Midnight Prey

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Acte 13: A Rather Rude Happening

The thug with a rather wicked knife speaks abruptly with an all too loud and clear, demanding tone of voice.

“All right let’s have you lot all get out, on this side!”

We slide over along leather seats, one by one we slipped to the ground unaided.

As we form a line,

the knife holder speaks again.

“let’s see some hands up now, that’s the ticket”

We all reluctantly obey...as he continued on. Though he was masked, I had the uncanny feeling his mouth was turned up into a happy sneer.

“Alright ducklings, and gentlemen, attend.”

His eyes traveled along the row of hapless victims.

“Let me explain how this goes. Foirst, for or those of you that haven’t figured this out yet, you’re being robbed!”

For some reason, he was staring at me as he said this. I was too scared to feel insulted at that.

He went on ...

“Second, What we want from youse is the sparkly things you birds are wearing. Real ,fake , sentimental, don’t matter and don’t argue the point, this is not a negotiation and our boss here ( he motioned to the gent standing mute by the long black car blocking the road ) has very little patience.

No time of ours will be wasted by balking, pleading or squeaking, or you will feel the prick of my blade soon enough!”

He lifted up his knife.

Any attempts at dashing and my lad here will fire, not to kill, but to bring you to the ground. Fully cooperate and we will be out gone in minutes and your all free to continue on about your business... Obey, and you won’t be feeling his wrath. “

He nodded again to the mute smoking gent who remained at his spot.

The thug with the knife was now eyeing us all up and down as we limply looked on...

“Now Nod those pretty heads of years that you understand me!”

We all unhappily complied.

Earrings erupting from the darkness, sparkling fire as we all sadly nodded in obedience

The boss man meanwhile had knocked out the ashes from his pipe had serenely come over.

Pointing the long end of his brier pipe towards my brother, motioned him to follow.

Reaching the long black car, my brother was frisked, pockets searched. He was relieved of the Rolex, his cufflinks and wallet.

The boss nodded to the thug with the pistol.

The thug came over, stuck his pistol into my brother’s ribs, and made him walk to the side of the road. He was then made to sit down against an old wytch elm tree.

The pistol holding thug then walked back to join his companion.

They both walked to the end of our line, standing in front of a stone-faced Scarlette.

The knife welder spoke to Scarlett in a snarky, unforgiving tone of voice.

“Hand over your purse, miss.”

She reluctantly obeyed, holding it out. Shaking just a bit.

Meanwhile, the thug doing all the talking had snapped his switch knife shut with a flick of his wrist, and then ripped the purse from Scarlette’s fingers.

My eyes were on my brother who was squirming in rage. But he smartly obeyed and stayed put.

I then turned my head snd watched with Kathleen at my side, as Scarlette’s purse, now opened by the thug, was held being held out and filled piece by piece with the jewellery she was removing from her wilting person.

Actually as I had looked over at my companions, I just saw Scarlett handing over her rings, she had that quickly already removed her necklace snd earrings.

The purse holder even complimented her on her quick compliance, as he snapped her purse shut and handed it to his companion to Pocket.

Looking Scarlette in the eyes before turning his attention on Kathleen, the rogue said in his snarky tone...

“Well played lady. Now youse two pretty ladies best follow suit!”

They then approached Kathleen who was looking at them sheepishly.

Her whole figure trembling as she handed over her purse and began to copy cat Scarlette’s routine.

They whistled in satisfactory unison as she began to undo her obscenely glittery diamond choker.

This rather pissed Kathleen off, and she showed it as she threw the necklace inside her purse.

“Take it, easy lady, the boss doesn’t like it when dames show emotions...” the purse holder clicked at Kathleen

she sternly looked at the purse holder while tugging off each of her earrings and emotionally placed them down inside her purloined purse.

She did the same with each of her dazzling twin bracelets and then finally her brace of rings as she tugged them off. Stepping back as the last ring was thrown inside

The man holding the pistol pointed it closer to Kathleen.

The thug holding her purse took the cue and snarled eagerly his, voice dripping with anticipation...

“Let’s not forget your hairpiece miss. Unless you want me to take it off you!

Kathleen, who had honestly forgotten, shook her head no, then reached up and with anger induced fumbling of her fingers, managed to undo the diamond piece holding up her silky hair, and unhappily added it to the poke.

“That’s a good Lass!”

The man said as he snapped close her purse.

Then they both looked at me, already smirking over what they had collected from the other two.

Happily, they said to me with menacing smirks...”

“Okay now blue jay, your turn for the plucking!”

I could feel my lips quivering as he beckoned for me to hand over my purse.

With a scared Docility, I limply handed it overseeing it shimmering in his evil-looking black-gloved hands, he opened it up.

“Quickly luv .” The one holding my purse said in a softer tone.

I obediently reached behind my neck and unclasped my necklace. then lowered the ends of glittery diamond-encrusted thing sadly into my purse.

My earrings( sorry, Mildred’s borrowed earrings )were next and they pulled off easily from my now sweat glistening earlobes.

I held up my wrist, and as they whistled in applause at its sparkling show, located the clasp, unsnapped my bracelet, and let it sadly drop down on top of the already glistening pile inside.

I was becoming very nervous as they watched me with their hungry eyes.

I pulled off both rings as he eagerly watched and plopped them inside. The hairpiece also miss, then it will be all over

I obediently reached up behind my head and worked the diamond-encrusted headband Lose... Feeling my now loosened silky hair fall swishing down over my shoulders.

I shivered, happy for the warm mink wrap I was still wearing.

As my purse was pocketed, the pair were now looking back at their still stationary boss.

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