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New LIfe

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Jack has just become a doctor and was on his way to fulfilling his life’s dream. Until a higher power decided to screw with him. Now he has a chance to go at life again, but on a new world.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was a normal day, clear skies, birds chirping and people walking. The thing about days is that a small thing can make a day a great day, like today. Jack literally just graduated from med school and was in his car, on the way to his celebratory party. He’d just accomplished one of his dreams of becoming a doctor and was now able to travel the world and help those in need. A dream come true for him seeing how his family was rich and he had no need for money. Stopping at a red light he saw a child run across the street. In his peripheral vision he noticed a truck set on a collision course for the boy. The moment Jack saw that he did the only thing he could; he drove his car right in between the truck and the child.

After that it there was nothing, nothing at all, then a something in the middle of the darkness, a light and a feeling of familiar warmth surrounded him. As the light grew and grew and before he knew it Jack found himself now in an office, but not your typical office. For instance there were no doors and in front of him was something he’d only seen in movies. It was an angel, but not the divine, happy, go lucky angel. This was an angel with a look of stress and panic on his face.

“Damn it! You’re not supposed to be here for another fifty three years! Damn! Damn! Damn!”, he shouted.

“Now I have to deal with another early reincarnation report. That bastard keeps screwing with our system. I hope he doesn’t become a goblin like that last guy.” The angel was looking more depressed than ever. Did he not notice Jack was here? As Jack thought this the angel suddenly looked at him.

“Ah, sorry.” the angel snapped his fingers and suddenly he looked like a more radiant, also Jack could swear there was some sort of glow around him.

“Now for formal introductions. Welcome to the Gateway Offices, where those who can afford it get a choice at a new life.” The angel smiled with the rehearsed greeting.

“Umm Hi, can I go home? I need to get to my graduation party I just became a doctor you see and I need to get home and pack as well.” Jack stammered.

“Ah, sorry again.” the angel with a poof disappeared and reappeared next to him.

“I should have started with this, but sorry to say you’re dead my friend.” The angel gave him a pity pat on the back.

With a sad expression the angel sighed, “Where are my manners? I should explain to you what happened, you see that boy you saw wasn’t there he was an illusion. There’s been a trickster god out lately and we can’t stop him from doing it, and management is trying to get in touch with Valhalla to get this pesky bastard out of here but until then there’s nothing we can do. However since you came in contact with him you died… to the rest of the world it looked like you committed suicide by driving into the path of a truck. Sorry.”

Jack sat there in silence unsure what to do or say. He died? Just as he was about to go out and complete his lifelong dream, to be a hero to those who needed medicine; he died? What now? What about his family? What about his friends? Jack was devastated, he had no idea what he did to deserve this or what he could do about it.

“Now onto the good news!” the angel smiled as he walked around to the other side of his desk, and pulled out a blue folder. On the folder jack could see his name and it was in a gold embroidery.

“You my friend have a very, VERY good soul. See here at the gateway we use your Karma. You see your soul collects karma, and karma is used to get things in your next life. So for example this guy who came in before you was a weirdo and he would eat anything he could get his hands on so he didn’t have many karma points and so he spent all of his points to keep one little ability. Personally I don’t get it but what the heck.” He shrugged and with another poof he was on Jacks other side with a fild in hand.

“Now you on the other hand have accumulated a whopping 55,000 karma. It actually is 27,500 but due to that jerk wad who caused you’re untimely death you got a bonus!” the angel smiled. The angel then brought a chart over to him, on it were what seemed to be a list of prices.

“What is this?” Jack asked with a look of confusion.

“This is what you can afford to use your karma points on, unfortunately for you your five thousand karma short to becoming a minor deity but there are other options here for you!” the angel optimistically pointed out with a bright smile.

Jack sat there conflicted about what to do, he really wanted to return to his own life but seeing on the list that to travel back in time and revive was 150,000 karma points he didn’t have a choice. However he hated the idea of everyone believing he committed suicide.

“Can I send a message to my family?” Jack asked.

“Sure can but I should let you know it won’t affect the news or insurance and in the future everyone will still think you committed suicide, but only those who you send a message to will know the truth.” The angel declared. Jack sat there in silence for a moment before clearing his throat.

“Let’s do it” Jack insisted

“Ok but so you know its 7,500 points per person.” The angel explained.

