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In a vast land, beyond the knowledge of the earth realm, the beast realm exists where creatures beyond your imagination roam. Godly creatures rule this realm, known as the Divine beasts. This is a story of two brothers, who love exploring this dangerous world, but their love for adventure is about to change their lives forever as a new ancient ruins has been uncovered, exploring it will lead their lives on very different paths.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Long ago in the beast realm, a vast land of humanoid like creatures, orcs, beasts, dragons and many more different kinds of creatures not known to the human realm, lived two brothers who loved going on adventures, exploring new unknown areas. Dragoon the older of the two lives for battle being the larger more masculine one of the two, whereas Drake the younger brother was the smarter of the two, lives to explore ancient tombs and to find old artifacts hidden away.

These two brothers have explored almost all the beast realm, from Kragmor a vast mountainous area full of volcanos and deathly creatures to trekking through the deserted lands to find nothing but giant monstrous creatures and endless sand dunes. Sometimes finding mystical artifacts on their ventures like the ruins they found behind Blight Falls, the largest waterfall throughout the realm, then the times where they encountered hordes of Slytheriens in the Slytherien Mountains, having to fight their way out of one of their camps after being captured and tortured.

Both Dragoon and Drake are well known adventurers throughout the realm, for their feats, the humans and humanoids from Heraldia the main capital of the beast realm home to the king and his royal paladin within Heraldic Castle, praise them for their feats and adventures. Whereas the humanoids and other creatures throughout the realm that have heard of them, mostly despise them for venturing into their lands without permission, exploring their ancient ruins and sacred places within their territories.

Dragoon and Drake have made quite the name for themselves throughout all the beast realm for both good and bad reasons. Regardless of what anyone thought of them though, they will never stop doing what they love. Soon enough their life is about to change after they hear about a new ancient ruin that has been discovered far out past the Deserted plains, people have been calling it Yorshimiree Shrine due to the large statues out the front of the tomb of the ancient godly dragon known as Yorshimiree, one of the Divine Beast. The people that found the ruins refused to enter or explore them after seeing the statues out the front fearing that something might have been protecting or guarding the ruins from explorers or tomb hunters.

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