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A magical bell amulet transfers guardianship of a nature sorceress... passed on and brought forth from generations of sorceress's in the past. This magic comes from 'mother nature' and is very powerful. Merlin had found the bell amulet and realized only a 'woman of magic' would be able to carry on the tradition... And finds one who will carry-on the tradition as natures protector... But, Merlin gone she has only 300 years to find her replacement... ERA 2015 Mankind is rapidly destroying the planet, and she thinks... she's found her replacement while pointing out a flammable poison toxin being dumped into a water reservoir used by many townships by a chemical company, and ignites the floating poison using a great dragon Merlin has left in her care... Is this 21th century police officer, Tamera Riggles the next magical sorceress?

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The second Sorceress


*This stories creation is by Vincent Ives Polden

Rewritten by his brother: AUTHOR William F. Polden Sr.

Should this be published, it will be Authored by: VINCENT IVES POLDEN

You’ve lived on this planet now of 24 years, learning what’s real and not real. In being taught by the best schools, as both parents scrimped and saved, hoping that one day you would go farther then they ever could. Coming from the projects, living the hatred that had surrounded you, by your parents love they guided you into escaping all this. And you listened.

Now, a fresh adult and challenging the world, you you’ve growing up to protect those innocent by the letter of the law. You’re smart, and the top of your class in high school and now the police academy. Assigned to a precinct, you’ve paid your dues in sitting behind a desk and learning by online courses for almost three years.

Finally, after a lot of bucking you got a street beat, walking, or on bike. Six months later, your in a squad car. You smile, recalling the call code of your car is the same of a TV show you watched as a child. Back then, you thought ‘that’ was real, but in that same reality you believed ‘that’ could never be you. Slowly, the world changed.

You’re a woman of color, Tamera Riggles, the year is 2012 and you are now the senior officer of your own car. You can now boast of three ceilings broken through. As your a ‘go getter’, you’ve had three ‘partners’ replaced. It’s your eagerness and uncanny intuition has place you (and them) in some pretty hairy spots. Like, stumbling on to a international drug smuggling ring, nested in your small town. A another time, finding a truck in a warehouse, filled with children, scared to death and drugged. (It was a child sex trafficking ring that four detectives are still hammering out the kinks.) And, quite recently, leading your ‘last’ partner into a full scale armed robbery at a jewelry store, where you ’somehow decided to ‘park’ to eat lunch. Your ‘sandwich’ not even unwrapped, there was no time. Bullet’s flying and back-up on the way, their trapped but fighting as your partner taken a non fatal bullet in the leg as reinforcements arrive (He’s still on medical leave, but getting a medal for his bravery.)

All three ‘prior partners’ had ‘seen god’ within your exploits... And now, this most recent partner, seems to enjoy the crazy. Everyday he awaits the unexpected from you. You two have been together for two weeks now, and nothing ‘strange’ has actually happened. You can tell he’s biting at the bit for something ‘weird’ to crawl out of the box. He has noticed your face and demeanor change just by the radio calls coming in. From them he’s learning to judge what to expect at the scene. He has become obsessed with your abilities and has learned you well. He burned for something really major to guide you to it. And today might just be that day. Him, your newest partner, Fred Tang, had actually requested to be your partner, though he was the last of the barrel pick. Either ‘him’ or a desk... and yet Fred’s wit leaves you rolling your eyes wondering if a desk wasn't ‘so bad’.

“You know, I’m starting to be able to read you. It’s really cool too.” Fred smiles out loud.

“You have a death wish, don’t you?” Tamera didn’t even glance his way as he buckles up for the third week of your tour together.

“I know, I’m a bit different. Did you know the entire force is afraid of you? Hell, the captain’s afraid of you.” Fred admitted.

“That’s good to know,” Tamera was trying to ignore his ramblings.

“But I’m not..” Fred’s smile brightens.

“There’s that death wish again.” Tamera spoke, not please with this obsession of his.

“Not a death wish thing, more of a, adrenaline thing. Like jumping out of a plane and never knowing if the chutes going to open when you pull the cord!” He acted it out with a smile.
“Yep, death wish.” Tamera drawled out, well ready to move on from this conversation.
“No now, come-on Tamera. We’ve been together for almost two weeks now and I’m still in one piece!” He stated frustrated she was being this way with him.

Now, starting up and pulling out onto the street, you two are driving to your ‘coverage area beat’ CAB. And more than likely you’ll slow ride about a set routine path, waiting for something to be reported in you area. You’ve ate twice and spent the last four hours cruising around, having parked and just listening to what's going on around town, as most ‘at rest’ do. The radio is tuned into the ALL channel, which means anyone can chatter as if in an open forum, ribbing each other or sharing the latest perpetrator caught, it was usually smiles on this channel.