“I don’t care. Im only sending four messages, my mom, dad, sister and grandma.” Jack declared.

The angel pulled out a pen and three papers, “Ok sign this. Here, here, and here” he pointed.

As Jack signed he could see a number on his arm he hadn’t noticed earlier. Now all he had left were 25,000 points.

“Now that you’re past life affairs are done, I’ll give you a moment to look over what you can get in your new life. When you need me just call. ” the angel then with another poof disappeared.

After all that Jack then delved into the options, what could he get with 25,000 karma? Jack flipped through the first page which read where he could be.

Current World - 8,000 karma

New World (excluding current world) - 2,000 karma

Random - 100 karma

What did this mean? New world? Random?

“Hey what’s this about a new world? And what do you mean here by random”

Angel popped up at his desk again, “Ah yes that, well just so you know souls have to keep moving, and so staying in this world is a lot of work to do. New worlds are of your choosing, new worlds might have magic, might be technologically advanced, might be cave men. Basically any type of world you can think of, there’s a world for that. While random is basically what it means.”

Jack Pondered what he would do. A new world would give him a chance to make a life of his own and give him a chance to help those in need, also it cost less than to stay in his own world. Either way he could still help people.

“In that case how about a fresh start? A new world. What are my options?” Jack asked.

“Wonderful, tell me what you’d like and I’ll narrow down your search for you.”

Jack Thought for a moment, then he realized he heard the angel say anything he could think of it was possible. So Jack asked, “Is magic an option?”

Ever since Jack was a child he always wanted to do magic, he thought if he could do magic he could always help more people. The angel looked at Jack and for a moment his eyes flashed, and finally said “There are over 100,000 worlds with that option. So how about you set a level of magic, you can choose from lots of magic where everyone can do magic to a small amount of people cannot. There mid-level magic worlds with an average of 4 out of 10 people can to magic to 6 out of 10 people can do magic, or low level magic worlds where it is about 1 in 5 people can do magic.”

“Let’s go with a mid-level magic world with say, maybe 4 out of 10 people can do magic.”

“There are still 50,472 possibilities. How about another search category?

Jack wondered for a moment, and thought what the hell?

“What about games?” Jack asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Like stats but that are used in real life, like in RPG games with strength, agility, dexterity, and luck with numerical values.”

“That’s new, give me a moment.” The Angel’s eyes shined brightly. Jack could get the feeling that it was a challenging request. It was a full minute before the angel’s eyes were back to normal. With a smile he responded.

“Well you are an interesting one. I found one match but it’s actually three worlds that came together, interesting. Anyway it fits that criteria. However they are worlds that we do not have control of. They are under the rule of a separate group of gods that aren’t in relation with us. So you’re a pioneer my friend. The gods of those worlds have agreed to accept you, also since you’re the first to ever go to that kind of world you get to go for free but on the condition that you help them out. So you have 25,000 karma again.”

“Wow that’s great! So what are the three worlds?”

“Actually those gods are in a sort of Union, so they have actually bridged their worlds together and you got three for the price of none, but you do get to choose which world to enter at.” After saying that the angel pulled out a paper in his desk and then drew a chart down. In less than 10 seconds a chart with descriptions was ready for him.

“Here this should help you make a choice. Also I should let you know that the worlds are composed of different races and cultures so be ready.”


In front of him three optiond came up in front of him.



Human Realm

A Land of Humans, Elves and Dwarves, There are 6 Major kingdoms, and 13 Minor Kingdoms that are currently in power. Each kingdom has different terrain and religions. They currency of this land is Zerte Gold.

Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Half Elves are available for reincarnation.



Beast Realm

A Land of Beasts, there are 20 tribes of beasts, all with separate ways of life. There is not as much conflict unless the tribes are in Blood Feuds. This land values honor as much as their currency of “Fang Coin” A Land of demons, currently there are no ruling kingdoms or major powers, this land is untamed and as such the all major cities are autonomous.

Unavailable. Gods of this world doesn’t accept reincarnations.



Demon Realm

A Land of demons, currently there are no ruling kingdoms or major powers, this land is untamed and as such the all major cities are autonomous. This land accepts open trade and there is no set currency but gems and food are most common

Orc, Draconian, Devils, and Serpentine are available for reincarnation.


Jack saw all this and was astonished. All of these were available? Jack decided to pick Zerte, as it was similar to what he was used to.

