The Thief Carver

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In every pocket there’s a loose coin, in every house, there’s a missing object, through every window there’s an opportunity. I tried living honestly; I made honest coins and had life’s pleasures at my fingertips until I discovered the pleasures of life in… how should I put it? In different ways. Life has more meaning if you’ve striven toward it, I gave up trying a long time ago; I stopped giving a shit about their living. If you can’t join then… well, beat them.

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Author note

Thief Carver was actually written in animal folks… but I couldn’t find a cover so I changed it into humans lols but yeah…

Tigress was meant to be from cat folk and Artur was meant to be from the tiger folks… it was something different I wanted to try…

When I wrote this book, I watched and played a lot of games which included this sort of genre… J and yeah… I hope it does sound good though…

Planning of heist is all imaginative… no stealing of works haha… but any questioning or feedback, I’m all ears

Thankieyoo for reading everyone

I made a trailer for this book which will be for viewing on my YouTube page

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