Sylverine's Wrath: The Dawn

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10,000 years is gone and finally the Legend awakes, only the child of prophecy holds the key to end this great evil once and for all. Would he succeed? find out in this amazingly captivating novel

Adventure / Fantasy
Tobi Stark
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Mortal Man from the genesis of his existence had always thrive to be all knowing, so he finds an explanation for everything around him given them different names and attributes to distinguish one from the other but no matter how much he tries to gain knowledge of everything, some things would forever remain mysteries, uncertainty. Over the centuries, several stories have been written about the inception of life and there’s always a trend associated with all the stories, an uncertainty at the beginning of the tale. Several times I wonder if this characteristic uncertainty isn’t the actual beginning of everything because it has become so reoccurring and it seems far older than the years itself. And like every other tale, our story began in uncertainty, at that moment there wasn’t darkness, there wasn’t light too and we would never actually get a chance to find out how it looked like but suddenly two Spirits came together in unison to give birth to time and space, and it’s believed in ancient times that without these creatures, nothing else would have come into existence. Of these ancient parent spirits, just like the uncertainty at the beginning we have no knowledge but of time and space, it is believed they created every other thing that had come into being, the Galaxies, the Planets and everything in the entire Universe was built by the creativity of these amazing creatures. Although several cultures wouldn’t come to agreement with this theory of Life but the fact remains that Time and Space is everything around us, from nature glowing ebulliently with the stream of life to the air that goes into our nostrils to bring breathe to our mortal bodies, even to the words that blow forth as an order from a king’s mouth.

Everything that lives, survives beneath the auspices of these strange almost magical creatures, like a slave underneath his master and in thraldom we served, every one of us, replenishing their powers with our deeds till they became powerful. They became very powerful and carved us all destinies, bond masters to put our lives in perfect disarray and not even the Isuz and Eesuz of Rheudinia could stop them.

“Destiny isn’t the prophecies written on the walls of fate but the figurine carved by the deeds of our mortal hands”, a voice rang through empty space and the sound of it was like that of a very feeble man, it echoed endlessly with ghostly awe through the room it originated from. The room was particularly large, enormous enough to contain about two hundred souls and there were about a dozen statues of Men covered in Royal Regalia, faces so expressionless and each carrying an aurum stick shaped like a sword at his loins. The statues had aurum crowns upon their temples, beautiful insignias worthy of Kings only and in candour, they were all once kings and the room was their Royal court transcending from one generation to the other over the centuries till it had become ageless.

Now raising our concentration from the statues to the room in which they stood the royal court of an unknown Kingdom. This court which was built with the finest soil ever known has down at one end large wooden doors strong enough to be castle gates and at the other directly opposite the doors three thrones, aurum thrones ornamented with so many beautiful rare stones from all over the lands. The thrones stood in different sizes just before the wall at the opposite end of the court’s entrance where the image of a charming young golden haired man soaring among several sky beasts with brightly coloured feathers was engraved.

The court was lit with sunlight pouring in from several openings in the walls high above so the torches hanging on the walls beside each statue could go totally unnoticed during the day. The wall openings were so masterfully crafted in a way that every beam of light entering into the Royal court seem to fall toward the Three Thrones, particularly towards the largest which just happen to be in the middle or perhaps the sun mystically reverence he that sat on it, for it graced his face making it glow somehow magically, an appeasing sight to behold.

“And that should be all for now”, the feeble voice sounded again and this time we could locate where it originated from, it was he that sat on the large beautifully crafted aurum throne that spoke and in candour, he looked so grey and feeble, far older than the voice that we heard but he wasn’t alone in the large Court, he had two male companions. The aged Man upon the throne was dressed just like the court statues and we won’t need to be told that he is the King or Suz of our unknown kingdom and his companions are socially inferior to him. One of his companions sat upon a large cushion and he had a little table in front of him on this laid a scroll and a jar of ink with which he put down the Suz’s words, he was dressed to look like he was of noble birth, aurum rings and bracelets all over his fat hands while the other just stood, hands folded at his chest behind the King’s Throne with a body built to charm every woman that lay eyes on him, erect he stood like a mighty tree or perhaps we could liken him to a pillar that held the Royal court in equilibrium and there he stood like the court statues bare, save a piece of golden linen he had around his loins. One very important feature of this second companion that distinguish him from the others at court is his face, young and handsomely carved with long curly hair as dark as the night running down his neck, he was worthy to be a Suzzac, not the chief court attendant because a body like his was built for princes and gods alone and legends recorded that He that sat on the throne was once like him, even more charming in his early years but now he is well stricken in age and the strength of youthfulness had left him in oblivion.

