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A woman raised in the city, had the perfect job. with a rough past and is finally thrown a bone. What happens when she goes from nothing to living out her every dream? She jumps..... follow Sadie through a world wind of adventures as she is finding out who she is again. “This is it Max just you and me and a horse????”

Adventure / Romance
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Cardboard boxes and wet kisses

February 14,2006

Cold....wet...Starving... **That’s all I can feel, I haven’t felt my toes in hours. I’ve been in this stupid box for a month and I can’t take it anymore. I truly just want to give up on the world. Why should I care? It’s not like the world has done anything for me.**

19 year old Sadie Grace Barnes has truly hit rock bottom. Like as in sleeping in a cardboard box in an alleyway. She went from the high life to being with mans best friend. A 4 yr old Golden retriever named Max, who loves sloppy kisses, cuddles and running. She went from everything to nothing.

How you may ask? A man, where it always starts right? Sadie had the life or so she thought, the youngest in her school to graduate, fast tracked her way through 2 years of collage and had the luck of snagging her dream job working at Parker, Banks and Loves Law Firm in Birmingham, AL. She’d been there for 6 months when she met the hottest guy she’d ever seen. Mmmm Shane Patrickson the 27 year old new guy who swept in and blew the partners off their feet. With his Charming a quirky ways and that OH so stupid smirk. **UGH I HaTe HiM!!!! But he’s just soo cute, stop thinking this way Sadie**

Let’s take it back to a month ago where it all started. ***BEEP BEEP BEEP*** UGH I don’t want to get up it was supposed to be my day off buuut James Parker, my wonderful boss called last night and asked for a last minute favor for me to come fill in for Megan, She’s Mr. Alexander Loves Paralegal. Sooo me being me decided to say yes. I get up after what seems like forever since my alarm went off, head to my walk in closet and grab the sexiest outfit I can find, no I’m not trying to hit on my boss if that’s what you think. I just love to feel sexy for me.I walk through to my gorgeous double vanity bathroom which also has the cutest walk in shower but that’s not what I love, My claw foot tub is my pride and joy lol no joke a tub. I grab a puffy blue towel out of the closet and drop it on the vanity then turn on the shower. Waiting on that to warm I do my business then stop in front of the mirror to observe myself. I’m 5’7 long Chestnut colored hair down past my rear. My eyes are the deepest of greens. I have a cute little dimple on the left cheek. I’m 117lbs and my tan legs go on for days on other reason I dress sexy why not love my own inner and outer beauty. I hope in the shower when I notice the mirror fogging up. Shampoo rinse, shampoo rinse, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and rinse and I’m out. I cuddle in my towel as I run into my room and hurry dressing. I’m expected at the office in like 30 mins eekkk.

Thank God I was able to snatch up this studio appt above the bar across the street from the firm or I would be screwed. I rush my hair and make up, last min checks, grab my purse, keys and phone and run out the door. I glance at my watch and notice I have like 5 mins so I rush to the Starbucks that Thank God, is located two buildings up. I walk in and see Pam my favorite barista looking all cute with her uniform lol I catch her eye and wave. She asks if I was my usual and I nod and she rushes to get it ready.2 mins later she Hollers at me and I quickly grab my stuff and muffle a tanks and see you later. Out side I try my best to run but anyone whose worn 6 in heels knows how hard they are to run in. I make it to the door and into the elevator with 30 secs to spare.

Once at my desk I just sit for a second to catch my breath and slow my heart rate, well looks like today’s work out is off the table if you know what I mean? Five mins later Mr. Loves comes out of his office and not not so nicely I might add says “Sadie get your a$$ to my office NOW.” So I jump up and run that way, once in the door of his office I quickly and gracefully glide my butt in the seat before he has a chance to sit. He looks and me and contemplates what he’s about to say and I’m kinda nervous. He finally pulls a file out of the tray on his desk and throws it at me. While saying “Sadie I need you to call him and setup and appt time for him to come to my office.” I say “ yes sir, of coarse, anything else I can do?” He grumbled out a no, so I got up and made my way back to my desk. Breathing out deeply and back in trying to calm my anxiety about this. **something doesn’t feel right about this** I open the file and that’s when I first see the picture of the devil himself in all his sexy glory with a smile of pearly whites and those icy blue eyes. I look over his information and find his number, I pick up my phone and dial his number. ***Ring Ring Ring*** “Hello this is Shane Patrickson how can I help you?” “Yes, Hello Mr. Patrickson, this is Sadie at Parker, Banks and Loves Law Firm, Mr. Parker has asked to have an appt made for you to come in and I was wondering what time and date would work for you?” “Well hello there beautiful would he be available at say 3:30ish this afternoon?” I giggle “ Yes, I do believe that will work perfectly.” “ sounds good Mrs. Sadie, see you then.” “ ummm no sir it’s Miss, not Mrs.” “ my apologies ma’am please forgive.” I giggle again. “ it’s fine sir see you then” I quickly hang up before he replies again. ** more anxiety, ugh what is wrong with me.**

-6 hours later-

He walks in strutting his stuff. Let me tell you his pictures don’t do him justice at all. Mmm he looks good enough to eat. He strolls to my desk and with the sexiest lop sided smile says “ hello gorgeous mind telling me which office is Parker’s?” All I can do is grin and point as he shakes his fine behind to the other door. I swear that man screams sex appeal. A short time later Mr. Parker comes out grinning like Cheshire the cat so I know something is up. **nerves are back** he looks and me and says “Sadie I need to see you in my office now.” “ Yes sir, right away” and off I was. As soon as I made it in his office I looked around and there sat Mr. Parker, Mr. Loves and Mrs. Banks with Shawn, **anxiety sets in the bottom of my stomach**.
They all look at me and have the grimmest looks on their faces. All I can do is look down, obviously I’ve done something to upset them. Mrs. Banks clears her throat and says “ Sadie how long have you worked for this firm under Mr. Parker?” I said “ 6 months ma’am.” She smiles a thin lined smile and said in a small voice “ we do love you and we’ve enjoyed having you here but as Mr. Shane Patrickson so kindly brought up, we just don’t have the funds to keep you on our staff, I’m so sorry Sadie, I’m gonna have to ask you to pack your desk up and leave the premises in 30 mins. So you need to be gone by 5:00pm again I’m so sorry Sadie.”

All I could do was nod my head and walk out of the office, I look at my desk and someone had already placed an empty box on my desk. How? How could they do this to me? Ive never called out, I’ve never been late and I’ve even stayed late to finish up on work that could have waited all for the greater good of the company. Then dread strikes. My place, my beautiful studio appt, where am I gonna go with no real money and an appt full of stuff, I have no family and I never really had true friends. I’m alone completely alone. I slowly pack my things as the tears slide down my face. My world is over, my life is over. I suck up the tears and walk to the elevator. Welcome to my new life. An Unemployed reject.

Thank you for reading, this is my first book please don’t hesitate to critique my work. I’m learning as I go. I’m hoping to update twice a week but with having 3 children, married and homeschooling it maybe once a week. Thanks again for reading.
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