Torn but not Divided

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Have you ever just wanted to escape. From the world. The pressure and standards society has. Well so did they. Aspen Myers lives in a world where you are grouped in Divisions based on your smarts and agility. You would think being one of the most athletic and smartest people in the country would help you out a little? Wrong. No one, no matter how well you try to fit in, will ever be accepted as equal. There is always going to be someone else who has more money and power than you. The sooner Aspen realised this the sooner she knew she had to escape. But how?

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

Aspen POV

I stiffly lay in my old, rickety bed, sadly thinking about the events that will occur later today. The ghastly event that every child dreads. Today is the Propensity Test.

Every child takes this Test when they turn 16. It is meant to test smarts and agility, your results then determine what Division you get sorted into.

Divisions are different sections in society, each Division is a group of people with similar skill level. If you get the Division you were born in then you can visit your parents whenever you get spare time but if your a transfer and move to a different Division then you will never, under any circumstances, see or have contact with them again. This is because there is a rule that no one is allowed to have contact with anyone outside of your division. There are four Divisions, Didactic, Herculean, Orthodox and Boeotian.

The Didactic Division is for the highest scoring students. All the people there are intelligent and are notably good at sports and combat. You will receive luxury apartments and houses plus the best, high paying, jobs available. From what i have heard Didactic Division is the place to be.

The Herculean Division is where all the people who excel in combat and pretty much anything that is related to exercise. The apartment you will receive is modern and well kept but is smaller than the Didactic apartments. The jobs you can get there are usually military. So living there must be pretty good as long as you like a lot of training and hand to hand combat.

Then there's the Orthodox Division, this is where i am and hopefully will stay. I can't even imagine being away from my Mum and Dad. Here is where all the people who get an average score go. The apartments are decent although there's a few bits of wall paper pealing off here and there but all in all it's pretty great. The jobs here are not the best but its enough to put food in your stomach and a roof over your head. The few jobs consist of being a scientist, chef or a propensity test examiner. The Orthodox Division is not much but it's home.

Finally there's the Boeotian Division. This is for the people who score the lowest in both categories. All the building and apartments are run down and falling apart. The streets are filthy and a lot of crime happens there as this Division is neglected and overlooked. The best job you can get is as servant for the higher Divisions but normally you get money from washing other people's clothes or there's always the mines, usually that's only for the people who are desperate. This Division is also where you get banished too if you commit criminal offences in the higher Divisions. No one wants to end up here but unfortunately a lot of people do.

It's just me alone with my thoughts, i don't want to leave. What if i end up as one of those deplorable Boeotians? No. I can't think these things. I need, the most important meal of the day, breakfast. I heave myself out of bed, it creaks as my weight is lifted, and stride through the timber door. My Mum and Dad are sitting at the oak table in the middle of the living room chatting away and eating food. I smell the heavenly scent of freshly cooked eggs and bacon. My favourite. There is a circular plate of the tasty goodness in front of my family so i start to make my way over to them. The cream coloured carpet is soft on the exposed skin on my feet, gently caressing the bottom of my foot. I make no sound as i gracefully glide across the surface.

My Mum notices me approaching and sends me a sorrowful smile, my Dad also looks up and gives me a grin of the same sort but avoids eye contact. Sadly, i know this is going to be a painful day filled with extensive hours. I'm still struggling to believe that one test decides my whole future. It makes me wonder, who designed the Propensity Test and the way society works?

"Hey." I murmur. "Hello dear," Mum didn't make eye contact when she says this. "Mum, Dad, please don't be weird, you never know this might be the last breakfast we have together." I shrug like this is the most normal thing in the world but deep down i have this pit in my stomach just sitting there. It's the not knowing.

If i could i would escape beyond the wall that surrounds this dreadful place. The boarder, this is a tall wall that surrounds the country cutting us off from the rest of the world. More than one i've asked what's beyond the boarder but every time i ask i get the same answer, " i don't know but it's there to protect us." Then they will quickly change the subject. I know for a fact that there's other places and people living out there because there are strange people who wear multicoloured clothing rather than the one colour that your specific Division wears. They will arrive at the dock on these great big ships and unload crates and crates of who knows what. I wonder what life is like beyond the boarder.

"I know honey it's just..." Dad trailed off. "Anyway we have to be at the arena in an hour so suggest you start eating."
"Ok Mum." I roll my eyes at Mums lame attempt to clear the air. The arena is this large stadium at the centre of the country, all the wall, that divide the Divisions inside the boarder end there. I have never been inside before but the outside walls are a dull grey colour with the words 'GRAND ARENA' engraved on the side. It's the one of the tallest building there is and it can be seen by all Divisions.

I swiftly finish my breakfast and bustle about my bedroom to get ready. It is tradition to dress in your Divisions colours for example i will wear blue clothes because that's Orthodox colours. I dig through my wardrobe trying to find my sapphire blue dress. After a five minutes of searching i finally find the garment i've been looking for. I is made of a thick cotton and it hugs my body but not too tightly. I've been waiting to wear this dress for a long time and this seems like the perfect occasion. I won't like this day but i might as well look good as it goes by.

I start to undress and dress. I take a good look in the mirror to admire the dress. I sigh knowing that it's time to leave the safety of my home and head out to the real world.

As expected Mum and Dad are waiting by the front door to leave. Dad looks as nervous as ever, Mum tries to put on a happy mask but i know better than to believe that's she's not just as nervous. "Honey you look wonderful!" Mum exclaims. "Thanks Mum but now we need to go." I gesture to the door. My parents give a slight nod and push open the door.

Today is the day that decides my fate
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