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Life After 9/11

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Back to California

Within a few hours of them making their life-changing decision, we see Logan, Dicky, and Andrea at JFK International airport, boarding a plane bound for Los Angeles. Andrea had loaded her two small daughters Anastasia and Consuelo while Dicky had to persuade his teenage children Lysander and Margaret to come with him. It looked as if the three cousins were planning to leave New York for good.

Sean (who dropped them off at the airport) said to Logan, “I hope you guys know what you’re doing. It’s not going to be easy going home after what just happened.”

“I’ve noticed,” Logan said as he saw a crowd of people staring at them. Rumors about the Trichenberg cousins and their role in stopping the 9/11 attacks swirled around New York. Many people who heard the rumors called the cousins heroes for stopping terrorism, while others scorned them for being involved in American foreign intelligence. Plus, several people were angry with Dicky and Andrea (both of whom had Down Syndrome) because they believed that the cousins had no right to function in society, let alone help stop the 9/11 attacks from happening.

(In fact, the people who were arrested for plotting to kill Dicky and Andrea on September 11, 2001 had claimed that the cousins were evil and they didn’t deserve to live, let alone create their children. Jabez Bozeman (who wanted to kill Andrea) claimed that he wanted to free Andrea’s husband Roger from Andrea’s “evil” influences and to marry Roger to his younger sister Lucia. Lucia was also arrested for her part in the conspiracy to kill Andrea.)

“Even if we caught the main culprits, how do we know there aren’t others out there who support Jabez and his insane claims?” said Sean. “And don’t think we don’t know how to weed them out.”

“That’ll be our next project,” said Logan. “Right after the world is done getting used to us still being alive. I don’t know where they got the notion to try to kill us, but we’ll cross that bridge when we find it.”

“Indeed we will,” said Sean. To Dicky and Andrea, he said, “Now you two better take care of yourselves and the kids. Also, you need to do something about your appearance, as I hear rumors about a search for you two. Can’t have you guys dying now, not when you escaped from death.”

Andrea said, “And what about Roger? He won’t be too happy if he comes home and he find the house empty and myself and the girls gone. I already packed up the house and left a note telling him where to find us, but I hesitate to think he may assume the worst when it comes to us.”

“Oh don’t worry,” said Sean. “I’ll deal with him. In fact, I’ll make sure that his job sends him to Pasadena within a week.”

“A week?” Andrea cried out, shocked that Sean would pull a trick like that on her. “That’s my husband! Why would you do something stupid like that?”

“Because what if I don’t trust him?” said Sean. “He’s a weaking and his family is trouble.”

“Would you AT LEAST tell me when I can see him again?” Andrea snapped.

“OK, three days tops,” said Sean. “Now you all better get going right now or else you’re going to miss your flight.”

“Indeed,” said Dicky. “So, when do we meet next?”

“Hopefully somewhere around Thanksgiving,” said Sean. “You should all be settled in by then. But I’ve got to get going, as your flight leaves in 45 minutes and I’ve got two hours for my own flight, which is taking me back to Santa Cruz. Now let’s get going or else we’ll miss our flights.”

After saying goodbye to Sean, Logan, Dicky, and Andrea led their families onto their plane, which was bound for Los Angeles. From there, they would go to Logan’s house in Pasadena.

As the plane began to board and the people took their seats, Logan turned to Dicky and said, “So, let’s be honest here: how do you really feel about our decision to leave New York after everything that we’ve been through the past week?”

“You mean, we’re leaving New York because some crazy people want to kill dad?” Lysander cried out. “That’s insane!”

“I can’t believe you agreed to do this,” said Margaret.

“I can’t say that I agreed with that decision,” said Dicky, “but when it comes to us being safe, I’m not taking any chances.”

“And neither will I,” said Andrea. “I can no longer live in this city if mentally retarded people can be murdered and their killers can get away with murder and no one is allowed to punish them.”

“Yeah,” said Dicky. “They want us to die because we’re handicapped. They don’t give a crap about us at all. I hope they all die and never reproduce so no more stupid assed people can control this planet!”

“Yeah, and that too,” said Andrea.

“Good,” said Logan. “Now that that’s settled, you can help me with my next project.”

“Which is,” said Dicky.