“Let’s go with Zerte. Now what?” Jack wondered.

“Now you pick what Race you’ll be.”


Disclaimer- All ages are not including unforeseen accidents and circumstances


Human - 1000

Not powerful, but not weak, has the ability to do great things with hard work.

Avg lifespan (60-80yrs)


Dwarves - 2000
Great Natural endurance, Strong but greedy, unable to use magic

Avg Lifespan (70 – 110 )


Elves - 5000

Strong affinity for magic, Agile and strong, but an arrogant race due to their natural abilities. Hated for past events, live secluded lives)

Avg. Lifespan 300 – 1000


Half Elves - 2000

Not powerful, but not weak, has the ability to do great things with hard work. Great Natural endurance, Strong but greedy, unable to use magic Strong affinity for magic, Agile and strong, but an arrogant race due to their natural abilities. Hated for past events, live secluded lives) A cross between human elves, not as strong as elves but stronger than humans. A cast out race not welcome everywhere. (commonly used as slaves)


Random -0

-any race may be chosen-


As Jack saw this he was ecstatic, he could become an elf? However he didn’t like that they were a secluded and hated race. Dwarves couldn’t do magic, so they were out of the question, and half-elves weren’t accepted everywhere and were often used as slaves. He wanted to help people but as an elf he had the most time, but as a human he would be accepted everywhere to help everyone, it was a difficult decision.

“Can I random between two races instead of the four?” Jack questioned.

“No sorry that’s not how it works.” The angel sadly answered.

“In that case, I’ll be human again” Jack replied

“OK now lastly you choose your birth and natural abilities”

“How does that work?”

“Simple your total balance is 25,000 karma. From the charts the human god just sent me here are your choices”

The angel again pulled out another chart but this time from nowhere. This chart was the most detailed of all.


Noble’s Heir -2000

Commoner – 500

Blacksmith’s Heir - 1000

Magician’s Heir - 1000

Merchant’s Heir – 1500

Knight’s Heir – 1000

Doctor’s Heir -300

Magically talented (Higher than Avg.) – 3000

Magically gifted (normal magical power)– 2000

Magically unmatched (first mage to attain power close to gods (10,000)

Magical Savant (a mage once every 100years) 5000

Physically superior (above Avg. lifespan) -2000

Physically healthy (live avg lifespan) - 1000

Strong (above agv strength and growth) -1000

Fit (avg strength) – 500

Ambidextrous – 250

Powerful (strong and get stronger faster ) – 1500

Blessed (lucky) – 500

Linguist(learn different languages quickly and ancient languages easier ) – 3000

Charismatic (people will like you more) – 1500

Natural Business sense (trading is easier) – 2000

Natural Healer (Healing magic is easier to learn and improve) -2000

Natural killer (the taking of or loss of life doesn’t bother you) – 1000

Natural Swordsman (Sword Techniques are easier to learn and improve – 3000

Natural Fighter (fighting techniques are easier to learn and improve) -2000

Natural Charm (Members of the opposite sex are more likely to be persuaded) – 1250

Natural Leader (leading people, managing followers, and raising armies are easier to you) – 1500

Heavy weight (bigger frame, more strength, consume more food, slower) -200

Naturally Creative (new ideas, methods and techniques are constantly going through your mind) – 2000

Normal (avg, frame, strength, and speed.) – 200

Light weight (Smaller frame, More speed, Consume less food, Faster) – 200

Female – 50

Male – 50

Agile (more agile than most) – 800

Animal whisperer (able to convey feeling to animals easier) – 300

Acrobat (Req. Flexible; Bonus Agility) – 500

Flexible (Req. Agile; bonus agility) – 500

Easy Childhood (worry free childhood; exception of divine intervention) – 100

*Any extra Karma not spent is forfeit *once decision has been made there are no returns


“WOW! That is a long list!”

“Yes there is, now I’m sorry to say but we have to hurry. There’s a deadline and if we don’t hurry you’ll be stuck here for about a century, so please hurry.” Saying this while taping a non-existent watch on his wrist.

“Ah yes well what happens if I have left over karma?”

“It depends on how much is left over”


“Well for 500 you can keep your memories.”

“What? Why wasn’t that on the list?”

“Technically you’re not supposed to, but due to these difficult circumstances its only right you get a chance, however there are some restrictions to it. Would you want to know what they are?”

