Midnight Prey

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Acte 14: The Irish Boss

When they finished, the gent in the bowler came up to us, his grey eyes with an almost paternal look could be seen over the top of the

the half mask he wore, paternal, but sharp if you know what I mean.

Taking off his bowler, revealing a mop of dark red hair, he looked us over with at us those piercing grey eyes of his. Not saying a word. Yet we all understood exactly he was all about.

He nodded at the two thugs.

The pair headed to their car, but not before the one flicked open his switch knife and punctured one of the Rolls Royces’ tyres, air hissed out.

They then reached their car, standing at each of the opened front doors.

Their boss sighed, then replaced the bowler with a curt nod. and came up to me.

He ran his fingers along with my dress as I cringed

He spoke softly, looking off past us at the darkness of the woods. His voice had a low, almost soothing, Irish lilt to it.

“Sorry ladies. This was not your night to be out wearing the good stuff. Please accept my condolences and utmost apologies.”

He now looked at each of us in turn, before placing his gaze back fully into my eyes.

Normally we would have had you, ladies, stripping down to your knickers, but considering the valuables we took, I’ve decided to forgo that detail this night, with one exception.

I suddenly knew what that exception was, and as he spoke again his fingers sealed that worry

He reached up and stroked at my mink wrap.

“One last bit of business, though.“

I instinctively knew what he was after and obedient to his unspoken request, turned away,

putting my hands behind my back as he carefully slipped it off.

I could feel the cool damp air enveloping me as I turned back around to see him putting it over his shoulder as he nodded over to the other thieves.

They silently obeyed, getting into their car and shutting the doors.

With my wrap in his arm, The grey-eyed Irishman walked over to his long black car. Throwing the mink in the back seat. He got inside and closed the door.

Putting gas to the already purring motor, he turned it towards the road to follow his partners in crime, who had turned around begun to slowly, carefully, drive off

On the main road, the two cars turned off on opposite ways of the road. Their headlights were soon lost to sight

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