“You have had such a great influence on this planet, indeed Great Zeclub would have no King greater than you, My lord”, the man on the cushion spoke with a bow as he rolled up the scroll before him, he had made an end of the use of it.

“Oh Emerius, you flatter me so much”, came the Suz’s solemn and quivering reply as he motioned to his right to bury his pallid hands into one of several dusty chests that were arranged just between the large Zeclubian throne and the throne to his right.

“Great Suz, what profit would I gain from flattery?” Emerius asked with a bow.

“Hmm...... I appreciate the compliment but I sincerely wish that greater Kings than I would rule Zeclub in the years to come”, he paused and solemnly raised his gaze from the chest to the man before him, a senescent stare.

“Dear Emerius, you have been seated at that table all day and I think you would do well with a little break?” his voice still trembling like leaves at the mercy of raging storms

“Your wish , my command my King..”, Emerius lurched to his feet and gave a bow, he was quite delighted to be relieved from his duty, his fat face lightened up with a smile, a gesture that made it look uglier.

“ Indeed very thoughtful and kind of you.....”, He continued, his smile persisted but he hadn’t made an end of his words when the thick doors at the opposite end of the court pulled open outwardly and there was a loud announcement outside the royal court, like some special entourage had arrived.

“Suzia of Zeclub approaches court”, the voice roared with so much masculinity and like an apocalypse, a creature floated into view from beyond the court doors, striding gracefully it moved towards the three inhabitants of the room.

Even time and space couldn’t help but fall in love with this creature when they set eyes on it, fair complexioned and amazingly beautiful, this sylph came into court and the air around her was like that of Zodiac, the Eesuz of beautification. A perfect body blessed with a face even the gods of Rheudinia would fantasize about, long woven blonde hair and eyes that are both turquoise and caramel at the same time, indeed she had a description worthy of an Eesuz but she wasn’t one. Dressed in fine varicoloured linen with large flowers and stones woven into it, the creation of master Zeclubian weavers, everything about her was almost perfect, delicate and suave.

“Father, how do I look in this?, I had Atheru make it for me from the flowers Gnome brought back from the garden of Abin, isn’t this gorgeous?”, she asked as she did something that looked like a circling dance towards the Zeclubian Thrones, slowly the King turned his face towards her and there was something notable about the way he moved his head, like it wasn’t a part of his being.

“Impressive”, he said rather non spirited and lowered his head back to the chest, fumbling his weak phalanges through the items within it, it became obvious he was searching for something that seem to be so important his entire existence depended solely on finding it. Instantly, the Suzia halted her little dance and moved more swiftly towards the men, as she came very close, Emerius and the court attendant paid obeisance to her.

“You’re beautiful as always, my Suzia”, Emerius complimented with his ugly smile and the princess smiled charmingly back in appreciation but her attention tended more towards her father as her face metamorphosed into a slight frown.

“I’ll be right on my way, my lord”, Emerius took a hold of the scroll and the little ink jar, gave a bow to the Suz and his daughter and left court instantly like he was in a hurry to get to somewhere else.

As the court doors pulled to a close, the Suzia came into contact with her father, put her hands on his knees and kissed his left cheek, there was something so charming about her kiss, it look like she wanted to feel his soul.

“Your remark about my outfit was quite discouraging, not good enough father”, she said tracing the outline of his face with her tender index finger but the King seem more engrossed in the chest by his side like a new-found addiction.

“So tell me Sud dear, how does the apparel fit?”, she laid her beautiful eyes upon the pillar that stood behind her Father, the creature endowed with the features of an Isuz when it seem like her father wasn’t paying attention to her today but before he could reply, the king pulled out a dusty frame from within the chest and there was something magical about the frame for the Kings facial muscles rose in delight. Inscrutably the dust on the frame disappeared to reveal the portrait of an astonishingly pretty woman, she had features like the Zeclubian Princess with a very breath-taking smile and quite expensive jewellery all over her body, and she was dressed to look like a Queen. The excitement that glowed out of the King was immeasurable, he was so frenzy at the sight of the portrait while his daughter watched in complete flummox.

“Father, who is that in the portrait?” she asked, the curiosity in her was getting quite uncomfortable.

