Life After 9/11

By Jacquel May All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Thriller

Welcome to 2002

It was now the year 2002.

Logan Dara, Dicky Michaelson, and Andrea Elan were lucky to survive the year 2001. They had prevented an unnecessary attack on the city of New York on September 11, 2001. Due to that attempted attack, the United States (and the rest of the world) now saw what evil truly looked like.

Evil was in the form of a man named Osama bin Laden. His decision to attack America was an unpopular one, as it made Muslims look bad in front of the world. (When he found out the three cousins managed to prevent 9/11 from happening, as well as having the men who were to carry out the attacks arrested, let’s just say he wasn’t too happy.)

As of right now, the United States decided it was best to strike back before another attack occurred. The ”War Against Terror" was being fought in Afghanistan. A repressionist government known as the Taliban was blamed for supporting the efforts of the notorious terror group Al-Qaida. Al-Qaida was blamed for the attempted attack on New York. The group’s leader, Osama bin Laden, blamed the three cousins for blocking his plan to blow up the Twin Towers and exposing him and his terror organization to the world.

“Well, can’t say the dude didn’t have it coming,” said Logan as they sat at a table in The Sesame Express reading the newspaper. The main headline detailed the terror mastermind’s anger at not being able to cause trouble in America. In fact, the man in question called for the deaths of the cousins who were responsible for exposing him to the world. Yet many more people called for his capture and death for causing trouble for the already unhappy world. “I hope that one day, he will get what he deserves.”

“And when that day comes, we’re going to serve him a great big bowl of I-told-you-so,” said Andrea.

“Which is a shame because it’s going to be ironic,” said Logan. “The cousins who he wanted to get rid of handed him his own behind on a silver platter.”

“I can’t wait to see that happen,” said Andrea.

“He’s a complete fool if he thought he could get away with attacking our country,” said Dicky. “We already put our would-be murderers away in jail for good, and I hope we can extend the same courtesy to Mr. Bin Laden when the time comes.”

“I don’t know, Dicky,” said Logan. “Knowing him, he won’t go down without a fight.”

“Well, he’s asking for it,” said Andrea. “I won’t hesitate to smack him in the head with a rolling pin for all the good he thinks he is. No one’s going to mess with me, not while I still have the ability to fight.”

“Indeed,” said Dicky. “And not only have we prevented the September 11 attacks from happening, we gave this country a new sense of patriotism and pride. People are showing more kindness to each other, which is a good thing.”

“We can count that as a small victory against the evils of terrorism,” said Logan. “We’re alive and well and our families are together. My wife has recently tracked down her father and reunited with him over the holidays. Even our children are happy. I don’t see what can possibly go wrong.”

“Everything,” said Andrea.

“Everything?” said Dicky. “You mean everything can go wrong in an instant?”

“Yes,” said Logan. “Not only are we dealing with Mr. Bin Laden and his calls for our deaths, we are also facing the wrath of those who love the Harry Potter books. They are not happy to know we were the ones who caused the movie to flop in theaters. They are even angrier with me, for my video exposed the witchcraft that was in Harry Potter. Plus, I made another video claiming that Harry Potter probably ripped off ”The Lord of the Rings“. So, I’ve made some very bitter enemies.”

“That’s better than your wife and her two strange friends, who are questioning Disney-made movies. They’re claiming those movies are nothing but trouble,” said Dicky.

“But Disney movies are nothing but trouble,” said Andrea, “which is why my girls are no longer allowed to watch Disney movies.”

“And what are we going to do about Deirdre and her friends?” said Dicky. “They are about to find themselves in a world of trouble the minute the public notices this controversy. Should we stop them or protect them?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we find it,” said Logan. “But for now, let’s just be thankful God allowed us to live to see another year.”

They all agreed, knowing this was now the year 2002 and with it came many new challenges. Logan knew he had to continue the fight the Harry Potter fandom as well as make movies that changed the entertainment world. Dicky knew he had to restart his life and to learn how to raise his children. Andrea, however, would have to fight for the rights for disabled people everywhere and make sure her would-be murderer was sent to jail for the rest of his life.