Suddenly you feel it’s just ‘too quiet’ for this moment. In an instant the hairs on the back of your neck tells you 'something serious' is going down, somewhere. Your partner spies the sudden change as your now in a frozen stare at the radio. Having gotten to know you well enough, he’s seen this ‘stare’ before, and he’s excited about it...

As he’s been chatting on a ‘catch-all’ channel they all use as a chat channel, holding the mic, his hand hits the transmission button,

“This is 1-Adam 12. She’s going there again!” He spoke it, as all the communication on this channel, suddenly it went dead silent. They all knew... Fred Tang stared at the box as if it was broken by his words. Then, a single lone male voice, in a loathing tone spoke,

“Then hold on to your ass Freddie, shit’s about to go sideways.” The speaker informed him. It actually gave Fred goosebumps as his eyes turned to his partner.

The way she had been, was how she got transferred to a squad car. The office captain had a hard time keeping tethered to a chair. She was always listening in on calls dispatch sent out, and ‘too many times’ had known critical information about the calls. Everyone called them ‘mini trances’. But the percentage of times she was right was to hard to ignore. Her ‘trances’ would leave all her fellow office desk fellows almost in fear of her. The fact of her being ‘right’ 99.9 % had finally paid off...

“Riggles, your being transferred to a street beat.” The Sargent came into the desk area

“I want a car.” Tamera requested. “And I don’t need a partner.”

“...and your pushing it already, eh Riggles? Lucky you a car just became available. But hey, if you want it, it’s either a senior partner, or you desk sit. You’re choice...” The Sargent informed her.

That’s how it began. And since.. the Captain had been growing gray hairs from that decision. Now a year later, three prior ‘partners’ had literally pleaded for ‘transfers’ from partnering with Tamera. Her exploit’s tales of how they somehow ‘stumbled’ straight into a fully deadly child sex racket. Or casually walking into the cities largest drug ring.. (bullets flying as a call for backup). Oh, and let’s not forget the Jewelry heist they pulled straight into and parked ‘unknowingly’, just to eat their lunch.

These tales were becoming ‘war-stories’ about her. There had been too many of these ‘close calls’. Most thought that death itself followed her around. But yet in this single year, seven Federal cases and four cold file major cases had been solved, all lead by her weird instincts.

'This' partner had stuck with her through the last two weeks, though nothing 'really' strange had happened, so far.. See, most though Fred Tang as nuts.. He solely believed in ‘luck’. As he saw it, Tamera was the luckiest of them all. Fred knew this partner was on the fast track to becoming a detective. All’s Fred had to do is live through her decisions, and he'd be a shoe in for sure.

That 'single remark' that had been stated over the 'still' silent channel, as it didn’t matter who’d said it, they all knew it was true. A sudden second male voice broke through the silence.

“Here we go again...”

“Yep, it's about time too.” Fred hit the mic on a return answer, as Tamera eye’s were on trained onto the radio it’s self.

"The boy's gone daff.." "I think he need mental health.." "Damn it Fred, bail if you know what's good for you..." The box amped up the talk, warning him of impending doom from several voices.

With a giggle he laughed at all the commotion he'd caused, but that dropped off suddenly.. seeing her eye's suddenly glare at the radio. This look on her face was 'much darker' then the few he caught her going into. These stairs seem to intensify with the risk involved.

“This is a big one.. Whatever it is.,” Fred stated into the mic.

“...Just got this funny feeling,” Tamera spoke out of the blue, as she just stared at the radio, as it seem to confirmed her feeling,

“1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12, There a situation at 54 Yardly Rd. The Denver Water plant. We have reports of a woman riding a flying dragon.”

“All right! Now we’re talking... Wait, a dragon?” Fred stated, turning from the radio box to face Tamera. She was almost in a trance as the command fell out of the speaker.

“Did I hear what I just thought I’d heard?” The chat channel stated. Suddenly the 'chat cannel' became filled with total silence. In the background, only a slight static filled the car. Fred thought, 'This MUST BE BIG.'

“Repeat 1-Adam-12, a situation at the Denver Water plantation.. Reports of a woman flying on a dragon. 1-Adam-12. Do you copy?” The voice spoke in a serious tone coming out of the speaker.

“Tell me this is a joke!” Fred as he stares at Tamera switching the radio channel back to their personal call channel.

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