Love And Lies

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Anaya Shekhar is ready, with her dreams in her hands and her ambitions in front of her. Life is going REALLY well with her awesome friends, loving parents and an extra cool brother. But when Kartik Avasthi enters her life with with an air of awesomeness everyone envies, her life totally changes. A swirl of friendship, a sprinkle of happiness and love is the cherry on top. But something happens that unveils secrets that to completely change their lives. Something that they wouldn't ever want to know. How will Anaya and Kartik survive it? What secret do they unveil? What will happen?

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Anaya's POV

"Know what, I'm just gonna kick the hell out of him! What does he think of himself huh?" Cyra screamed through her lungs at me.

"Cyra, you seriously need to calm down," I said through my gritted teeth, "Its not that easy you know."

"HOPELESS HUMAN! DON'T EVEN DARE TO TALK TO ME AGAIN!" she screamed as I struggled to hold her.

Cyra has just lost her boyfriend to a girl who thinks of herself as Miss Universe. That is Shikha Mehta. She is the cheer captain of St. Augustine Convent School. I too got a little... no, VERY mad at her. That is because my bestie has lost her boyfriend because of that cringe sack.

Well, let me introduce you to myself. My name is Anaya Shekhar and I am sixteen years old. I am fighting through the second last school year, after which I have to fight another year of school and finally a war of college.

My ambition, is to become a doctor. A psychiatrist. My friends think it is stupid because psychiatrists help mentally ill people. They believe that I myself am mentally ill. Well, I can't blame them. You can't force someone's opinion.

I live in Mumbai. But, after another year, I have to go to Delhi since my dream college is in Delhi. My parents were so sad when they said that I will have to shift. So typical of parents.

After the school drama, Cyra and I had come straight to my home and she has been crying since forever. I don't have a clue why she has to stress herself over such a petty thing. Well, maybe it's not that petty for her.

"No Anaya," she sobbed, "We were in this for four years and suddenly everything is changed, all because of that -"

"Ssshhh! Cyra, you can't change anything by cussing at her right, I mean, look, just look at the bright side of this situation," I tried my best to brighten her mood but in vain.

I was mad at Kabir, her boyfriend and Shikha. Just a day ago, Cyra and him looked so much in love that I was actually pretty disgusted. But I am more disgusted at the fact that he just went away like that. No warning, nothing, just like that. Honestly, if I were Cyra, I would have gathered a mob and got him beaten up.

Shikha, on the other hand, well, is such a girl that you would be speechless if I opened my diary of her wonders.

I was hungry and wanted to eat something. But I can't move away from Cyra because she really needed me now. But I was very hungry. Breakfast was all that I had since morning. I was very hungry. Now it was around two o'clock.

"Cyra, I will get us pizza?" I asked her. But she cried more. I hated this. I wanted every girl to be strong, being a feminist.

My feminism kicked in. "Cyra," I said sternly, "We are gonna have a pizza and coke party and I want you to forget about it."

She just stared at me wide eyed and nodded quickly. I took my phone and ordered extra cheese and pepperoni pizza and bottles of coke.

Our food arrived in a short while. I forced Cyra to eat. She had lost her appetite and was not eating. I gave her a bottle of coke.

"Drink it," I said and she stared at me, "Just drink it, you will feel good."

She did as I said and finished half the bottle in one go.

"Very good, young lady," I said and she looked at me approvingly.

"Look Cyra, you are a power in yourself, you can't let anyone take you away from yourself. Ok?" I said.

"Sorry Anaya, I know I caused you trouble because of him, but, I swear, I am not even gonna talk about it," she smiled at me.



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