Borne To Reign

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3 kingdoms on the rise wages war against vicious forces trying to over throw their kingdoms. Stricken by code and law drives division between the kingdoms.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 2: Awakening

Word quickly spread of the “intrusion” in Nortick. With Odren gone, shall Galahad stand neutral? The Knights shall seek advice from the wise man. Dear wise man what shall become of Galahad? Shall Odren return to reign? As the wise man pondered the information, the head guard waltzed in. Galahad received word from Lady Odren herself. We are to remain neutral and under no circumstances open the western gate. Where does this information come from, questioned one of the wise men? I have received word from the lady Odren herself. Quite confused, the Wiseman said, if lady Odren is alive, then she shall return to Galahad within the next sun rising. Swiftly the guard exited the room and the wise men began to pray.

Back at Nortick Pesavis has the entire castle searched top to bottom in search of Odren. But to no avail, her presence was just a lingering thought. Oh Odin, what has become of my father's kingdom? Odin with a blank stare still shaken by last night's events could barely focus and whispered "My lord," what of the clansman? Is Barnavis in cahoots with these people? And our maid what are we to make of her? " I trust not even my own flesh and blood for there is a traitor among us.
As the guards rounded up all the clansman to the great hall and waited for further instructions the head nurse squabbled through the hall covered in blood. Odin enters with a thunderous volume, Barnavis you coward show thy self. But to no avail no sign of Barnavis nor his men could be found. Exeus enters sword drawn “ who dares injure my maidens?” The hall went silent as Exeus voice echoed. Nothing then, guard slaughter them all.

A whisper now fills the great hall as Odren has still yet to be found, the maiden is laid to rest. Dearest father what has become of your kingdom? Where does my loyalty lie? Guard fetch Odin immediately. Odin appears flustered and without peace. Exeus has Odren been found? Exeus lowers his head. I fear Odren may no longer be with us.

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