“It’s been lost for decades but all thanks to Sylverine, I’ve found it at last”, there was so much joy in the way he spoke, a virtue the people of Zeclub had come to believed he had lost. Now the suspense was getting quite unpleasant and even the attendant behind the throne couldn’t help but stretch forward to take a glance at the portrait in the king’s hands.

“Esleth sko sitana, the womb that conceived you” he raised his head to give his daughter a feeble smile, suddenly the expression that came to her face was utterly unreadable, her mouth drew open pregnant with words but like a miscarriage, they dried upon her tongue. Both surprised and speechless, she grabbed the frame out of her father’s hands and raised it up towards the sunlight feeding her curiosity satisfactorily.

“Sta Achar Eesuzdiawana, Sta the daughter of goddess Diawana”, she chorused incessantly like she fell into a soulful possession and was dancing invisibly with whosoever was in the portrait while the King and his chief Attendant watched her innocent display. After what seem like hours, the Princess was done with her ritual, she faced the King with the frame intimately glued to her tender chest and now it looked like the magic that made the King glow had touched her too.

“She’s beautiful, an exact reflection of me”, she complimented with a smile, “Far beautiful than that sculpture of her in the Garden of Sta”. She moved towards Emerius cushion and sat, sinking into the softness of the furniture.

“So father, how did fate pull you both together?”, she gave her father a very inquisitive look which made the King shake his head like he was trying to thwart the thought that had been in his head for a while, he knew she was going to ask before she did and was sure he had no option but to narrate it.

“Oh Mozzarella, that’s quite a long and tiring story for an old man like me and you know we both have duties to this land dear princess”, the feeble voice complained trying to evade the princess demand though he knew his words were going to fall on deaf ears.

“The gods bless me this very day for we both have no matters to attend to at the moment, so you have all the time in the world to narrate this story to me and am really bent on listening, your majesty”, she replied with her usual smile which is always seducing, a gesture she knew her father could never muster the strength to resist.

“Should I order Emerius to court, my lord?” Sud asked as he came in front of the throne and paid homage, there was some enthusiasm in his voice, he sounded like he had interest in the story too.

“No, No.... don’t bother the man, I had bored him all day with stories of my adventures. You get a scroll and some ink, for you would act my secretary in Emerius’s absence”, now the King’s voice sounded brisk and with a bow Sud made an exit of the court.

It was rumoured in Zeclub and most of Rheudinia that this Old king had never lost a battle throughout his reign; these stories like wild fire grew all over the planet, even down south to the land of the Divines. It is believed that he was always better at battle because he possessed the wisdom and strength of a thousand Men, quite a fable you would say but even some had dissolved that he is an Isuz among men, fallen from the graces of Sium, the home of the gods while a few came up with the assumption that he is a son of Sylverine, the Isuz of wishes and dreams or the Great one has he is often referred to. Whatever assumptions mortal minds conceive would not matter, for he is King, an admirable one and a beloved of Mighty Aisuz the Creator.

Some moments later, Sud returned and set down an empty scroll and a little jar of ink on Emerius’s table, then he took his seat just beside Princess Mozzarella the beautiful sylph we adored earlier, they gave each other a quick glance and she smiled revealing the pink in her cheeks.

“I wouldn’t just bore you with the tale of how I met Sta Achar Eesuzdiawana, but I would narrate to you both my first adventure, the purpose for which I was conceived, my destiny. Although this story had been a legend ever before I was born, it made me the legend I am today.”, the King raised his head to lay his gaze at a particular Statue in the court, the one nearest to his right which had the word, ′ King Bdollium’ inscribed on a stone beneath it.

“Your Grandfather called it, Latoria cly Sylverine, the rod of Sylverine but I would rather refer to it has, Zavise La’desmi Astore, the dawn of Astore.”, solemnly he raised his face towards the beam of light pouring gracefully into the court, the reaction of his face with the light was awesome, his integument shimmered like the surface of the waters of ponchrious. Solemnly his mind soared out of its mortal prison, his sky coloured eyes now glowed so brightly that it was impossible to know if it radiated some sort of magic or illusion or perhaps it was the light from the sun playing tricks on his beholders, for a while he was petrified to this position but all of a sudden, he moved his head towards the Princess and Sud. There was something strange about the way his head moved, like life had finally returned to it, the speed at which his head went would have killed a man thirty years younger.

“It all began a very long time ago.........

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