Midnight Prey

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Acte 12: A Somewhat Impolite Journey Home

We then all joined the groups of guests now forming outside.

My brother helped me on with my fuzzy faux fur before heading to collect the Rolls as we waited by the entrance.

He soon came driving around and parking, hopped out to helped Kathleen and me into the back leather seat. Scarlette was helped into the “shotgun” seat up in front.

We drove off back in the opposite direction we had come. Heading out into the country to the small village several kilometers away from where we would be dropping off Scarlette. Then we would backtrack to head home, dropping off Kathleen first.

The Scarlette detour would add on about 30 minutes to our return trip.

We were 15 minutes into the drive, spying some lights in the destination village, which was nestled in a small valley, as we crested a hill.

It was then that Scarlette put away her cell and looked up into the rearview mirror.

She suddenly whipped to look back, then turned back to my brother asking while gripping his arm...

“Are we being followed?”

“Aye Lass I see it”

Calmly states my brother,

“ Blokes ’ave been on our tail for a while now.”

Kathleen and I both turned and looked out the back window. Sure enough, a pair of headlamps were behind us. They headlamps both slanted, almost reminding one of the yellow eyes of a predator, and were we the prey?

I heard Scarlette say to my brother that there was a left-hand turn coming up, a shortcut to the village.

We traveled like this for an antagonizing long kilometer down the road before we finally came to the lone left turn off.

My brother took the turn hard, the old auto grinding in protest as he glanced up in the review mirror to see if they will follow us.

Both him and Scarlette were looking in the rearview mirror as the turn was made.

Neither was paying attention to the new road ahead, but Kathleen and I both were.

“Look out now, car in the road ahead!” I suddenly yelled out in shock.

My brother slams on the breaks jolting us all forward as he stops just short of ramming into it.

A man wearing a bowler is standing at the side of the long black car that was parked across the road.

He calmly was smoking a pipe, not budging an inch as our Rolls had screeched to its abrupt halt.

Suddenly the headlamps of the following car light up the interior.

As we look back still in a shock and daze, a pair of figures threw open car doors and leaped out.

Running swiftly, they came up to the right side doors of our Rolls.

I have time to see they are wearing ski masks as they now throw open the doors of our auto,

One is holding a small black pistol and the other a wickedly black bladed switch knife.

No doubts were given as to their unspoken intentions.

We girls all stare with hands covering our mouths. My brother’s eyes flickered from one of the masked thugs to the other.

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