Plus, all three cousins must contend with a country that didn’t expect them to live, let alone prevent the September 11, 2001 attacks from happening. There were more than a handful of American citizens who were not happy the cousins survived September 11 and put an end to the Harry Potter phenomenon. Those people also weren’t happy to know Andrea had thwarted a plot to kill her and had her would-be killer sent to jail.

Plus, there were some Harry Potter fans who were quietly plotting to kill Logan in retaliation for the destruction of Harry Potter. (Well, they might not actually kill him, per se, but they’re mad at him for destroying Harry Potter-mania before it could unleash itself upon the world.)

Before we go any further with the story, here’s what happened to the cousins when 2001 ended:

On Christmas Day, (after weeks of persuasion from his friends and wife), Logan, Dicky, and Andrea finally saw ”The Lord of the Rings“. As they watched the movie, Logan said to Andrea, “I can see how Tolkien is the king of fantasy. That movie is too fricking big!”

“I told you they broke the movie into three parts,” said Dicky.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” said Andrea.

When the Balrog came out while the Fellowship was in Moria, however, the three cousins screamed in horror. “Oh my gods, it’s a monster!” Andrea cried out.

“I know, right?” said Logan. “Not even the Balrog in the cartoon is that scary!”

“Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place!” Dicky cried.

They weren’t alone in their fear; a group of children sitting behind them also cried in fear upon seeing the Balrog. “Well, this is lame,” said a man who sat next to the cousins.

“No, the Balrog in the cartoon version of the ”Lord of the Rings" was lame,” said another man.

“What cartoon version?” said a woman who sat in front of them.

“Uh, we don’t talk about that version,” said the first man.

“Why not?” said the woman.

“Trust me,” said the second man. “You don’t want to know.”

Yet when the Balrog captured Gandalf and Gandalf fell to his death, the kids in the theater began crying. Logan said, “Wow, never thought I’d cry over this movie.”

“I’ve noticed,” said Dicky.

“Gandalf’s not really dead, is he?” said a small child who sat behind them.

“Now that I don’t know the answer to,” said Andrea.

To make a long story short, Logan, Dicky, and Andrea couldn’t say they enjoyed ”Fellowship of the Ring" . Not without comparing the movie to Ralph Bakshi’s ”Lord of the Rings“.

Or as Logan said, “That movie made the cartoon look like a huge piece of crap!”

“Like my eyes died,” said Dicky.

“I can’t believe that once again, Sean Bean had to die in a movie!” Andrea voiced her disappointment in the decision to cast Sean Bean as Boromir.

“Yeah, and that too,” said Logan.

After the clock stuck midnight on December 31, 2001 and the world transitioned to January 1, 2002, Logan said, “Well, looks like it’s a brand-new year.”

“I hope so,” said Andrea, “and it’s not because we’re still alive. It’s because we decided to take a proactive role in the world.”

“Like we stopped the 9/11 attacks and prevented Harry Potter from being a megahit,” said Dicky.

“Yeah,” said Logan. “And now we have to deal with the repercussions of what we did.”

Many things were going to change that year while many other things stayed the same. Terror attacks needed to be thwarted and crimes were still being committed. Despite the fact that two people with Down syndrome had stopped the 9/11 attacks, crimes against mentally disabled people increased by 20%, especially in New York. It seemed that every day, the NYPD received phone calls from frantic people claiming to see people dressed in dark clothes luring disabled people away from their homes. The bodies of those unfortunate people were found in an area near the Twin Towers (where Andrea was found dead in another time and place).

There was also the matter of Andrea’s husband Roger coming home after his business trip on October 1, 2001. He found his house empty and his wife and children gone. Anastasia’s kindergarten teacher said she hadn’t seen her at school since September 10, 2001, and the housekeeper hadn’t seen Andrea or Consuelo since they vanished that same day.

