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Life After 9/11

By Jacquel Chrissy C. May All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Adventure


When Logan Dara, Dicky Michaelson, and Andrea Elan prevent the September 11, 2001 attacks from happening, they unknowingly changed world history. Many pop culture events (namely the Harry Potter phenomenon) didn't happen, but the War on Terror still goes as planned. (Did you really think the United States that allow terrorists to even attempt to blow up buildings in the name of terror and get away with it? Didn't think so.) At the same time, the three cousins and several other people must fight against the forces of evil, which wants to take over the world.

Where We Last Left Off

In the last story, Logan Dara, Dicky Michaelson, and Andrea Élan dodged a bullet by preventing the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City and Washington, DC. In preventing the 9/11 attacks from happening, they had also prevented their own murders. (This would have happened regardless whether the attacks happened.) They found out about the attacks and their own deaths through a mysterious newspaper that detailed those terrible events on September 11, 2001.

(Of course, no one knew where the mysterious newspaper came from or how it got to Dicky’s apartment. All they knew was the newspaper warned them about their murders and the September 11 attacks.)

It was now September 16, 2001. Five days passed since Sean Michael Black and his Knights, plus several members of the FBI and the NYPD thwarted the 9/11 attacks. That happened when the group caught 19 men as they prepared to board the four planes bound for California and begin their attacks.

Yet, those men had no idea that JFK International Airport had grounded all flights leaving New York as a safety precaution. Because of the flights being grounded, they were unable to carry out their attacks.

The 19 men responsible for the 9/11 attacks pledged allegiance to a cruel man known as Osama Bin Laden. Osama was notorious for many terror attacks that took place around the world; for that, his wealthy Saudi Arabian family kicked him out. He had plotted to attack the US for several years. If his plan had been successful, four airplanes would have destroyed the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the White House. (The airplane that would have destroyed the White House instead crashed on a field outside the city of Shankville, Pennsylvania and killed everyone on board.)

As for the murders of the cousins Logan, Dicky, and Andrea, it was said a secret society plotted to kill the three cousins and Sean for the last two years. That was because Sean revealed them to the British government in 1987. The group believed Sean was not only a threat to their existence, but if he revealed the truth about some historical events to the world (such as their involvement in causing many of those terrible events), not only would world history be forever changed, but the group would be arrested for their crimes against humanity.

Now that the entire country (as well as the rest of the world) learned about the attacks and became aware that evil existed in the form of a cruel man who was hell-bent on destroying America, the three cousins must learn to live in a world where they are still alive. They must find a way to put an end to terrorism for good. (Plus, they also change the face of pop culture forever!)

“I can’t believe we pulled this off!” said Logan as they were sitting in a hotel room outside the city of Boston, Massachusetts. They were reading the Boston Herald; the main headline read “Terror Attack Averted!” The main article read:

“On the morning of September 11, 2001, the FBI and the New York Police Department arrested 19 men as they prepared to board four airplanes at JFK International Airport. The men admitted to being hijackers with alleged ties to the notorious terror mastermind Osama bin Laden. The men were found with an assortment of weapons on their persons, as well as plans to attack and destroy the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon and White House in Washington DC. A tip from an anonymous source led to the arrest of the 19 men and the prevention of their attacks on American soil.

Had the attacks went on as planned, the results would have been catastrophic, especially in New York, which was famous for its skyscrapers (among which was the famous Twin Towers). About 3,000 people would have been killed because of those attacks, both on the planes and on the ground.

Let’s be thankful an honest person who knew of the attacks and came forward, preventing what would have been a national tragedy...”

The paper went on to say that the 19 men involved in the alleged attacks were held in a federal prison outside Virginia for their roles in the attempted attacks. To complicate things, none of the men were willing to discuss why they were hired to destroy American buildings and kill many American people, something that angered not only President George W. Bush, but the rest of the country as well.

That is for a different story.

“How are we to know this was actually going to happen?” Andrea cried out.

“We didn’t,” said Dicky. “It was the luck of the draw.”