“Yes, please” Jack said earnestly

“So from what we’ve discussed with those gods, you won’t have access until you clear certain conditions. Like for instance reaching Level One.”

“First level? Doesn’t everyone start at level one?”

“No, on their world the First level is attained at the age of nine, only after that do you ‘Level Up’. From there is where your profession, or skills truly kick in. It’s really quite fascinating if you ask me.”

“I’ll do it but what about my last 150 karma?”

“Hmm how about a gamble?”

“A gamble?”

“Yeah so what happens is you make a bet with a god and if you win you get favors, if you lose no sweat off your back.”

“What would I bet against?”

“You’d have to discuss that with them.”

Jack pondered for a moment before answering, with 150 points left over there wouldn’t be much choice.

“Ok I’ll speak with one of the other gods.”

“Sounds good to me!” as the angel clapped his hands the surroundings changed, the office room where they were in before had now changed into a white room with a door in the middle of it. On the door it said ‘To Zerte, Lerdorn, and Ki’, and next to that was the angel with another glowing pen.

“Take this and circle all the things on that page you want to start within the next life. Don’t worry, I know your memories aren’t on the list but that will come after.”

Jack moved to get the pen and began circling all the things he wanted in his next life. On his list he made his choices then signed on the dotted line. In the end all that was left was the 650 karma. Jack suddenly felt something he hadn’t in all the time he was alive. Fear; true fear of the unknown but in that fear he felt excitement. Excitement for everything that he would see, touch, feel and most of all a new chance to help those in need.

“Now for your memories, the new gods will handle that. I’ve already handled that with them, all you have to do now is walk through that door, and you’ll be out of my hands.”

Jack walked to the door but just before he opened it he stopped. His hands trembling he thought to himself ‘Just a few hours ago I was alive and going to start my dream, what am I doing? I can’t do this. I have to go back. I thought this was all a delusion but now that I’m here… this door will lead me far from home and truly if I do this I’ll never come home.’ By now all the excitement had left him and all that was left was fear and uncertainty. When he was about to turn back the angel started speaking.

“Don’t turn back. You’ll regret it.” He angel spoke with sad but comforting smile.

“How do you know?” Jack nervously asked..

“How’s this then, do you want to know what angels are?” The angel asked.

“What do you mean?” Jack stared

“Well you’re not really supposed to know but, I was human once before. Problem was that when I died I had a soul with negative karma, so we work for eons. Trying to earn karma so we can be reborn. This form you see is an illusion, we have not all divine and happy, we are trying to scrape by and be reborn. I’ve been working for almost 3000 years and after all that time I’ve only gotten to 2900 karma. Your family will be fine, they will love long happy lives, management has already seen to that. It’s what they deserve after that jerk wad got you killed.” The sad angel told him.

Jack stood there, stunned with all the information just given to him. Angels are human souls, the angel that stood in front of him was almost 3000 years old and to Jack most importantly his family would be happy. The angel in front of him had given Jack the courage to leave his world and for that jack was grateful. Just then an idea came to him, what if the angel came with him?

“Can I give my karma away?” Jack asked

“Of course you can, but who would you give it to? There’s a surcharge if you send it to your past life’s friends and family.”

“You.” Jack smiled

“Ok I’ll get the paper work ready to send karma to…. Wait what? Why would you give your karma to me? We barely know each other, you don’t even know my name.” The angel was panicking, in his 3000 years no one had willingly given their karma away.

“Simple, you told me my family would be alright. That was something I would have given all my karma to know. So for the last 150 karma, please accept it with my heartfelt thanks.”


Leonard was stunned, as a worker of rebirth he had thought he’d seen it all but there was a first time for everything. The last time karma was freely given had been long forgotten and angels asking for karma was strictly forbidden. So this was Leo’s chance, his opportunity to finally rest and be reborn. However he couldn’t accept such a thing without a condition. For the first time in many years he felt a nobility n his heart that he had forgotten. In a serious attitude for the first time in almost 2000 years he cleared his throat.

“Ok I’ll take your karma but in return I owe you a favor. I will make a contract now. Loyalty to you and those you care about in return for your karma. I won’t be able to follow through to you now but in the future I will be there. Only if you accept these terms will I take your karma Jack.” As Leo said this he held his hand out ready to shake hands.

