tidbit was exposed, the lads, showing their true mettle, never bothered calling back for another meeting.

Makes it appear that wealthy lads were all gold diggers, no? But the truth is they knew their snotty families, the ones paying their upkeep, would never approve of the match. And seemingly none that Kathleen had ever met were man enough to risk losing their inheritance by continuing on with dating her.

So she had told me if I was given a card not to bother or get hopes up. I should just tear it up.

As it happened she had received 3 cards by evenings end and, to the solitary one I had received from the dear young lad In the full yellow tartan rig.

Even as I heard Kathleen’s warning replaying in my head, I still hadn’t decided on what I would do? So I was not going to chuck it away just yet. Maybe I could borrow these diamonds to wear again. But that would be dishonest suppose?

I mean, what would you girls reading this do?

I made my way to the table where Kathleen was already back finishing her wine.

She went with me to the amber room so we could pick up fresh drinks.

My brother was there also. With a new girl, a foxy eyed lass in a red satin gown with wickedly flickering diamond and ruby jewels.

He made introductions and this new chicky-poo, Scarlette, took our hands, gushing with syrupy words over her pleasure in meeting us.

I did not ask about Gabrielle? But It was a damn shame that once Scarlette started paying attention to my brother, Gabrielle was no longer seen around, the poor thing. I Sorta teased my brother over this, after all, that’s what sisters are for. By he never answered as to what had happened to Gabrielle, just had a most kinda ”Sand and kicked in the face” look and remained mum on the subject.

We all headed back inside to pavilion and reclaimed our seats.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking and dancing with the blokes on our dance cards.

Scarlette and my brother stayed together the whole time. He appeared to be totally woven by whatever spell she was casting.

The evening flew by all too quickly. And before we knew it the orchestra was playing final songs.

Our whole group was on the dance floor as the swan song played its end.

The last call was made for appetizers and drinks.

Kathleen, my brother, and I headed out to take a final feed and drink. Scarlette said she had to make a call on her cell and sweetly asked us to bring her something back.

Scarlette was still on her cell as we returned.

“Damn,” she says, tossing the cell on the table.

My ride is not answering. She looked up at my brother, then us girls pleadingly... “Do you think luvs, I could get a lift from your brother? “

We all said yes and finished up as we talked a royal storm over the fun we had all had that evening.

As we finished my brother went over to get in line for my faux fur wrap. Kathleen and Scarlette did not wear them this evening.

I saw him stop to talk to Gabriel who appeared out of nowhere. As I watched she gave him an enveloping hug goodbye.

My heartstrings tugged, she was such a sweetheart.

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