“As well as a future-predicting newspaper that spoke about 9/11 and our deaths,” said Logan as he held up the newspaper in question. That newspaper, which reported on his death as well as the deaths of Dicky and Andrea, was the main reason he decided to prevent the September 11 attacks. “Plus, you know what they say about knowing way too much about the future...”

“Well, whatever we did, it worked,” said Andrea. “We’re still alive, the Twin Towers are still standing, and even better, nobody got hurt. Except for that one guy who did try to kill me, but Sean found him and beat the crap out of him, but still. Nobody messes with the Trichenberg family and gets away with it. NOBODY!!!”

“I hope you all decide to thank me for putting an end to their deeds,” Sean snapped as he walked into the room. He was tired after several days of catching 19 future terrorists and questioning them about their actions. “I had to do all the fricking work while you guys were busy hamming it up at Cheers,” he continued. “You three owe me something, and I’m not just talking money either. You have a whole lot to pay me for having to waste my time showing up in New York and knocking a bunch of men’s heads around and hearing them curse at me and offering praises to Allah; as if Allah is actually going to be okay with them blowing up towers in his name. I demand compensation for this little stunt you guys pulled, and you’re going to hand deliver it to me personally!”

“It’s not just us who owe you thanks, Sean,” said Logan as he stared at his cousin. “It is the entire world who must thank you for your part in stopping a terrorist attack on America. You put an end to evil. You stopped terrorism from invoking terror into the heart of Americans and people around the world. You sent out a clear message that evil would not be tolerated. In fact, you’re a true hero and you should know that.” Andrea and Dicky agreed wholeheartedly.

“Now, don’t give me all the credit for stopping the 9/11 attacks,” said Sean. “It was the cops and the FBI who actually stopped the terrorists from doing what they tried to do. All I did was tipped them off. You guys did the heavy lifting of finding out who the attackers were so the rest of the country could catch them.”

“Well, it wasn’t like we hadn’t had a choice,” said Andrea.

“We did,” said Dicky, “and the choices were we either ignored the newspaper and let these devastating events happen, or do whatever it took to prevent the attacks from happening. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to find out what we chose to do.”

“And what led you to making that decision to stop the attacks from happening?” said Sean.

“Well,” said Logan, “I wasn’t going to die and leave Deidi a widow and our children without a father. Besides, Homer and Treasure are young and they need both their parents in their lives. It would do me no good to die and never get a chance to watch them grow up.”

“Same here,” said Andrea. “Anastasia is about to turn five years old this November and I’m getting ready to send her to school. Consuelo is two years old. I can’t die and leave my poor clueless husband to raise our two girls alone.”

“I’m just glad Lysander and Margaret are teenagers,” said Dicky, “so they don’t need me much.”

“Now you know you are not about to leave those two to their own devices,” Andrea snapped at him. “You’re their father and they are your children, no matter what anyone else thinks. Your ex-wife couldn’t handle that cold hard truth, so that’s why she’s no longer in the picture.”

“I see,” said Dicky. “Such a shame Deanna chose her “partner” over her family. Right now, I bet she’s a miserable witch because I’m not dead.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Logan. “In fact, the night we finally revealed our location to the world, Deidi called me up and she screamed at me over the phone for half an hour for disappearing and making her think I was dead. She thinks the story about me being murdered on 9/11 was a stupid joke. She and Leilar are demanding I come home right now.”

“I don’t blame her,” said Sean. “I knew that somehow, you three were going to die on September 11, and I had to do my part in making sure it didn’t happen.”

“I have to convince Roger that he needs to get rid of that Jeremy Bozeman and find someone who’s more competent,” said Andrea. “I don’t fancy being anywhere near that guy, not when he could be a potential murderer.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” said Dicky. “There’s nothing good about him or his girlfriend. The sooner they are put away in jail, the better we all will be.”

“Yeah, and that too,” said Sean. “You guys need to leave the East Coast for a while and take a break. You’ve earned it. Plus, there will be the matter of Osama bin Laden finding out that we put an end to the attacks and hunting us down, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“Indeed,” said Logan. “I need to get home right now or else my kids will worry. Poor little things, not knowing if their father was dead or not. What was I thinking?”