The angel who spoke with dignity and conviction was serious, Jack wasn’t expecting such a declaration, but how could jack refuse such an offer?

“Ok Angel, I accept but more than that I am happy I could have helped.” Jack smiled as he shook Leo’s hand he felt his karma flow to him.

“Thank you Jack, now get through that door.” As the angel pushed him.

Jack smiled then faced the door, took a deep breath and finally opened it up and walked through. As Jack walked through those doors he could feel himself being thrown throughout the cosmos. Spinning, turning, falling, flying or some mix of it all Jack couldn’t tell what was happening to him, then just like that it stopped. Next thing he knew he was in front of a beautiful woman and next to her was the meanest most dangerous man he’d seen in his life.

The woman was what many would call stunning, her beauty could be seen as almost glowing. She had a very pale skin, with long white hair. She was wearing what most would consider to be an all too reveling toga. The man on the other hand was dressed in full black plate armor that looked darker than night with eyes as red like crimson blood. He looked at him and smiled. Jack thought he was going to die before he even got a chance to start his new life.

“Relax, he won’t harm you unless you try anything funny.” The woman said, then suddenly the armor of the man disappeared and the man appeared next to the woman. Together they sat down on thrones that appeared out of nowhere.

“Now then, sit.” Before he knew it Jack had been flung across the room and landed on a chair in front of them. The two in front of him were obviously not to be messed with.

“I am the Goddess of Life, and he is my guardian Krieg. We are your sponsors here in our little corner or the realms.” She started as she waved her hands the papers that he signed were in them.

“Now before you are sent to your new life I must tell you not all the other gods were happy you decided to come here, so some may dislike you until you prove you can be of use to them as well.” she explained as the list in her hands suddenly caught flame into a bright white light.

“Now that I’ve gone over your list and we are expecting great things from you so we have decided to give you a little bonus.” As she spoke Krieg had handed her a two bracelets, one was a dark silver and the other was a bronze color.

“These aren’t you average bracelets, they are blessings from Krieg and I. They will be at the main temple in Setat.” As she told him this the bracelets shone a bright light then disappeared. Next she made a mirror appear. In the mirror Jack could see a small village, as it zoomed in the mirror divided its focus onto three families.

“Now then, let’s get to your new life. Here you have three choices. The three families are all what you wanted with only slight differences in profession. The first are the Greywolves, they are a family of farmers and hunters with an interesting past. Next are the Whitehall’s, a family of peddlers that travel from village to village with a keen ability to make profit and travel the land. Then lastly there are the Rooks, they are a small family that run the family tavern nothing special really.”

“Can you tell me more about them?” Jack asked.

“No” she flatly answered.

‘Rejected…’ Jack thought.

Jack needed now, more than anything was to be sure of what exactly was he getting himself into. The hunter-farmer family would give him stable amounts of food. The peddlers would give him a chance to see the surrounding areas and the tavern family would get him some sort of connections. What should he do?

“Before you decide though, there are some things you should know. This village is at the frontier, near the ‘Great forest’. In this area there are many monsters which are known to attack travelers. Also I know back in your world bandits aren’t an issue but here there are bandits who are known to attack villagers and travelers. So be warned, that is the end of all information you will receive about your new life.” She declared.

Bandits, monsters and wild animals? Well now he was sure of what to do.

“I’d like to be a Greywolf.” Jack declared.

“Very well, now about your memories. I have decided to let you keep your memories but to be more specific your past life and family, the accident, and your hopes and dreams. I believe it will do you well, however your skills such as medical training, combat training, etc. have been removed from your memory. You will remember this conversation as well so you understand the gap in your memory.” She explained to him.

“That’s great!” Jack exclaimed.

‘Really? No its not stupid hu-’ Krieg though

‘Hush now Krieg, do you really think he has a choice?’ She projected into his mind.

‘Opps, apologies My Goddess.’ He answered back quickly.

“So in return I will take only 250 karma from you, the rest of your karma you can use it receiving challenges from us.” The goddess declared.

Slowly she gestured Jack to her side and smiled then whispered “Something you should know is that your skills can be unlocked by attaining our blessed bands. So it is in your interest to get them earlier on. With that our business is concluded. Good luck, Kaiden”

Just like that Jack was whisked away and sent into the mirror, thus beginning his new life.

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