Fear filled Roger; he knew most people in his community (including his family) didn’t support his marriage to Andrea Marshall, and some of those people would get rid of Andrea and the girls and not lose any sleep over it. Maybe that was the reason Andrea took the girls and left New York; she was tired of the cruel stares and the cruel remarks. She had to leave before the stares and cruel remarks turned into something far worse.

Yet when rumors about her taking the girls and moving to California began to spread around the neighborhood like wildfire, Roger knew he had to find his family. He called Sean, who told him, “Your family had to move to California because Andrea stopped the 9/11 attacks.”

“Really?” said Roger.

“I’m not kidding,” said Sean. “In fact, I spent an entire week torturing 19 men who thought it was cool to hijack four planes and crash them into the Twin Towers while Andrea was at Cheers with Logan and Dicky. You didn’t hear?”

“Not until I got back and heard about it from a neighbor,” said Roger. “Now, what is going on here?”

“Your family is trying to hide stuff about Andrea from you,” said Sean. “I already know from what she said they don’t like her, and she claims that any of your cousins would gladly kill her and the girls and get away with it...”

“Say what now?” Roger snapped at him.

“...and Andrea would really appreciate it if you would cut ties with Jeremy Bozeman, as she believes without a doubt he wants to kill her and make you marry his sister,” said Sean.

“Really?” said Roger. “Over my dead body will that happen!”

“That’s what I thought you would say,” said Sean. “Now, we have to come up with a legitimate plan to get you away from your messed-up, narrow-minded family and back to Andrea and the girls, where you belong...”

To make that long story short, Sean arranged for Roger to leave New York under cover of a new job in California. No one in the Élan family knew of Roger’s new job until the day after he left the city (which was on November 19, 2001). Even then, they could have cared less, seeing as most of them wanted Roger to work for the family business.

Andrea noticed him walked through the door on November 20, 2001. She said to him, “About damn time you came here. Where have you been?”

“Oh, you know,” said Roger. “I got held up at home and things at work got really bad, so I couldn’t leave as soon as I wanted to.”

“I see,” said Andrea. “I had to twist Sean’s arm to get him to get you here.”

“I’ve heard,” said Roger. “Now, where are the girls?”

“Dad’s home!” Anastasia and Consuelo cheered as they jumped up and ran to their father. Roger greeted them, saying, “And what have you two been up to?”

As Andrea watched the family reunion, she said to Sean, “It’s about time you got him here. Did his family try to block him?”

“Yes,” said Sean. “In fact, his mother tried to pay him $50,000 to divorce you and quit his job. Can you believe it?”

“I’ll deal with Elmayra when I next see her,” said Andrea. “She’s been holding onto him for far too long.”

“And not only that, we have Gerald, Davis, and Willas to deal with,” said Sean. “They can’t keep him forever. Plus, you remember what the Bible says about trying to come between a married couple...”

“Oh, they’ll be regretting that when we get through with them,” said Andrea.

Well, that wasn’t the only good thing happening at the end of 2001.

Deirdre’s movie ”Frostfall" won critical acclaim and became popular among children ages 9-16, but ”Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone" was a huge flop in theaters and forgotten by the public. Many fans of Harry Potter were disappointed and gave up on the series, but some people refused to let the fandom die. They blamed Logan’s video that denounced Harry Potter, claiming that Logan was the reason the Harry Potter movie flopped in theaters. They were also angry that “Frostfall" succeeded when ”Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone" should have succeeded.

You can imagine the amount of death threats Logan received due to his ”Father Diego Condemns Harry Potter" video.

Yet that’s for another story.

And another thing, the man who heckled Logan, Dicky, and Andrea for surviving the 9/11 attacks was featured in a LiveJournal video with an outrageous claim that the cousins never should have prevented 9/11 from happening in the first place. (Of course he was arrested for saying that the 9/11 attacks should have happened, as his claims offended many police officers, firefighters, and Muslims alike. Nobody likes a hatemonger.)

Safe to say, though, no matter how bad things were going to get, Logan, Dicky, and Andrea would meet every challenge thrown at them head-on. (If that means they have to face bin Laden personally, so be it.

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