“Better us hiding in Boston and staying alive than being dead in the streets of New York because we were killed by some crazy person, that’s for sure,” said Andrea. “Besides, I say that California is where we need to be heading. Logan’s family lives there, Hollywood is there, and I know Cousin Jacquelyn has bugged me to death about me going with her to Disneyland for her birthday instead of her going with me to Coney Island this year. You don’t want me to disappoint her by not coming down to see her, or do you?”

“Of course not!” said Sean. “You know how she is; young and impatient. Besides, whatever Jacquelyn wants, Jacquelyn gets.”

“You said it,” said Dicky. “We’ll be in Burbank in plenty of time for her birthday, won’t we?”

“Of course we will,” said Sean. “Besides, Jacquelyn’s birthday isn’t until the middle of November. We’ll have plenty of time to see her.”

“We go home for her sake,” said Logan. “Sweet home California, anyone?”

“Don’t ever say that again,” said Andrea as she shook her head at what she just heard.

“Why not?” said Logan.

“First off, you stole that song from Lynyrd Skynyrd, and second, California is anything but sweet,” said Andrea.

“Plus, that was a bad joke,” said Sean. “And you know how I feel about bad jokes. That joke is an insult to the people living in Alabama.”

“Leave him alone,” said Dicky. “I thought that joke was funny. Besides, “Sweet Home Alabama” is the worst movie I ever saw.”

“We’re talking about the song, not the movie based on that song,” said Sean. “Yes, the movie was boring. So boring I fell asleep 20 minutes into the film and didn’t wake up until Tarzan was fighting against Sabor.”

“Yeah, that was embarrassing,” said Logan. “For you, that was.”

“OK, you two, that’s enough of the bad movie jokes,” said Andrea. “Are we leaving or not?”

“So it’s settled then,” said Dicky. “We’re going to California.”

Yet before they left for California, the cousins had some important things to do first.

Logan had to gather everything he took when he flew out to New York and put in his suitcase. He also had to pack the souvenirs he had brought for his children and wife, as well as the newspaper that began this whole mess.

Dicky, however, had to pack as much stuff as he could, and to tell his children 13-year-old twins Lysander and Margaret they were leaving New York soon.

“That’s not fair, dad!” Lysander said the moment he found out they were leaving York. “Why are we leaving New York?”

“Because New York is a dangerous place for us to be in right now,” said Dicky. “That’s why we’re leaving.”

“New York is always dangerous, dad,” said Margaret. “Why are we leaving in the middle of school too?”

“Because I’m moving us to California,” said Dicky to his children’s shock. “It’s safer there. Besides, you can see your cousins every day.”

“But I love New York,” said Lysander.

“So do I,” said Dicky, “so do I. Now pack your bags, because we’re leaving tomorrow.”

As Lysander and Margaret left for their rooms to pack their bags, Logan said to Dicky, “Are you sure you’re doing the right thing? Uprooting your children and dragging them to California with you?”

“Speak for yourself, Logan,” said Dicky. “Your family’s already in California, and I’m not ready to leave my kids behind, not when they came so close to losing their only parent a few days ago. I won’t allow it at all.”

Just then, a knock was heard at the front door. Andrea was standing in the doorway with her two small daughters, Anastasia and Consuelo. She too had packed everyone’s bags in a hurry.

“I packed as much as I could and left a message for Roger telling him where we’re going,” said Andrea as she sat on the couch. The two small girls curled up on the couch and fell asleep. “I already know he’s not going to be back from his trip for another few weeks, but I sent an email telling him everything that’s going on. Hopefully, he’ll find us before this year ends.”

“I hope so too,” said Logan as everyone settled down for the night. It was already an exciting week for the cousins, who found out the September 11 attacks were happening and stopped the attacks. Yet the next day would see them embarking on a brand new journey, one that would have them challenging the pop culture of that day and changing it forever...

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