Midnight Prey

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Acte 17: A Conversation Most Wicked

The long black car turns off into the road and heads down towards the nearest highway

The man called Monk is talking as his eyes watch the road and his rearview mirror for any one following.

“So Miss Gabrielle, can I start calling you Tabitha again ?”

She smiled in answer, peeling off her long black wig. Exposing her long reddish hair being held up tightly in clips. She tossed the wig into the back seat.

“I think we’re safe now lad, so I’ll reassume my identity. if one more bloody male had called me Gabby tonight I would have broken characters and slapped him one!”

She sighed, as she was removing the clips to let her hair down. Then looked lovingly over at Monk...

“I assume you were able to track down my pair of pretty packages?“

“Did that Tabitha, and they was a group of rightfully feathered birds at that .”

Tabitha grinned. “Right, those two young ladies were right weighted down with real ‘ice’. Can’t believe I hooked them. Usually, it’s only the one lady passenger wearing anything of real value that we snare in our trap.“

W’erent two ladies, but three of them doncha see. The lad picked up a passenger...”

Monk stole a glance at her for a second, pleased to see the happily shocked look frozen on Tabitha’s face as she gasped happily, looking into Monk’s eyes to see if he was putting her on.”

Seeing he was not, Tabitha squealed in his ear.

“Bloody ’ell! Three ladies, you say lad. And the third was jeweled up also?”

“Aye my Lass, we made a killing this evening, enough to finally fully finance our overseas venture we have been planning. “

Monk reaches back and hands Tabitha a soft black mink wrap. “Got this for you also, off one wearing a blue gown. A bonus for the evening luv, I wish it was real.”

“Ummm “ Tabitha purrs as she puts it around her shoulders. “Feels like heaven.”

“Rather was a Nice haul the lads and I got this evening.”

Monk went one, pleased with himself...

“Proper ladies and gent they was, Easy as you please, no fuss put up by them. Listened and handed over everything without the squawking we’ve gotten from other birds over giving us their baubles. Our two lads are are safe away by now with the rest of the take.”

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