Jarred Into Being

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Chapter 39

Eva quickly appraised the storeroom. Folded tables and stacked chairs packed most of the space. Cartons containing plates, cups, saucers, and tablecloths were crammed into corners. The walls were gray cement blocks and next to the cartons was a wall phone with what seemed like a very long cord. Next to the phone, the door of a gray metal electrical cabinet stood ajar. One bank of fluorescent bulbs garishly lit the room.

Eva lifted the top chair off one of the stacks, positioned it by the phone, and placed her purse on it. Drawing her dress up and over her head, she threw it on the back of the same chair. She quickly grabbed a tablecloth out of the closest carton and threw that on the chair as well. Clothed in just her nylons, bra, and panties, Eva stood waiting for Gardner to enter.

She heard the door being shut carefully and then he appeared from around a corner of cartons. He looked at her and sucked in his breath. “My God,” he said, awestruck, “you’re positively gorgeous—and anxious. I like that!” He grinned like a hungry hyena.

Eva motioned him forward with her finger. As he reached her, he was still staring as if he could not believe his eyes. Eva placed both her hands behind his neck, drew his face to hers, and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed back and hungrily reached for her breasts. Eva moved her hand downward toward his crotch, found his bulge, and began stroking him.

“You like that, Governor,” she said. “You like when I stroke your cock?”

“Oh, yes,” he said, “God yes, I love it.”

“You have to say it, Governor,” Eva went on, keeping her pace slow, but steady. “You have to say, ‘Eva I love when you stroke my cock; please stroke my cock, Eva.’”

“Eva, I love when you stroke my cock; please stroke my cock, Eva,” he obeyed, huskily.

“Again, Governor,” she said. “I want to hear it again—louder.”

“Oh, Eva I love when you stroke my cock; please stroke my cock, Eva.” He moaned.

Suddenly, Eva stopped, moved two steps back, and sat on the chair. She put her handbag in her lap and covered herself with a white tablecloth.

Gardner looked like he’d been hit with a battering ram. “What’s wrong?” he said, near panic. “What happened? Why did you stop?”

“I want something,” said Eva coyly. “I want a favor from the great Governor Jack Gardner before I play with his cock.”

“Money,” he said, his eyes bulging. “Fine. How much?”

“Not money,” she said, smiling.

“What then? A job? An apartment? What?” he pleaded.

“I have a godchild,” she said quietly.

“What? So?” He was baffled.

“My godchild has been kidnapped, and she’s being held for ransom at the Blanco compound.”

“What the hell?” he shrieked. “Wait a minute!” he pointed at her. “I know you! I know who you are now!”

A calculated smile crossed Eva’s lips. “That’s right,” she said. “Este el hombre! Este el hombre! Este el hombre!”

“You little bitch,” he seethed. “You lying little bitch! What is all this? What the hell are you trying to pull now?”

Eva raised her hand. “Calm down, Jack, and I’ll tell you,” she said.

“Don’t tell me to calm down, you little bitch! I ought to wring your neck! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?”

“Someone’s who going to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had in your life,” she said smoothly. “That’s who I am. Interested?”

“This is nuts,” he said, twisting his head in frustration. “What the hell do you want? You work for Bennett, right?”

“Bennett’s daughter, Denise, has been kidnapped by the Blanco’s, and I want you to let the state police go get her and bring her home.”

He stared hard at her for several moments. “You’re lying, aren’t you?” he said, finally.

“I’m not,” Eva said, standing. She threw the tablecloth off and took two steps toward him. Looking directly into his eyes, she put her hands at his waist and began slowly fiddling with his belt buckle. “I just want you to use that phone right over there to call Sean Duffy and tell him to have his men search the Blanco’s’ compound. That’s all you have to do.” She moved her hand down, stroked him twice, and removed it.

He drew in his breath. “I can’t call him,” he said, his voice guttural.

“Sure you can,” Eva purred, stroking him once more.

“I can’t,” he said, straining with yearning. “He’s out there now. He’s in the ballroom. Please don’t stop. Please.”

Eva paused and thought for a moment. “All the better,” she said, “Go get him.”


“Go to the door and tell one of your flunkies to bring Duffy in here.” She stroked him once more, removed her hand, and took a step back.

Standing stock still for several seconds, Gardner’s eyes were glassy. He appeared almost hypnotized while visually devouring Eva. Finally, he moved.

Eva listened as Gardner walked to the door, opened it, and whispered something to an aide who must have been stationed directly outside. He ambled back seconds later, and immediately focused on Eva. “He’s getting him,” he said. “He should be right here.”

“Good,” said Eva. Stepping back, she sat on the chair, put the handbag in her lap, and covered herself with the tablecloth.

They stared at each other like two gladiators in the arena. Finally, Eva let the tablecloth fall open and crossed her legs. She was still wearing her high heels. With his eyes riveted on Eva, he swallowed.

“How do you like being governor?” she said after a few moments, breaking the silence.

“How do you like being a cock-teasing little bitch,” he said callously.

Eva pouted. “Now, now, Jack,” she said. “Be a good little boy. Don’t spoil the moment. You don’t want to ruin the surprise you’ve got coming, do you?”

Eva heard the door open and shut and a large man with a round, squat face, generous middle, and thinning hair was standing next to Gardner. He looked over at Eva surrounded by her tablecloth; his eyes nearly bulged out of his head.

“Duffy,” Gardner said coarsely, “I want you to raid Carmella Blanco’s compound.”

“What?” said the large man, shocked. “Why? What for?”

“They’ve kidnapped Albert Bennett’s kid,” said Gardner. “I want you to get her the hell out of there; you can arrest Juan and Carmella if they won’t cooperate. Bring a whole fucking brigade with you if you have to.”

“But, you’ve never …” Duffy stopped short and looked at Eva. “I don’t have a warrant,” he said.

“Never mind about that crap,” snapped Gardner. “Come tomorrow you’ll have your damn warrant post-dated, signed by a judge, and notarized.”

Duffy stared at Eva, still in shock. “When do you want this done?” he asked, mystified.

“It has to be tonight,” Eva quickly interjected. “Right away.”

“Right away?” said Duffy, even more confounded. “You mean tonight … now?”

“Right now,” yelled Gardner, turning on him. “Right now means tonight! Yeah tonight! Get your fat ass out of here and get started!”

Duffy moved back and blinked rapidly several times. He stared at Eva, turned, and marched out. Eva heard the door shut behind him.

Gardner ogled Eva covetously; nothing else mattered but her.

Eva smiled and stood up. “Come closer,” she said, throwing the tablecloth off. He took two steps forward as she positioned the chair to her right and placed her handbag on it.

Folding the tablecloth on the cement floor directly in front of Gardner, she knelt down on it, and looked up at him. His eyes on fire, he positioned his hands on the top of Eva’s head. Slowly, she unzipped his pants and began unfastening his belt buckle. As Eva pulled his trousers down around his ankles, she said, “Mmm, do you like when I stroke your cock?”

“Oh, yes!” he said. “God, yes, you little bitch!”

Eva smiled. She had the most powerful man in the entire state of Texas, literally, in the palm of her hand. Relishing the total control she had over someone she despised, Eva removed her hand and enjoyed the sight of his rapt expression dissolve into tortured disappointment with her every hesitation. She played with him: stroking, stopping, stroking, stopping.

“You have to say it,” she purred. “Nice and loud so I can hear you.”

“I like when you stroke my cock! I love when you stroke my cock! Now suck it! Suck it, damn you!”

Eva closed her eyes and imagined a smiling Denny sitting across from her at the dining room table.

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