Midnight Prey

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The Queried Epilogue

“Alls well that ends well, no matter what bumps may have been lay’in in the road riding up to meet you.”

A bit more about this stories major players:

Scarlett collected the insurance money from her stolen jewels and went into a partnership with a female jewelry shoppe owner in the local village of her birth.

Kathleen did not end up going into a nunnery. Though her Poor Auntie did not last much longer to the world, but true to her word, the good sisters inherited everything she had of value. The vivacious Kathleen found a beau before she reached 30. A rather endearing male with the looks of a young ‘Hugh Grant’ who was starting into politics. She ended up traveling quite a bit around the country on campaign trails.

Casey’s brother was lecturing on medieval history at an Oxford university when he re-made the acquaintance of a now 19-year-old Samantha. The then 16-year-old he had briefly chatted up at the Perth ball. The two of them became fast friends before starting to seriously date(without her mother’s appreciation)a year later ...

And Casey?

Despite her beliefs in Kathleen’s warning not to date anyone, she had met the fateful evening of the Perth ball. She agreed to a date with the only male to present her his card that evening. That led to being asked on a second date. Offered to her even after she had come clean on how she happened to be at the dance that night.

Actually a quite few more dates came, and she soon was sporting a large diamond of her own to keep.

Given to her by the lad whose yellow tartaned clan family actually lived in the ancient Scottish castle of their ancestors.

As for the grey-eyed Irishman called Monk and master planner Tabitha?

it is believed that after perfecting Tabitha’s game they headed off across the pond for the greener playing pastures of Canada and the Yanks. Returning to Ireland once their stake had been made.

With their accumulated wealth, the gang disbanded. Monk, and his now wife Tabitha, bought a former country manor that had been restored into a bed and breakfast. Complete with an area to hold weddings and balls.

No telling out of class if any mischief ever occurred there under the pair’s keep.


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