Midnight Prey

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Acte 18: To the Pub Then

Tabitha clutched his arm as Monk continues...

“So Lass of mine, Let’s stop at a pub I was in earlier for a drink before heading home. There was a bloke that may still be there that I was having pints with you see. I believe he would love to meet my charming lass. There’s a long drive ahead afterwards, so it might as well be a happy one!“

“What about the car plates lad?”

Tabitha automatically asked. Though she knew her man was a stickler for detail.

“Already switched back out. Wont the Gardai be surprised when the plates are traced to a police sargents, Lorrie.” Monk said with a grin.

Tabitha giggled as she corrected Monk on his error.

“We’re in Scotland luv.

Will be the Scottish police, not the Irish Gard chasing their tales trying to catch us...”

Tabitha smiled, squeezed Monk’s arm.

“Let’s get that drink. And maybe a dance also. But not at that pub. There’s that one on the docks about an hour away , Poet and the Peasant, remember? More of our type of folk there. Less chance of any awkward questions by strangers we really don’t know, eh my luv?”

“That’s my fine Lass, always a thinking. Like The plan, you came up with to use on wealthy ones attending soirées like tonight’s ball.

That it is a good ’un, planting a tracking cell in a males pocket or lady’s purse just before they leave, for use to follow snd rob, no doubts.”

“I found the one you planted it in the males pocket as I frisked him down. Palmed it without him even seeing it. A perfect scheme!”

Tabitha sighed.

“And to think I almost missed that opportunity.”

Monk looked at her...” Really Lass, how was that now?”

Tabitha happily chirped her story...

“Yes. I had lost contact I made with the girl’s brother. I had some other fish on by the time it was ending. There was this mother-daughter combo, some nice pearls, and emeralds. I was preparing the cell slip into the daughter Samantha’s purse see, but the brother made an appearance to collect his sisters mink. This one actually. so I left Samantha and gave the sweet dear a rather special hug and dropped the tracing cell into his tux coat pocket.”

Tabitha took a deep breath before happily continuing...

“My heart was beating I can tell you that as I walked away with the thoughts of the two girls he was with and their jewelry. I would have been really trembling ’ad I have known of a third!”

Monk chipped in.

“There was a lady in red, Decked out with emeralds, riding with them. Not sure what she was to them but as I watched her, I swear it hurt her more to see the other two ducklings being plucked of their diamonds as it did with her being made to handover her own. “

Tabitha turned and looked around in the darkened back seat...

“Those were nice gowns they wore. Did you not take the gowns off them, Monk?”

“No, we got enough in their jewels as I said. Didn’t feel the need to be overly greedy. “

Tabitha thought this over, nodding in agreement...

And so the long black car carrying the jewel thieves continued on its journey into the long night still ahead of them...


The story originally ended here. But for anyone interested, I did add on an Epilogue

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