Midnight Prey

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Acte 15: In a Sense, Coldly Naked

My brother meanwhile had gotten up and walked up to us.

“The Rotters!” my brother swore, spitting mad, kicking the flat tyre as the two cars had pulled away.

He came up to me and cupped my chin.

“You three all right then?”

He asked staring into my eyes.

“I feel naked...” Scarlette said sadly.

No one answered to acknowledge that elephant in the room. We all were feeling the same way, now missing the added weight our jewels had put upon us all evening.

“And your pretty mink” Kathleen said to me

“And did they really mean they would have taken our gowns also ?” Scarlette added with chilling perplexity.

“But why our jewels? They surely aren’t worth that much!” I pleaded in.

I saw the expressions on Kathleen’s and Scarlette’s eyes.

“Oh, my...” I said realizing my glaring misspoken error.

I really had no inkling the bloody things were valuable enough that someone would want to take them from us.

Scarlette, of the four of us, still appeared rather calm.

“What now?” I asked my brother, who was looking away down the road.

He turned to look at all three of us.

“No sense in courting disaster by trying to follow them, anyway they’ll be long gone by the time I change this tyre. To a police station, then, once that is done. Put the dogs on the blighters. I have the Irish boss autos’ plate number.”

He said all this with cool confidence, a show being put on to make us girls feel better.

Looking at Charlotte he asked.

“Does your village have its own station?”

Scarlette with a sigh, shook her head no.

“Just a day open only, one officer comes in from Perth, But I don’t live there. anymore. Just staying there this weekend. Could you please take me to my hotel? I’ll see him in the morning. Can’t face anymore this evening.”

Scarlette looks at all three of us. A most downtrodden look indeed.

She looked such a sorry sort that I said quickly

“Of course we can sweet, then we’ll head to Perth, their station would be open, right”

Kathleen and my brother nodded their agreement. And the matter was settled.

We three girls stood in a huddle as protection from the gloom and breeze, as my brother, declining any help, began to quickly work at changing tires.

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