“You’re going to help me find a way to make the new Harry Potter film flop in theaters,” Logan said with a smile on his face.

“What?” said Dicky. “You mean, Andrea and I are going to help you make a film that will butcher Harry Potter? Are you fricking kidding me?”

“Since when is Harry Potter becoming a movie?” Andrea cried out at the same time.

“I’m not kidding,” said Logan. “Deeds has been working on this film for a long time and I know we’ve had some commercial successes with “Adventures in Eswoth” and “The Legend of the Wizard”, but I want this movie that we’ve just wrapped up to succeed. The public demands Deeds and I release this movie at the same time as Harry Potter; they also want the movie to succeed.”

“So what movie is it?” said Andrea. “It’s not “The Spirit Keeper”, is it?”

“Oh no, not that movie,” said Logan. “That movie was nothing more than an epic disaster. Plus, Deeds and I weren’t involved in the making of that movie, which stings tremendously when you think about it.”

“But at least it was better than anything Disney released in theaters,” said Dicky. “Not that I’m against Disney or anything like that.”

“So what’s the title of the movie?” said Andrea.

“The movie is called “The Frostfall”, which is based on a book called “The Destiny of Lacey Parrish” by Suzette Mullen,” said Logan. “The story is about a girl named Lacey Parrish, whose village comes under attack and is destroyed when her father was wrongly accused of the murder of a royal prince and executed. That execution causes the ruling body to break down, spreading anarchy across the kingdom.”

“OK then,” said Andrea. “How we going to get the story to sell to an entire population who wants to see the Harry Potter movie?”

“There’s already talk of this book becoming a movie for many years,” said Logan. “Because of those rumors which we’ve neither confirmed nor denied, people are already buying tickets to the movie. I can’t wait to see the faces of children who thought that they were going to see Harry Potter, but end up liking this movie better. Plus the story, although it is about a girl, appeals to both boys and girls and it has five completed books to it, which contrasts with J.K. Rowling’s as of yet incomplete series.”

“Well, it looks like we have our work cut out for us,” said Dicky. “Now let’s go; we have a movie to promote.”

After the plane landed in LAX, Logan, Dicky, and Andrea found themselves on the next flight to Pasadena. They and the children were going to be at home before bedtime, whenever that was.

But before they could board that plane, Logan saw Irene Ulrich waving to them. She had recently returned from a trip to Florida (where she was when the September 11, 2001 attacks were thwarted).

Irene said to them, “I can’t believe you guys. You stopped an international crisis from happening in New York and you didn’t invite me?”

“We didn’t know you and Rex were in Miami,” said Logan. “Had we known that, we would have taken the next flight to Florida instead of going to Boston.”

“And what’s this I hear about a conspiracy to kill Dicky and Andrea?” Irene snapped.

“That would be the work of Jabez Bozeman,” said Andrea. “He really has it in for me for some odd reason.”

“Plus, I think he’s compensating for something,” said Logan.

“What’s he compensating for?” said Irene.

“Let’s put it like this,” said Andrea. “Men like Jabez Bozeman come in very...short supply.”

Everyone laughed as Arexus approached them. He frowned as he saw his wife hanging out with her cousins. It wasn’t that he didn’t like them; he wasn’t too fond of Irene’s large family and their boisterous ways.

He said, “Whoever he was, I’m sure we’re glad to know he’s gone.”

“Arexus,” Irene began.

“Whatever,” he said. “We need to get home to our children. Plus, no more trips until that baby is born.” To Logan, he said, “I don’t know what you were doing in Boston or why you were in Boston to begin with, but as God as my witness, I will find out the truth behind your shenanigans. You can’t pull anything over my eyes, spellcasters or no.”

“That’s enough, Rex,” said Irene. “We have a plane to catch.” To Logan, she said, “And we’ll be expecting you to show up on Jacquelyn’s birthday. You do remember when her birthday is, right?”

“Oh, we do,” said Logan. “It’s still November 15, 1993.”

“Indeed,” said Irene. “I do hope that you’re not up to any more crazy schemes before Thanksgiving. And if you try to do something like what you did few days ago, I will not hesitate to hunt you down and tear you into pieces. In fact, I’ll do it myself.”

