Midnight Prey

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Acte 2: Casey’s Night Out

The two-toned horn of the Antique Rolls Royce sounds off from in front of my flat.

“Better hurry your ass, Cass.” I scolded myself knowing I no longer had time to twaddle.

I had just finished my makeup and was standing in front of the full-length mirror in my tiny excuse for a loo(cozy the adverts had described it) while admiring the effects of my attire for this evening’s festivities.

I stand around five feet five inches, my hair is a mousy brown, which I feel describes my features, mousey. My eyes are brown, owlish looking behind my glasses. My face overall a bit too short and round, with a button nose and lips that in my opinion look crooked upon my face when I smile. I never properly grew into the type of figure I envisioned most Twenty four-year-olds like me should have. It is a bit too lean and shapeless, with small blobs that have the audacity to call themselves breasts. But I think I made up for all that by the way I was all dressed up for this evening.

My dress was a solid coloured sky-blue taffeta frock that shone with a tight sleekness down along my figure. Maybe a bit too tight for it outlined my every curve, making me look sexier than I felt I was. The skirt was higher in front (touching just below my knees) than in the back where it swished a few inches above my ankles and the deep blue silk stiletto heels I wore. The neckline of the dress was of a long open scoop and had wavy ruffles running down along the opening, the sleeves went to my elbows, ending in scalloped ruffles.

I accessorized with my rhinestone clasped blue silk evening purse with silver shoulder chains and 3/4 length satin gloves that were dyed a deeper blue than my dress.

Along with it, I wore the full set of enticingly sparkling diamond jewelry that had been loaned to me.

The centerpiece of the sparkling group I wore was undoubtedly the long glittery necklace that looked like an elongated chandelier, with large stones the size of wrens eggs, with strings of blazing diamond chips hanging down from each stone. This eye-catcher hung down low along the open neck of the dress, swaying a few inches up from my (small)cleavage.

My long hair was pulled back in a plait and I had a thin diamond chip encrusted silver band to hold it all in place. Thus, exposing my earlobes, from which danced and dangled a pair of clasp held earrings that matched the style of the necklace. A wide bracelet was wrapped around my left gloved wrist. It consisted of 7 rows of diamonds, with the middle row set with large pear-shaped stones, and the flanking rows set with round stones all 1/2 the size of the center ones. I wore two diamond cocktail rings, one on my left pinkie, the other on my right ring finger. I had been lectured that girls supposedly looking for husbands never wore rings of any sort on the fingers of their left hand. (For the record, that was not my belief, though I was currently unattached).

The horn sounded off again, sounding impatient if that could possibly really be.

I grabbed my evening purse, along with the faux black mink wrap I had bought for the occasion, and headed out to our ride.

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