Midnight Prey

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Acte 9: Scarlette Makes Her Move

Now, why am I so ever prattling on over jewellery?

Well ever since I was a young girl I have always been vexed by the allure of sparkling jewels of any shape or colors. Especially when those I saw were being worn out.

A transfixing phobia that entirely overwhelms me to the point that I’m forced to get as close a look-see as possible.

To get my fix I found a job that allowed me to eventually see such jewelry up close. This job also allowed me to attend functions where I could myself could wear such jewelry out in public. But this was not enough. I desired more to feed my itch.

So I took to making the acquaintance of jewel laden ladies and girls I saw at the functions I was attending, in order to get a closer fulfilling peek at their jewels as we talked.

This rather sometimes dicey game of mine proved to be an outlet for my yearnings. As well as a proven method of gathering facts for my line of work.

So I was now watching in awe, my desires yearning to get to know this group of ladies a little better, and to really confirm the true value of what my eyes were telling me the jewel the three were wearing were worth. But how to do it? That was the problematic hand.

I decided that in order to crack this nut, It would be through the male, usually the easier road taken anyways in my experience at playing these types of games

As I thought this I walked off while trying to form a game plan. I turned and circled back to the table, only to find that all four had left that quickly

I meander around, two of the girls, the ones laden with sparkling diamonds, were on the dance floor in the company of wealthy-looking gentlemen I did not recognize

But just where had the lad taken off to that quick. Ah. There he was dancing with the third chick, the one wearing the sapphires.

The Lass he was with was giggling up a storm.

I sat on a side bench and watched all three couples, though mainly my focus was on the lad.

An opportunity came in the form of a tall thicke-necked robust “Alpha Bull of the herd” bloke who abruptly cut in on the pair and swept off with the Lass my male mark had been dancing with.

Soon I saw him emerge from the dance. After looking back to see where his companions were, he let out a visible sigh,

grabbed his empty liquor glass off the table and headed outside.

Surprisingly, considering his girl was now dancing with someone else, he appeared to have a spring in his heel.

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