“Yeah yeah,” Logan said as he watched his cousin and her husband leaving. He already knew that he wasn’t going to make any promises when it came to schemes. In fact, he was already working on a scheme to destroy Harry Potter before Pottermania invaded the United States.

“About damned time you came back, Logan,” William Lewis, Logan’s personal assistant, said. He had been waiting for Logan to return from his trip to New York for the last few days and had camped out at the airport during the time that Logan was hiding in Boston. “You said you’d be back on Wednesday. It’s Monday. What have you been doing the last five days?”

“Mainly finishing the screenplay for Paramount,” said Logan. “You know how Paratris is. She wants her script for the movie “The Trouble With Teegafane” written and on time! She’s such a high-strung bitch it’s amazing her head ain’t fallen off yet!”

“Indeed,” said William.

“Haha, it’s so funny,” said Dicky.

“Such a useless woman, Laura Paratris,” said Andrea. “Why are you working with her?”

“She needs me more than I need her,” said Logan. “Plus, she ain’t happy unless I’m working for her. Plus, Deeds really hates her.”

“Never work for someone your wife hates,” said Dicky.

“Yeah yeah,” said Logan. “Now let’s go home before my kids call the police.”

William led everyone to his car and took off in the direction of Logan’s house. During the trip, Logan thought about what would have happened if the attacks happened as planned and/or he never escaped to Boston. He would have been seriously injured and Dicky and Andrea would have been killed. Those scenarios had him wondering if he should have gone to New York to begin with.

“Dad’s home!” 4-year-old Homer cried out as soon as he saw Logan walking through the front door to the house.

3-year-old Treasure hung back as her brother went to hug their father; she was still painfully shy and refused to talk to anyone who weren’t her parents, brother, or grandfather. Logan’s father, Leilar, stared at him, saying, “About damned time you got back, boy. Your mother done nearly had a heart attack hearing about you being killed by some crazy. Poor thing.”

“Where’s Deirdre?” said Logan.

Right on cue, Deirdre Langston Dara walked into the room. At the same time, Dicky, Andrea, and their children also walked through the front door. Deirdre said, “Logan, you said you’d be back on Friday afternoon. It’s 7:30 PM on Monday. Did you decide to go to Atlantic City while you were in New York?”

“No,” said Logan. “In fact, Sean yelled at me for “getting drunk and partying at Cheers while he was beating up 19 men who wanted to blow up the Twin Towers”. That guy still thinks that our great country is nothing but a joke.”

“Forget him,” said Deirdre. “He’s so pretentious and full of misplaced anger towards President Bush it’s not funny!” To Dicky and Andrea, she said, “And I will thank you for keeping him out of trouble. Believe me, an unwanted souvenir is the last thing this family needs.”

“I know,” said Dicky. “Logan now wants us to promote your newest movie to death and outsell Harry Potter.”

“Really?” Deirdre cried out. Then to Logan, she said, “You’re kidding, right? “The Frostfall” is MY pet project, and there’s no way that they’re going to use that to replace Harry Potter! They’ll have to think again!”

“But you and I both know there’s no way that Homer and Treasure want to watch Harry Potter and Jacquelyn isn’t remotely interested in Harry Potter, so why don’t we release the movie on her birthday?” said Logan. “That way, we can steer her entire class away from Harry Potter. And if the kids like the movie, then we have a chance to outsell Harry Potter.”

“That’s true,” said Andrea. “The more people who watch “The Frostfall”, the less people will want to watch Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

“Yeah,” said Dicky. “Who needs Harry Potter when you can have Lacey Parrish?”

“OK then,” Deirdre said with a resigned look on her face. “I hope you guys know what you’re doing.”

“Dad no leave us,” said Treasure with a sad look on her face. She stared at him with her huge brown eyes. The tiny girl didn’t like it whenever Logan went away for his job and she sought to make sure that he knew it.

“Not for a very long time, Treasure,” said Logan. He knew that like it or not, he had a new outlook on life since he dodged the 9/11 attacks. He had to make sure that Homer and Treasure’s futures were secure and Deirdre would be able to continue making her films. He owed it to his family to stay alive.

Logan stared at Dicky and Andrea; they too had to stay alive, not just for their children, but also for the rest of the world. The cousins knew that they had no choice but to keep themselves alive long enough to put an end to evil forever...

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