Jarred Into Being

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Chapter 5

Dwayne decided the time had come for him to pimp out Eva as well. She needed to “earn her keep” he had said, with the perverted grin of a callous slave master. Eva protested and he slapped her across the face with enough force to send her flying backward into the end table, breaking the lamp.

Before she could move, he was on her. Grabbing her blond hair tightly in his fist, he yanked her head back and glared directly into her large, brown eyes. His nose was less than an inch from hers, and she could smell the stink of the stale beer and marijuana on his breath.

“You little cunt,” he hissed. “You don’t ever say no to me. Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Eva spit in his face. Momentarily he was shocked, and then he slapped her again with the back of his other hand while pulling her hair savagely tight until she finally screamed out: “Let go of me, you pig!”

He yanked her hair again, once more for good measure, and glared at her like a ravenous wolf. Eva forced herself not to spit into his face again, deciding it was not the moment. Better another time, she reasoned, when he wasn’t expecting it. As he continued glaring at her, his fist still tightening in her hair, Eva heard Tina start crying while her aunt Loretta screamed, bundled the child up in her arms, and ran into to another room.

“Henry will be here in about a half hour,” Dwayne said, releasing his grip on her hair, “and you’re going to fuck his brains out or do whatever else he wants for thirty goddamn minutes, you understand? If you don’t,” he wagged his finger in her face, “I’ll kick the crap out of you and your ugly, useless auntie. Then,” he bared his teeth like a dog, “if you don’t make him happy maybe I’ll send your little cousin in there in your place and see how he likes her. What do you think of that, bitch?”

He backed away from her then, ran fingers through his own long, dirty red hair, and sat on the sofa. Eva stood slowly and reclaimed her bearings. Her cheek hurt and she could tell it was already swelling. Avoiding his stare, she walked directly into her bedroom and quietly closed the door. Sitting on the side of her bed, she began weeping and cursing Dwayne to hell under her breath. She looked through her bedroom window at the broken-down car in the front yard of the house across the street. Wiping her eyes, she pondered leaving through the window and never returning. But, if she did, what would happen to her aunt? What would happen to Tina? Dwayne was nasty all of the time and vicious when he was crossed.

Henry arrived on time and Dwayne led him directly to Eva’s room.

“You do whatever Henry says, understand?” Dwayne growled, staring at her menacingly. He quickly left the room and slammed the door shut behind him.

Henry was repulsive: fat and the smell of his body odor and cheap cologne enveloped the room. He immediately fell into bed next to her on his back, and Eva could see that he was drunk. His eyes were glassy and he had a silly grin on his face. The red blotches on the face underneath his beard stubble were sickening.

He was clearly thirty, maybe forty years old, and he was disgusting. He told her to strip naked and, for a moment, she thought she was going to throw up. She did as he told her. She did everything he told her and for the entire thirty minutes Eva never said a word.

Brusquely, the door was thrust open and Dwayne said, “Alright, Henry, you cocksucker, time’s up. Come out here and pay up, and the coke better be good as you said or I’ll kick your fat ass into the middle of next week.”

Looking at Eva naked on the bed, Dwayne snickered. She closed her eyes and made a solemn vow to herself: Never again.

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